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November20/ 2022

November 20, 2022

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Today’s WHO ARE THEY? …. Those four guys up top are from what classic “really scary” 1972 movie?   Yeah, it’s an easy one.


Only one “Big Four” team (Dave’s Deacons) emerged with a “W” this Saturday.  One other – Duke – lost by a single point.  The Wolfpack behind QB #4 continued their late season stumble and tumble … and “among the lofty pines” Drake Maye’s Heisman Hopes were tucked away until next summer – OUCH.  The Ramblin’ Wrecks wrecked any Heel hopes of a Super Season but a Very Good One remains a possibility. …. Lets see what else we can find for today’s Rimshots .


RIP Paul Hoolahan

 Bill Dooley’s first recruiting class in 1967 included … “a future UNC Head FB Coach named John” … “a College FB Hall of Famer named Don” … and “a future Executive Director of The Sugar Bowl named Paul” … Paul Hoolahan.

Paul Hoolahan passed away suddenly last week at 72.  I remember him very well… a solid All-ACC offensive tackle in an era when 220 lbers could still hold their own in the trenches.  A team Co-Capt, he cleared many a hole for his roommate “#23 from Garden City LI”.

I remember Paul as highly intelligent with the dry humor and cockiness that comes with a high intelligence.   He would become UNC’s first Strength Coach in the mid 70s … then AD at Vanderbilt … then 20 years as Exec Dir of The Sugar Bowl.   Paul Hoolahan “made a positive difference” in his life and is remembered fondly by those of us who knew him.  … What more can we strive for in this life?


Assessing The Future of “Big Four” Football

None of us, including yours truly, knows the future of “The ACC” in the next 2-4 years.   Change is likely … how radical is TBD.   For those of us possessed of “rational minds” what might lie ahead in the next few years for the Football fortunes of UNCCH, NCState, Wake Forest and Duke?

I proceed with the assumption that somehow the above four area institutions remain in the same college athletic conference.  If not, at least will somehow continue to play one another … and, in the case of NCState & Duke … more than once a decade.


UNCCH:  How much longer will Mack2.0 be “a thing”?  Can they recruit top prospects with his retirement and a”Who’s Next” being a logical question.  This year’s success was a 180 turn-around from last season’s train wreck; and Mack’s sideline demeanor reflected that.  Still a bit paunchy but Mack no longer looks like a walking heart attack.  Which season was an anomaly – 2021 or 2022?

2023 should begin with a legit Heisman prospect in Drake Maye but how many of his receivers will be around … and what sort of OLine and ground game?  … Will Gene Chezik be able to create a solid reliable defense?  Is Chezik a likely successor to Mack … if not Who … Phil Longo? …  or Jeff Saturday ?!?  Does Bubba have some surprises on a short list in his desk drawer? …. UNC FB future is in Mack’s hands for the time being …..

If I was “in charge” I would promote Mack to “CEO of UNC Football” … move him to the press box on GameDay and begin a new era with a new HC whoever that might be.


NCState:  “Dour Dave” / “Boring Doeren” had his strongest experienced roster yet this season.  The loss to Clemson aside, there was still much to like and hope for … then his outstanding QB blew a shoulder and well … “there’s always Wolfpack Womens Basketball”. … and, of course, there’s always “maybe we can beat UNCHeats” which maybe they can … if GaTech could.

Doeren’s “always good but never really good” program is what it is.  Many programs would love 7-8-9 Ws a year.  Pack partisans keep hoping for more but their hopes are forever unrequited and moans of “same old Doeren” are muttered around Amedeo’s.  After ten years, you know what you have with Dave Doeren.

Dave Doeren has developed a solid competitive football program at NCState … if that is not enough … Dave Doeren is probably not the one to be in charge.

That “threat” from a disgruntled former player was very odd … and IMO reflected more on today’s college football in general than on Coach Doeren.


Wake Forest:  “Deacon Dave” has his program fully in place and knows exactly how to run it.  He has to replace Sam Hartman and a few 5-6 year “superseniors” but Deacon loyalists should be confident he will do so.

Surely, he is much loved and cherished by the 15,000 Deacons who care about their football fortunes.  Unless Dave suddenly decides he wants Big Time College Football, he can be “Mr. Deacon Football” as long as he wants to be.


Duke:  I think Duke is The Team To Watch the next 3-5 years.  They were The Surprise of The ACC this year even with UNC’s success.  Mike Elko is installing The Clawson Method which he helped create and knows exactly what type of kid to recruit … 3 stars with high character and “coach’em up”.

No reason Elko can’t quickly have Duke at Wake’s success level once he has a full “redshirt” class in place.  Like Wake, Duke has limitations as far as “Big Time Football” with its small stadium and limited fan support.  If Elko can accept that reality he can have an annual  7-8-9 W program at Duke for as long as he likes.


Giselle or Melania ??

My latest question I am asking guys of my generation … based 100% on “physical appearance” … nothing about Who they are.  Just how they look … Which do you think is “prettier” how ever you define “pretty”.

Giselle Bunchen or Melania Trump ??  No right or wrong answer of course.


Am I “a Hunter” ?

Knowing my passion for fishing, I am often asked two questions…

(1) Do I eat the fish I catch?A:  No. I, and everyone I know, practice 100% “catch & release”.  If the fish is any size I take a quick phone pic to send to grandson “Magoo” who is Quite Impressed!  The fish are back in the lake within two minutes to be caught again another day.

(2) Do I also like to “hunt”?  – A: No.  I did all the usual hunting as a teenager – dove, squirrel, rabbit and deer.  Never got a deer but was reasonably successful with the others. 

I just have no interest in killing anything that is not a threat to me or my family.  A deer 100 yards away does not meet that qualification.   That said, Blondie would not mind if I nailed “those damn deer” that eat her rose bushes.

BobLee, what about left-wing Democrats?  No comment.

I have no issue with all those who do love “hunting”.  I “get” culling the herd, conservation, etc … it’s just not something I care to do.


A Book Series Recommend

Is there a joy equal to learning that a favorite author has several books out that you didn’t know about!

J.C. Fields’ “Sean Kruger” series is really good.  Kruger is a veteran FBI Profiler stationed in Kansas City.  Kruger is “the best” the FBI has at what he does.  His buddy “JR” is a world-class “dark web hacker”.   Sean wants to retire BUT he and JR are forever being called to Washington to track down a serial killer or terrorist threat to America.  Great characters and interesting plots.

I listened to the first four books in the series several years ago and thought that was it … BUT WAIT … there are FOUR more!  O Joy O Rapture !!!


WHY Would Any Top Coach Go To Auburn?

If I am an in-demand successful Big Time Head Football Coach WHY would I want the 24/7 toothache of dealing with Auburn very notorious Fat Cat A**holes.   Auburn’s Fat Cat boosters are the worst by far in the SEC if not all of Power5 World.   They “pride” themselves on that sordid reputation.

Meddlesome boosters are the cockroaches of Big Time College Football.  Neither are ever going away.

A “name” Big Time Coach can get his millions plenty of places without that pain-in-the-butt.

It is looking like its Lane Kiffin’s gig if he wants it … with a blank check.   I repeat my favorite Ol’ Roy line:  “How many golf balls does one man need?”  Really!

NOTE: I still say “Coach Prime” would be PERFECT for South Florida / USF.


Answer To Which Movie?   

Deliverance of course.   The late Ned Beatty was in over 100 films.  Deliverance was his first … and over his entire career, he was forever asked about “Squeal like a pig”.

If I asked you to name those actors . no one would get “Ronnie Cox”.


More of BobLee … HERE!


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