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Yosemite Sam
November13/ 2022

November 13, 2022

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Soooo much to discuss today.  Some of it silly stoopid crap … and some of it actually incredibly insighful …


Victims of Their Own Success …

TeamNick has lost TWO games by a total of four points, both on the last plays of the game … The Fighting Dabos have lost ONE game, albeit convincingly, at Notre Dame.  Neither program will be in The Final Four … So, OBVIOUSLY its time to stick a fork in both of’em … They Are Done!  … or so say the foam-fingered lunatics in the Great American Cesspool called “social media”.

What Yea Olde Foam-fingered Lunatics rage about is not worth a cup of warm spit … EXCEPT that otherwise kinda normal folks are actually influenced by that foolishness.

Nick and Dabo are both dealing with the inevitable effects of losing talented staff members every year.  Losing staff continuity and their coaching abilities AND their recruiting contacts takes its toll.

Nick – and to a lesser degree Dabo – has developed a College Football DYNASTY … that has surpassed Miami’s 25-30 years ago.  Hiccups are inevitable and it WILL end some day … with Nick likely in 2-3 years.  Until then, don’t bet against The G.O.A.T.

Nick & Dabo might appreciate my wise admonition to Rush some ten years ago … “When you do finally retire after 30+ of unprecedented success, your critics will trumpet “we told you he wouldn’t last”.


I Made The Big Switch …

Be advised, I have switched from an analog watch to a digital watch !!!  History says I will switch back in 3-4 months.  I do this kabucki dance with watches several times each year for no apparent reason. … I do the same with changing coffee mugs.

I have a rule to never spend more than $30 on a watch.  I have adjusted that due to inflation to $50.  I insist upon easy to read numbers.  “Quickly telling me the time” is my one / only requirement from a watch.


“America” is now #3 …

As The American Handbasket descends closer and closer to Hell; a new “level” has recently been reached…

We, as a nation, are now the 3rd most morally corrupt entity in recorded history.  Trailing only North Korea and Sodom.  Recent events have moved us past both Gomorrah and Caligula’s Rome. YIPPEEEE (?)

Bits and pieces of America’s broken national moral compass were found in a dumpster behind a WhatABurger in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Maricopa and Georgia’s notorious Fulton County have now surpassed Chicago’s Cook County as THE Most Corrupt Voting Precincts in the Western Hemisphere.

Reminding us of HL Mencken’s paraphrased admonition:  “It is impossible to overestimate the abject gullibility of the American public.”

A modern day Demosthenes found this week a total of twelve quite clueless humans that still believe what is going on in America is “just politics as usual”.  Nine of those twelve also believe “the Earth is Flat” … “Man Will Never Fly” … and “They Faked The Moon Landing”.


Where Will “Coach Prime” Go …

You read it HERE first.  I think Dion Sanders will end up at USF / Univ of South Florida.  USF is a nationally-known Group of Five program … located where “Prime Time” grew up.  It is basically a gianormous community college (49,000 undergraduates) with VERY flexible admission standards and academic rigor (wink, wink).

With “The U of Miami’s” latest train wreck under Mario “The Messiah” Cristobal having crashed & burned faster than you can say “Texas A&M”, “Prime Time” could quickly fill his roster from talent-rich Greater Dade County and environs.


Speaking of Univ of MIami …

In my original prediction on Conference Realignment, I had Miami joining Clemson and Florida State in bolting to The SEC … “A For-real Football Conference”.

I am formally revising that.  IMO, Miami will NOT be leaving The ACC.  This latest Mario Mess has finally convinced most rational folks that “The U’s” glory days of 25-30 years ago ain’t EVER coming back.

The factors that created that Miami Juggernaut back then simply no longer exist.  That and their “stadium situation” make Miami quite unappealing to The SEC.


Clemson’s Will Shipley’s TD Run …

Clemson’s RB Will Shipley had a 30-yard TD run yesterday that was THE BEST I’ve seen since Marshan Lynch 8-10 years ago for the Seahawks.  You HAVE to find it on YouTube … Unbelievable!


