Deja Vu 55 Years Later !! … and …

Deja Vu
January22/ 2023
BL Rimshots

January 22, 2023


“Boulder’s Junction Boys” …

In 1954 a fiery young coach named Paul Bryant took a bunch of Texas A&M football players to remote Junction, Texas for “10-days of Hell” to “cull the herd” for his new era of Aggie Football.  That original “Junction Boys” experience was later made into a book and a movie.

In 1967 a fiery young coach named Bill Dooley conducted a similar process amid the lofty pines of UNCCH’s Kenan Stadium (when it was still named for “the Kenan” that owned slaves or knew someone that did or …).   Yours truly chronicled that experience in a BLSays commentary in 2004

My 2004 version resulted in a reunion of the “Carolina Junction Boys” several years ago which, alas, resulted in ripping the scabs off of 50 year old scars … and 70 year old men having reoccurring “night terrors”.   

There is a reason that survivors of The Bataan Death March do not vacation on Corregidor.

“Junction Boys Experiences” of varying degrees still occur when a new football coach is hired to “awaken a sleeping giant” that is verging on flatlining. 

He and his staff of sadistic POW guard wannabees set about immediately to run off 20-30 of the inherited team to free up roster spots for “our kind of players”; assuming the inherited players are not worth even trying to mold into practice fodder.

The methods they employ are versions of what used to go on at Parris Island in Marine basic training before the Red Cross and Geneva Convention protocols got involved.

Jump ahead to last week … a video surfaced on Outkick between their daily soft-porn InstaGrams of some Daddies’ daughters making literally millions posing in thongs to the delight of horny adolescents and dirty old men who pay $10/month to ogle them on  Yes, that IS mentioned in Revelation under a Sign of End of Days!

The aforementioned video on Outkick was from a recent team meeting of the current Univ of Colorado Buffalo football team … a moribund program recently turned over to Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders to revive.  The video featured the notorious coaching nomad Tim Brewster doing his over-the-top impersonation of a clinically insane Marine drill instructor after a dozen Red Bulls.


NOTE:  If the name “Tim Brewster” rings a bell, he was among the first staff hires by Mack2.0 four years ago.   Brewster’s multi-page resume includes an earlier short stint at UNCCH among many others.  Very John Tenuta-esque.

Despite a proven history of innumerable short stays, Brewster convinced Mack he would stick around this time … then, of course, quickly bolted for his next gig at Florida.  No doubt he has convinced “Coach Prime” his dream job has always been to be an assistant at Colorado ….. !!!! Whatever …


Anyhooo … Brewster’s crazed manhood-questioning screeds to the surely terrified young Buffaloes in 2023 were almost verbatim what Bill Dooley’s wannabee sadistic POW guards screamed at Carolina’s Junction Boys 60 years ago in the Kenan Fieldhouse.

Interesting how insulting demeaning obscenities endure verbatim thru generations.

Winter workouts and Spring Training in Boulder CO will likely resemble SEAL training with young men “ringing the bell” each day … that being the universal signal that they have decided on alternate life priorities beyond “playing football at Colorado”.

CU equipment staff will be cleaning out lockers and removing name plates with daily regularity.  “Prime” and Brewster likely have a number in mind for how many they hope “to run off” to free up roster spots.

THAT was the scenario in both 1954 in Texas and in Chapel Hill in 1967 … and at the numerous other locations this strategy has been employed in the ensuing 60+ years.

Reactions to the video by many Outkick readers revealed many to be “message board monkeys” enthusiastically equating preparing young men to “play football” as comparable to preparing young men to “go to war where death is a 24/7 possibility”.  YIKES!

I tried to counter that insane line of reasoning without much success. … sigh.

Ironically Coincidentally … two weeks ago a 92 y/o man passed away in Madison, Mississippi.  Like “Voldemort”, his name shall not be uttered. 

He was arguably The MOST Insane of Dooley’s gang of wannabee sadistic POW Guards from 1967.   

I did some quick math reminding Carolina’s Junction Boys that Bill Dooley and His Gang – with two exceptions – were all in their mid-30s in 1967.   Most of us now have children older than “those guys” were … when their coaching careers intersected with a group of reasonably normal young men in Chapel Hill 56 years ago … with lives indelibly marked by the chance encounter.


“We’ll straighten him out …”

If you need further proof that “we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet” with NIL and The Portal …. Perhaps you read about Jaden Rashada

An 18 y/o  5-star QB from California who committed to Miami several months ago with a “very nice” NIL deal via The U’s notorious billionaire fat cat. 

Jaden abruptly UNcommitted from Miami in order to commit to Univ of Florida under an assumption he would be receiving a $13,000,000 NIL deal by doing so.  Yes … $13,000,000 without playing one down of college football.

The Florida Fat Cat Collective was under a different assumption … Uh Oh … leading to young Mr Rashada leaving Gainesville just prior to beginning classes two weeks ago.

Which side was “blowing smoke”?   Who knows … Who cares?  It’s all a giant ponzi scheme involving filthy rich fat cats trying to buy “braggin’ rights” versus semi-literate 18 y/os saying “Show me the $$$$”.   There are no “white hats” involved.

Jaden Rashada is now jet-setting across Power5 World negotiating yet another mega-bucks deal for his services.   Arizona State, TCU and possibly Coach Prime’s Colorado being mentioned as likely “nexts” for young Jaden’s next commitment(s) … OOOOOKay!


Four years ago I had an enlightening conversation with a veteran Power5 Assistant Coach … with four Power5 stops on his resume. The subject was “recruiting” … in the pre-NIL / Portal Era.

At each of his schools … every Monday the staff would meet to update progress with their assigned “recruits”.  Going around the room, each coach would give a short appraisal of his kids. 

There was ALWAYS one coach on every staff who would always note … “So and so kid has all the tools.  He has a few character issues; BUT … when we get him here in our program I’m sure we can straighten him out.  We need to sign him up.”

The rest of the room would roll their eyes and suppress laughs … having all heard THAT too many times … and seen way too many times how “a few character issues” can be a cancer to a college football program.

My source also added that a veteran recruiter could usually pick up on possible “issues” in a first meeting with a potential recruit.  Nowadays that first meeting is likely to include an attorney, two accountants, a financial adviser, two “uncles”, and a bodyguard /personal assistant. …. Oh My!

Jaden Rashada appears to “have issues”.  I betcha he is NOT on a Power5 roster two years from now.  


Check Out BobLee on Facebook.  A quite awesome appraisal of a recent Hated Rivals game that – of course – involved An Incident !  Don’t they always?

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