Is Giselle Pretty? … Is “Stephen A” Underpaid? … BOOK RECOMMENDS … + + +

Rim E Fudd
November02/ 2022

November 2, 2022


BOOK RECOMMENDS … Giselle … Corso … Stephen A … “Elon” … +++


Changes acomin’ with BobLee’s RIMSHOTS (aka The New Era of BobLeeSays) begins.  If the last 2000+ Incredibly Insightful Commentaries were worth your time JUST WAIT!

In addition to the switch to multi-topics … we are switching to SUBSTACK as our ALERT distribution system.   SUBSTACK is much more efficient than other mass email systems so more wannabee readers will actually get ALERTS of new BobLee’s RIMSHOTS.

SUBSTACK was created several years ago as a safe haven for journos banned / censored by “mainstream media” in a blatant violation of the first amendment.  THAT is much more prevalent than you know.   We have used it for six months for our Defending The Reublic newsletters.

SUBSTACK will alert you to new BobLee’s RIMSHOTS.  A link will take you to the website like the Alerts have always done. 

Our objective is still …. Entertaining Content that makes you smile and say HUH! … WOW! … or OMG!   If you spew 7-Up on your keyboard, thats always a bonus.



Rough Saturday for “Deacon Dave” at Louisville … YOWSA.  And REALLY rough for Mike Gundy’s Cowboys in Little Manhattan.   ….. “Dour Dave” Doeren may have found a new QB to salvage a season teetering on the ledge for the Wolfpack.  …. Mack2.0 has become QB U as the latest Maye is now “on the Heisman short list” which hopefully is not a jinx.  Are The Mayes the new “Mannings” for producing Very Good College Athletes?

I still think tOSU is this year’s Juggernaut.  One undefeated team will fall in Athens.  I’m not sold on “Rocky Top”.  We’ll see this Saturday.  The Fighting Dabos in South Bend will be MUST SEE TV.

UNCCH and NCSU and WFU will all be playing one another over the next few weeks.  BE ADVISED … I checked w/ the ACC Office.  The “damn refs” have been ordered to “Screw (Insert Your Team) Because ….”.   In other words … just like every year. … sigh.

How Come … when a team wears All-Black uniforms they act like they are the first to do it and think they look “really cool”.   All-Black uniforms all look alike …. ALL BLACK!   DUH!



It has nothing to do with their divorce and I really don’t know much about Giselle other than “she’s a SuperModel”.  She is probably a quite decent person.  

Am I the only red-blooded American male than does NOT think “Giselle” is all that “pretty”?  On BobLee’s scale she ain’t Carrie Underwood … or J-Lo … or Molly McGrath … or Kathy Ireland … or … (fill in your choice).



For Heaven Sakes … GAMEDAY should go all out for an on-air WE LOVE YOU LEE Retirement Party ASAP then let him ride off into the sunset with his dignity intact.  They are creating an El Cid situation … or “Willie Mays as a Met” falling down in centerfield.  Preserve the man’s dignity …



NICK-HATERS are no different than COACH K-HATERS.  His fans love him … all other fans HATE his continuous successes.   The incident at Knoxville with the fan mob rushing the field and the “Bama player pushing a frantic Vol fan has been blown waaaaay out of proportion BECAUSE it’s NICK.

An OUTKICK “fanboy” wants to equate the Knoxville incident to the Mugging In The Tunnel at Michigan because “fanboy” HATES NICK.   I was in that tunnel @ The Big House in September 1965 when Dan Devine’s MIZZOU beat Bo Schembechler.  It’s been shared by both teams for 100 years with no incidents UNTIL this year.  Why now ???

Our society now accepts “violent behavior” as OK.  Especially violent behavior involving black males.  To Michigan State’s “credit” they are punishing more of their (black) player perps for this incident than were punished for all those urban riots by BLM and ANTIFA. 



ESPN’s “Stephen A” says he is underpaid at $8,000,000/year.  He is ESPN’s #1 in-studio Guy.  Obviously I don’t “know him” except by his on-air persona as a “Bombastic Clown” who plays to the goggle-eyed wacky faction of ESPN’s audience.  DISCLAIMER:  I have not watched an ESPN in-studio-show in over two years.

Assuming most of you don’t care for Stephen A and his on-air persona. … and his “Everything is Racist” rants.   By comparison:  For over 30 years Rush-Haters hated his on-air persona they perceived as a bombastic know-it-all … and RL made $30,000,000/year + over most of those 30+ years.

FWIW:  Rush’s contract $$$ were always tied to his ability to attract millions of listeners and advertisers … justifying the highest ad rates in radio history.  Which he did for 30+ years.  I doubt Stephen A has such a contract.



I multi-task every day …. If I’m fishing I’m listening to an audiobook.  My preference in recent months are “action-thrillers” involving former SpecOps guys being mercs … assassins … good samaritans … jousting with Bond Villain-types, cartel bosses, warlords, et al.  Most are “Reacher-type” loners … others have SpecOps buddies they call on.

I recommend ALL of these.   Authors / Characters that I really like that you might not be familiar with are … 

Vince Milam  / “Case Lee” ….. Scott Mariani  / “Ben Hope” …..  John Gilstrap / “Jonathan “Digger” Graves” ….. Greg Hurwitz / “Orphan X” ….. Blair Howard / “Harry Starke” ….. Wayne Stinnett / “Jessie McDermitt” …..  Brad Thor / “Scot Harvath” ….. Ben Coes / “Dewey Andreas” ….. Mark Greaney / “The Gray Man” … Blake Banner / “Harry Bauer” ….. Logan Ryles / “Reed Montgomery”

I assume everyone knows about Tom Clancy / “Jack Ryan” ….. Vince Flynn / “Mitch Rapp” ….. Lee Child / “Jack Reacher”.

These represent over 120 or so books as all have multiple adventures… several as many as 15-20 titles.  I always suggest starting with #1 and reading in chronological order.  Authors always provide back stories but it helps if you already know the back stories. … I’m sure I left out a few good ones

With an audiobook, the narrator has a lot to do with enjoyment of the story.  My favorite narrators are Ray Porter … Scott Brick … Eduardo Ballerini … Joe Barrett. There are others but those come to mind first.

Check some of these out.  Let me know what you think.  FWIW … I average “reading” 100-120 audiobooks/year.



I don’t “do Twitter”.  I used to 2-3 years ago but it became such a toxic cesspool I gave it up.  I DO do Facebook with 4,400 “Friends” of which I actually “know” maybe 20 or so.   I decline invites from Croatian hookers and skanks in general.

This Twitter takeover by Elon Musk is a HOOT.   I do so love the sound of liberal lunatics’ heads exploding.   The number of’em who will actually Quit Twitter because of their “abject fear of free speech” will end up being about the same number who left America when DJT was elected in 2016.  Statistically Zero.



Remember 50% of Conspiracy Theories are bogus.   Which means 50% of them ARE REAL.  Yikes!  Regardless of which 50%, thats a LOT of Conspiracies!




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