Drake Maye and The Heisman …

Having confirmed that “My Buddy” Art Chansky does NOT have a Heisman vote, I am predicting that IF … Drake & Mack2.0 can “win out” meaning beat a very good NC State defense … and win or be close against Dabo in the ACCCG … then Drake COULD be “the token white kid” at the Heisman Ceremony.

Maye is certainly having an incredible season.  He is fortunate to have very talented receivers … a solid O-line … and an ACC schedule that “is what it is” … no one will mistake The ACC Coastal for The SEC West.

The pre-season Heisman favorite – Stroud from tOSU – has certainly done nothing to harm his own chances.

When Maye does not win it, Franklin Streeters can whine “the voters are jealous of us because we are so wonderful … because we don’t allow free speech on our campus … and because we beat the rap on Dean’s Sneaky Eligibility Scam … hehehehe”.


Meanwhile Over in West Raleigh …

I did not watch the NC State v Boston College game – thinking along with every State fan on the planet that it would be a ho-hum 2-3 touchdown walk against a doormat-dwelling woeful BC team.  Oops …

Instead it was the Annual “Dour Dave” Doeren StubHisToe Game.  A Carter-Finley Tradition Like No Other … sigh.

The DumpDoeren ‘R Us Bunch is back in full-throated roar.   “Dour Dave” being called “The Herb Sendek of Wolfpack Football”!  OUCH!

Here’s a thought … If Jeff Saturday can be the Colts’ Head Coach?  Why not Philip Rivers as NC State Head Coach? 

State’s once “Magic Season” now reduced to a Cheez-It Bowl and the usual IF we can at least beat UNCCheats.  Which they can with their strong defense … or maybe not.

Oh well … there is still Wolfpack Womens Basketball ….  I cannot name a NCSU Mens Basketballer since Todd Fuller … or Fire & Ice? 

Trea Turner is about to get a $200,000,000+ deal.  And Carlos Rodan is doing good too.  Those count, don’t they?


Speaking of Jeff Saturday …

The decision by the peripatetic Jim Irsay to name UNCCH Alum Jeff Saturday Interim Head Coach of his Indianapolis Colts has created a Category-5 Firestorm around “The League”.  OMG HOW COULD HE DO THAT!

It was, of course, according to the peanut-gallery pundits A RACIST DECISION despite Irsay having hired TWO Black American head coaches – Tony Dungey and Jim Caldwell.  

What I know of Jeff Saturday is that he is very smart, a high character guy and a career over-achiever.  What can he do with the rest of this season … who knows?

FWIW .. Coach Saturday’s Colts just beat the Raiders 25-20.  Coach Saturday is currently tied for the Highest Winning % in NFL History.

At least Jeff did not suggest his social media followers watch anything anti-semitic. OH BOY!  THAT woulda really be bad!


Despite “America” Headed Headlong to Hell …

Despite that piece above about “America” officially declared a toxic waste dump with a national moral compass that Epstein Island would be ashamed of … there IS a glimmer of hope … in Richmond VA just south of The James River.

My son-in-law – “Priest Danny” – as you may recall – entered the ministerial Transfer Portal last year switching from Presbyterian (PCA) to Anglican.

At 6’5″ 230 and a former college tight end, he is believed to be the largest ordained Anglican Priest on the Eastern Seaboard.

Today – Sunday 11/13 – was the “soft opening” of Danny’s new church All Souls Anglican in Richmond VA.  The Grand Opening will be on Thanksgiving Weekend.

Unlike most new church plants, God found them “a for-real Church building” with actual pews, stained-glass windows and everything.  Not a school cafeteria or movie theater or vacant retail space as is usually the case.

He has already developed an enthusiastic core congregation.  A major emphasis will be their childrens’ ministry headed up by – TAA-DA – “Our Kid” – with a Masters in Christian Counseling and awesome mother of four – “Miss TipToe”, “Princess Strawberry”, “Magoo” and new baby “Meri June”.


Did I mention about going “digital” with my watch?  Yes, I did … OK, thats enough for now…



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