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Hahn Is Free
January05/ 2023
BL Rimshots

January 5, 2023


So … Gary Hahn gets “Gitmo-ed for jaywalking” … I devote a full Rimshots to it, and ‘POOF’ … Gary gets magically reinstated by the woke terrorists at Learfield … is THAT cool or what!

As big a BFD as “What Happened to Gary Hahn” was … The NFL went a bit overboard to divert media attention away from it, don’t you think? I mean really … a player does a “Jim Knight” on MNF !!!

These topics and MORE in today’s Rimshots …


A Tobacco Road Doubleheader and …

Last night The Fighting Scheyers ( no “r” after the “h”) visited West Raleigh … simultaneously The Demon Deacons invaded Dean’s Dome.  I didn’t watch either game, but I could have.  I was made aware of the Triangle Twinspin in late afternoon.

My lack of interest is NOT a protest … nothing noble or “political” in my apathy.  Ten years ago, much less 20 years ago, such a night would have been MUCH SEE TV for sure. 

Back then … I would have known the starting fives and key subs for all four teams … and their head coaches’ dogs’ names.  Not any more.

I literally can not name a single State, Duke or Wake player … and absolutely no clue who is Wake’s coach these days.  The only reason I might name 2-3 of Hubert’s players is from last March … the tall guy with the funny hair-thing is still there, right?

I appreciate that my total apathy to ACC BB is as aberrant as (1) my de-hankerin’ of barbecue, and (2) my possible interest in Soccer!!  I am not advocating my preference adaptations for any one.  But, I’m OK with all three.


The Learfield / Hahn/NCSU Train Wreck – UPDATE

Yesterday – Jan 3 – around 3 PM, Gary Hahn was “set free” from his indefinite suspension imposed by the woke terrorists at Learfield … and ignored by NCState officials.

From the accounts I’ve read, there was no “Merchant of Death” or “illegal aliens” involved in setting Gary free from his virtual gulag.

Hahn will return to his duties next week.  Whether he will be required to mutter a “no bone in my body” apology is TBD.  Let’s hope not.  I’m sure Gary needs that Learfield paycheck at this point in his life.  Whatever he is ordered to do … he should. 

Hang in there Gary.  You did nothing wrong.  You were a victim of woke terrorism.

This absurd knee-jerk travesty attracted national attention, which Learfield’s nimrods NEVER considered.  Sports fans afflicted with terminal “wokeness”, of course, now label Gary Hahn as “a crazy right-wing MAGAer” who abused his live-mic access to make a radical political statement … because thats how they’ve been indoctrinated to react.  They are incorrect of course.  Nothing new about that.

I have made the comparison of what may happen now to Gary Hahn to “Randall Patrick McMurphy’s” fate.  I could identify McMurphy but googling it will mean more for you.  

My opinion of Randy Woodson and Boo Corrigan has gone from “good” to “shameful” and “pathetic”.


Damar Hamlin does a “Jim Knight” and America Is SHOCKED

There is nothing trivial or insignificant about a person almost dying. 

Whether it takes place in the produce aisle of a Food Lion … while waiting for a McMuffin at a McDonald’s … at his/her desk in a corporate prairie dog village … while walking on a nature trail … or during an NFL football game on Monday Night before millions of viewers.  Death or near-death experiences are SERIOUS regardless to whom or how they occur.


“Jim Knight” ??? 20 or so years ago, ACC football referee Jim Knight collapsed on the field at UNC’s Kenan Stadium from a sudden acute heart attack.  He received immediate on-field medical attention similar to this NFL player … was rushed to UNC Hospital Emergency Room. 

He was revived and later resumed his career as an ACC Football Referee … to the eternal chagrin of NC State fans, but that’s another story.


People have “heart attacks” every day in America and in all the mundane examples above and in every conceivable situation.  1,000s of people die – or almost die – suddenly every day from “natural causes” or accidents … or poisonous vaccines.  Uh Oh! 

I’ll never forget reading a report 10-15 years ago of a family of four driving home from church.   A “drunk driver” swerved across the median hitting them head-on and killing the entire family.  THAT account left an impression on me … obviously.

