Nov 19 ’22: Who still wears Fauci masks …

November19/ 2022

Who Still Wear Fauci Masks ???  …. I was in a Super Target yesterday in Richmond VA.  It was early and not too many shoppers.  I was unfamiliar with the store so wandered around to find what I needed – batteries for my IPad keyboard.

Of the random shoppers a high % were wearing Fauci masks and a very high % of the mask wearers were “Black Americans”. It occurred to me THAT seems the case wherever I go.  How come ???

Is “wearing a Fauci mask” a racial thing?  Does the black community tend to “do what government tells them to do without question” more so than us “non-blacks” ???

“They say” that the obese and diabetics are Covid High Risls.  Many Black women are obese … is that why ???

By contrast I later went to GreenTop – Richmond’s Awesome Fishing/Hunting super store.  Lots of GOBs (like me) and zero masks. HOW COME ???? …


NOTE:  If you are into Hunting or Fishing you HAVE TO VISIT GREEN TOP off I-95 just north of I-288 in Richmond.

I do lots of business with BassProShops/Cabelas .. but GREEN TOP is Something Else.    Started as a local c-store selling live bait … and now is an Outdoor SUPERSTORE … not a chain.  Just the one store just off I-95 north of Richmond.



BobLee does NOT have The Answer to Saving Western Civilization.  If I did I would not be givng it out free on Facebook.  But I do have a few random thoughts I can share…   Those random thoughts are SAIDWHAT.

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