No Nick / No Dabo !… “Gladys Ormphby” Ad? … The Kyrie Thing … & Joaquim de Almeida.

November07/ 2022

November 7, 2022

He’s “that guy” … the one “in that movie” ???

That guy up top … you don’t know his name BUT YOU KNOW HIM … He’s “That Guy in That Movie …”.  Yep, that’s him. 

If you are casting a movie and need a cartel boss or a banana republic villain … you call Portuguese actor Joaquim de Almeida.   

What classic movie is depicted above?  I’ve seen it at least 25 times and you probably have too.  Yes, you can google it but whats the fun in that.


A Saturday of Thrills & Agonies

November.  Time to play Big Boy Football. No more cupcakes.  “Winners tell jokes and losers say deal”.   

A CFB Final Four without Nick OR Dabo !!! Did you think you’d live to see THAT?  

The first Final Four rankings came out last week and there was the usual “OMG, The Fix Is In … How Can They? … Blah, Blah, Blah”.  Before you could “fall back” your clocks Saturday night, 90% of those OMGs were erased.  But, never fear. “The Fix Is In” crowd will find something else to complain about.  It’s who they are and what they do.

Yes, all four of our Big Four will “go bowling” for the first time EVER … plus ECU and Appy.  But remember, until the mid 70s there were only 6-7 bowls.   Those 6-7 are now over 30+ and it only takes a .500 season to “be eligible”.  But “your team” gets those extra practices and the “student athletes” will get cheap watches with a potato, a box of Cheezits, or a jar of Mayonnaise on it … Woo Hoo!

With EVERY local team going bowling, you do NOT get to rag your neighbor that you are a better human being than he is because “my team” is going to a bowl and yours isn’t.  Kinda takes the fun outta the Holidays, huh?

Something is askew in Winston-Salem.  Deacon Dave’s Deacs (and OKState’s Cowboys) have both blown a tire and a piston rod.  

UNC’s Drake Maye is the leading Heisman “white boy” candidate … for now.  But UNC’s “modest” Strength Of Schedule will keep him out of “the ceremony”.  Either Stetson Bennett or Bo Nix will be the token “white boy” come December.

Dour Dave’s Defense versus Drake’s Flying Circus should be a Lollapalooza in three weeks in The Stadium Amid The Lofty Pines Not Named For A Slaveowner.

Obviously I was wrong about Brian Kelly not surviving in Cajun Country.  He’s liable to get a $100M raise and a 20 year deal now.  I still don’t like the guy.

Speaking of “don’t like” … The HATE-NICK crowd which are CFB’s version of the HATE-COACH K crowd and The NFL’s version of HATE-BELICHEK crowd are beside themselves now.  Tough Bizness …


Cup O’ Noodles

I recently discovered “cup o’ noodles” !!!  My new favorite food … pop’em in the microwave for four minutes and eat’em right outta the cup.  Sure, they’ve probably got more poison crap in them than a syringe full of Fauci’s covid vaccine.  But a guy cannot survive on Honey Nut Cheerios alone.


“Storming The Field”

Call me “a killjoy” … an “old fuddy duddy” … “No Fun” BobLee.  When I am named Czar of College Football (any day now!) I’m doing “something” about “stormin’ the field” … security fences w/ razor wire like NASCAR uses … or maybe SWAT snipers on the roof of the press box.   Prevent “stormin’ the field” or make the consequences significant for the actual perpetrators. 

NOTE:  I am a big fan of FAN FUN Experiences like “Jump Around” at Wisconsin and “Rocky Top” at Knoxville and O-H-I-O at The Horseshoe.  Heck, I even like “The Wave” sort of.  But stormin’ the field” is STOOPID.  Simply an excuse for likkered-up jackasses to lead easily-led dimwits in a riot.

Fining the home team $100,000 or more does nothing to prevent the situation.  The jackasses don’t care … it’s not their money.  It’s not “tradition” or “kids being kids”.  It’s simply STOOPID! 

As our overall society descends into anarchy … the “just use common sense” admonition is worthless.  We saw that with the BLM / ANTIFA urban riots several years ago.


That “Gladys Ormphby” Campaign Ad

Did you folks in NC see that Democrat Abortion Scare Ad that was running every 10 minutes on the ACC Network games?  You know the one if you saw it. 

Five woeful souls warning that “IF Repubs Get Elected ….” they are going to OUTLAW ALL ABORTIONS … KILL ANY WOMAN THAT WANTS ONE … AND KILL THEIR LITTLE DOGS TOO … AND OMG OMG OMG … 

What was so bizarre about the ad was NOT the subject … standard Democ campaign tactics;  but the actors they used were a HOOT. 

One was a dead ringer for “Gladys Ormphby”Ruth Buzzi’s “Laugh-In” character and the 3-4 others were equally woeful … NOW you know which ad I mean! … Would “safe sex” restrict “Gladys Ormphby’s” sex life?  Really?


Is Dusty Baker The First …

Is Dusty Baker The First … “Black American Named Dusty” to manage a World Series Champion?  Apparently Dodgers’ Dave Roberts is not a “pure-blood”.

This “Not Enough For-Real Blacks in Major League Baseball” Issue seems to be a pretty easy problem to solve.  Most of us “White-American kids” developed our love for baseball by playing catch with our dads.  I’ve watched Field Of Dreams enough times to think that must be true.

Sooooo … alls they gotta do is have Black American dads play catch with their Black American sons.   Like Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey and Vlad Guerrero’s dads did.

BobLee, you do realize the socio-cultural impossibility of your solution, don’t you?

Yeah … I just thought it would be kinda interesting to see it in print.


This Kyrie Irving Brouhaha

I’m not really tuned-in to this “Kyrie Doesn’t Like Jews So He Can’t Play In The NBA” Thing?

Kyrie recommended his social media followers check out a movie that has an anti-semitic theme.  Now NBA Commissioner Adam “The Sideshow Freak” Silver says Kyrie can’t play in his Association until he … well, until Silver says he can.

Will Kyrie have to (1) be circumcised … (2) eat a matzo ball … and (3) watch Fiddler On The Roof 50 times?

NOTE:  I’ve never understood Anti-Semitism.  I’ve never understood “electricity” or “Oprah’s popularity” either.

The same NBA where its two highest profile head coaches – Popovich and Kerr – rant loudly how much they HATE “people like me”.  A number of NBA “stars” including LeBron have also expressed that opinion … while everyone with The NBA LOVES the genocidal ChiComms.

Like I said… I’m confused about this one.  FWIW: Both Kyrie Irving and Adam Silver have Duke University in their backgrounds.  Duke – America’s #1 Racial Hoax Institution.  All very confusing …..

The answer to the movie question above: 

Joaquim de Almeida was “Felix Cortez” the cartel go-between in Clear & Present Danger.   28 years later, people still quote him the line – “Answer the phone, Moira”.  As we all remember, “Felix” strangles “Moira” in the secluded cabin.

Joaquim played very similar roles in Desperado, Queen Of The South and one of the Fast & Furious movies. 

Until Next Time, Folks …


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