But that tragedy was not played out LIVE on national TV … immediately creating tsunamic ripples across America. 

I had never heard of Damar Hamlin and I doubt any/many of you had until …   He is – still alive, by the way – one of 100s of pro athletes who has not reached a level of celebrity recognition to the “masses”.  His notoriety is forever changed now.

Damar Hamlin is “a good guy” by all accounts … as are all “victims” of pretty much anything.

Football IS a dangerous “contact” sport.  Participants get injured in every game to various degrees.  More so than in any other sport although there are injuries in all sports.  It is the unique physical contact nature of Football that makes it as close to gladiatorial combat as there is in our society.   One could make a claim for Boxing or UFC but we’re talking about a team sport.

The purpose is not to injure or incapacitate an opponent but certainly to physically intimidate an opponent within the rules of competition.

Two historical examples … in 1978, New England Patriot Darryl Stingley was severely injured in a violent collision with Oakland’s Jack Tatum.  The hit left Stingley a quadraplegic for life.  Tatum had a reputation as a hard-hitting player however the injury to Stingley was NOT “targeting” as defined in today’s NFL rules … and was within the rules then and now.

In 1985, Redskins QB Joe Theisman suffered a gruesome broken leg from a sack by Lawrence Taylor.  There was nothing illegal or outside the rules in Taylor’s tackle.  It ended Theisman’s career.

You might recall that incident because it involved “celebrity” players;  BUT do you know that…

It also HAPPENED ON MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL?  Betcha didn’t know that …

Both of the above “famous” injuries WERE directly football-related.

Baseball also had several several OMG injuries during games in front of 10,000s of horrified spectators.  Google “Herb Score” and/or “Tony Conigliaro” for details.


The “jury” is still out as to whether Hamlin’s heart attack was directly football-related.  The play immediately preceding his on-field collapse did NOT involve a violent collision by normal football standards. 

Knee-jerk reactions to “blame the opposing player” were totally incorrect … but expected from ignorant observers.

Hues and cries to BAN FOOTBALL are – of course – coming from flaming nitwits such as the idiot gang on The View and their insane ilk.  Again, totally expected.

Skip Bayless “tweeted” something about the incident that further infuriated all the board monkeys that are infuriated by pretty much anything Skip Bayless says.


Oh! … apparently “Tebowing” i.e. “taking a knee to pray(!!)” is now OK per The NFL –  IF a player has a heart attack during a game. 

The term is “Foxhole Christians” … ain’t it interesting how many folks look to “a higher power” in times of tragedy and confusion.

Tim and God must be enjoying a good laugh over this.


Yes, Hamlin HAS received the Covid vaccines as ordered by The NFL.  Is the vaccine a factor in his sudden “heart attack”?  “Many” are saying quite likely.  The NFL, of course, is saying ….. nothing.

I don’t follow that issue well enough to have a valid opinion.

NOTE:  Neither Blondie nor I have been vaccinated nor intend to be.  Nor do we wear “Fauci masks” when out and about.  If that bothers you, I’m pretty sure the covid virus cannot be transmitted on-line; but, disinfect your monitor if there is a concern.

I do know that an unusually high number of “vaccinated” athletes ARE dying in the past three years.  “The media” is not reporting these numerous “coincidental” deaths due to the political ramifications if the mandated vaccines are indeed deadly.

You do “trust” the media … don’t you?  LOLOL…


How “The Public” reacts to stimuli from highly publicized tragic events continues to fascinate me. 

“Chicken Little” OMG Reactions are the ever-increasing norm … as our society moves ever closer to total anarchy and chaos.  Good old social media … sigh.

Whenever you see / hear an EMT ambulance or drive by a hospital or funeral home … consider that lives of “regular people” are being radically changed every single day by accidents and injuries …

99.999999% of them are NOT celebrity athletes on national TV … … … but people we will never know … … … but could be You or I. 

Stay Safe, my friends.


MORE BobLee’s Rimshots – HERE


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