Instead of Brittney Griner, lets substitute …

Instead of Brittany Griner
December11/ 2022

BobLee’s Opinions without Consequences

December 11, 2022


The Social Media Cartel bosses told me if I want to maintain my title as 2nd Smartest Guy on The Internet I HAVE to post my thoughts on The Brittney Griner Thingy.

With Everyone Else tied for “THE Smartest”, I can hardly afford to slip to #3, so here goes …


Disclaimer:  To the degree that one likes or dislikes any “celebrity”,  I’ve never had a positive thought about Brittney Griner. 

When she was in college at Baylor and more recently in the WNBA, she has always parlayed her “fame” by being an angry tall black lesbian who plays basketball against women(?) a foot shorter than she is … and publicly expresses her disrespect for “America”.  Those “attributes” don’t impress me.

Surely you know the basics of her recent rise to be the latest “Hero” to the same segment of this country that declared a career criminal – George Floyd – to be “a Hero”.  A “hero” apparently has as many definitions as Eskimos have words for “snow”.

I am constantly reminded that I have absolutely NOTHING in common with that particular “segment of this country” … or with their choice of “heroes”.

I know next to nothing about smoking marijuana or “vaping”.   Apparently America’s Most Famous Tall Black Lesbian Who Disrespects “America” was carrying some form of marijuana and “vaping” apparatus on her person or in her luggage as she was either entering or leaving Russia.  Apparently doing that is strictly illegal in Russia.

That doing whatever she was doing is punishable by ten years in prison seems overly harsh to me, but what do I know about such things … next to nothing.

That she “did it” has never been at issue.  She admitted her guilt of the charge and was sentenced under Russian law … and was serving her sentence UNTIL …

“The Biden Administration” negotiated a trade of Brittney The Famous Tall Black Lesbian Who Disrespects “America” for some Russian thug known as “The Merchant of Death”.

That trade has been compared to the infamous Lou Brock for Ernie Broglio baseball trade in 1964.  That baseball fans still remember that lopsided trade 58 years later speaks to its lopsidedness.

Will Brittney Griner for The Merchant of Death be remembered 58 years from now? Will Brittney Griner be remembered five years from now?

In all the hubbub surrounding this brouhaha … I found myself asking …


Instead of Brittney The Tall Black Lesbian Who Disrespects “America” caught with drug paraphernalia in Russia … Suppose …

It had been Tim Tebow carrying Bibles in Russia.


That aforementioned “segment of this country” that cared so much about Brittney Griner to the point of deifying her could care less about a famous White Christian Heterosexual Former Football Player. 

I’d go so far as to say that segment doesn’t like Tim Tebow at all – and what he stands for – nor does that segment like the people who do like Tim Tebow including me for one.

I don’t know if “taking Bibles to Russia” is a crime these days or not.  I know it used to be in the heyday of the USSR.  I’m being hypothetical in this comparison.

Would “The Biden Administration” have perceived any positive PR for negotiating a trade to get Tim Tebow released … since he is neither “black” nor “homosexual” nor “disrespects “America” … three overlapping factions that are important segments of the Democrat voter base?  Let’s go out on a limb and say “Hell No!”

“It” is simply “pandering” to gullible segments of their voter base that always respond enthusiastically to being pandered to.

“The Biden Administration” doesn’t care about getting a US Marine out of a Russian jail.  Said Marine being neither “black” nor “homosexual” nor “disrespects “America”.

Expect Brittney Griner to go on a Hero Worship Media Tour being lauded and applauded for whatever her fawning fans think she did to merit their adoration.

Is this The Worst example of how totally corrupt The Biden Administration is?  No, not hardly … just another example.

Other than the off-the-wall comparison with Tim Tebow I doubt anything here surprises you or alters your opinion in any way.  But feel free to use anything here in your further discussions of this incident.

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