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Ben Cartwright
January09/ 2023
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January 9, 2023


OK, we’ve got Gary Hahn back at his mic, at least for the time being.  Give’em Hell, Gary …

100s of our fellow Americans – who are not pro athletes – are still having heart attacks, strokes and epileptic seizures in public places at the same daily rate as usual … but none on-the-field during televised NFL games, so take THAT off the list of National Concerns.

NOTE: For those of you wondering … as of today – Mon 1/9/23 – the phrase “mighta been connected to his being vaccinated for Covid” HAS NOT been uttered by ANYONE employed by The NFL or ESPN or any stockholder in Pfizer or any major media outlet.  Just sayin’.

The NFL has extended the “It’s OK to Pray” ruling for several more days but is making it very clear that NO Tebowing will be permitted for the Playoffs and Super Bowl.

Lets move along to other stimulating topics …


As regular BLS’ viewers know … Facebook is the social media petri dish of my choice to cyber mingle with my fellow Americans.  At least with those fellow Americans with whom I have “something” in common other than opposable thumbs.  

That “something in common other than …” eliminates at least 40% of the nations’ population.  A % that, alas, is ever-growing.

There is one Facebook observation that I wish to discuss today.  It’s a bit of a touchy subject but I think you people can handle it … with my support.


For the past eight weeks … at some point, usually either Tuesday or Wednesday, someone will post something on Facebook about the very popular TV series Yellowstone.

It might be from the latest episode or about the series in general or a specific character.  The series is in its 5th season.

I have watched each episode, but my interest is waning.   I still think “Rip” is very “cool” and I love the Montana scenery.   IMO, the series is approaching the dreaded “Jump the Shark” phase from which there is no return.  We shall see.

The relevance of today’s topic supersedes you needing to know who “Rip” and “Beth” are; and what “take him to the train station” means.

So … someone posts a comment about Yellowstone … and within the first 3 replies to the post – regardless of the specific topic – one of the replies will be:

“I can’t watch that awful show.  The language is too vulgar.  “They” should not allow THAT on the air !!!”   Who “They” are being undefined.

Not always by the same person.  I figure there is a group of maybe 20 or so who troll Facebook for Yellowstone threads and post the “vulgar language” OMG comment.

They may be the 2023 descendants of the “Iowa librarians” that used to write indignant letters to Sports Illustrated each year complaining about the Swimsuit Issue.


STOP FOR CLARIFICATION:  I would be just fine if SI stopped its Swimsuit Issue … and if Yellowstone deleted it’s “vulgar language” … and if OUTKICK cut back or eliminated its abundance of not-so-soft porn pics. 

Don’t those 99% nekkid gals have mammas and daddys who raised’em to have better judgement?  I realized many of them don’t… but …

I oppose “censorship” of any kind.  UNLESS I’m doing it of course.

That said … It being “legal” to say or do something does not mean one “has to” or “ought to” say or do it.

I pine for a society that follows the “oughta”and “ought not” unwritten rules … as defined by Yours Truly of course. 

I pine for a lot of stuff that I know will never happen … like Voter ID – School Choice Vouchers – Paper ballots hand counted – and about 300+ elected officials from both sides being staked out over ant hills in the middle of Death Valley … 


Where were we?   There IS indeed significant “vulgar language” in Yellowstone.  96% of which comes from “Beth” who plays Kevin Costner’s quite skanky and quite outspoken daughter.

No idea who Taylor Sheridan envisioned would be the breakout star of Yellowstone.   Early on it was ranch boss “Rip” and he (Cole Hauser) is still immensely popular.  But “Beth” is clearly The Star now.

The “jump the shark” reference above pertains to each episode of Yellowstone now seeming to be a set-up for Beth to go “Full Beth” … unloading a 2-3 minute X-rated monologue that obliterates George Carlin’s “Seven Words” and peels the paint off the walls of wherever Beth is when she goes Full Beth.

Would those monologues be “the same” minus every iteration of The F-word one can imagine?  Probably not.  But still …


Yellowstone gets compared to “Dallas” …. JR Ewing et al.  Both modern day “Westerns” involving a wealthy dysfunctional family doing whatever it takes to remain very wealthy and very dysfunctional.  It is a fair comparison.

I thought it would be fun to go back a decade or two before Southfork & The Ewings ….. to The Ponderosa and the Cartwright Family.  Hence today’s catchy clickbait title.

Ben Cartwright Woulda Never Said *&^%$#*(

Do you, like me, recall Sunday nights with Tinker Bell “wishing upon a star” followed by that burning map and Ben, Adam, Hoss & Little Joe  riding up to help Sheriff Coffee deal with the weekly bad guys in Virginia City.

Disneyland and Disney World are now Epstein Island and Pedophiles ‘R Us … and Yellowstone is 2023’s Bonanza. … sigh.

Can you imagine Little Joe bounding into that big log house …

“Dad, Adam, Hoss come here.  You too Hop Sing … I just met the coolest girl at the dry goods store in town …”

And Beth Dutton walking in …. “How the F*** are you people?  Anyone got a cigarette and what do you guys have to drink around this place … Whats with the chink in the funny hat?  Hey, Joe lets go up to your room and get it on …”

And Ben Cartwright admonishing Little Joe … “Joseph, where the Hell did you dig up this skank?  Get this F’in POS off my ranch ASAP or I’m redoing the will.”

Would a “Beth Dutton” have added to the success of Bonanza?


Or Gunsmoke.  Would Miss Kitty have hired “Beth” as a saloon girl at The Longbranch?  Would Chester and Festus been two of her “regulars”.   Would Doc Adams treat “Beth” for STDs?

“Mr Dillon, Mr Dillon … some gal just said F*** down at The Longbranch… you’d best go put a stop to it.”


Or… Beth Dutton replaces “Juanita” as Barney’s favorite waitress at the Mayberry Diner; and she and Deputy Fife ……. OMG.  Let’s not even go there!  I’m getting a case of da vapors !!!


Yellowstone is hardly the first to “cross the line”.    I only saw a couple of episodes of The Sopranos … none of Breaking Bad … none of Game Of Thrones.  I believe Sopranos and Breaking Bad pushed the propriety envelope.  No clue with GoT ?? 

Any “line” that might have once existed has been crossed many times … pre-Yellowstone.

The public prolific preponderance of “vulgar language” in our society is – alas – just another “canary in the coal mine” reminding us how much closer to Hell our society’s handbasket is getting.

Maybe not the worst example … but certainly not anything to be proud of.


NOTE:  I’m not a self-righteous “prude”.  I have my X-rated vocabulary that I dredge up when frustrated by inanimate objects … like computer crap … idiots drivers … etc.   I admit to occasional bouts of Tourettes Syndrome, but I don’t pepper my public conversation with’em.  Being anti-social makes that easier for me than it might be for normal people.

Gettin’ better with “that” is an annual “to do” on my resolutions list.




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