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October26/ 2022

October 26, 2022

BIG NEWS!  BLSays is Back … WITH A PLAN!


I am blessed with a darn Good Life … My annual physical revealed my health is far better than I have a right for it to be … Our ever-growing family is all good only 140 minutes apart … my local fishing spots are reasonably productive … Our 3X/weekly newsletter is keeping 300,000+ “off the ledge” as America teeters over The Abyss. 

But, ONE THING has been out-of-kilter – this darn website – … and communicating with You People!

After 23 years and over 2,400 Incredibly Insightful Commentaries I have “let it slide”.   Not made this the priority it deserves.  There is as much, if not more, Human Absurdity abounding as there ever has been.  No lack of column fodder At All.

I mean – “$100,000,000 / 10 year contacts for a football coach”.  YEEEE HAA!

Beginning today … there will be a new column weekly – or more often – and they will ALL be in a Rimshots format … scatter shooting a potpourri of 4-5 topics.  I have a few “tweaks” in the works that I think you will enjoy. 

Your enjoyment has always been / always will be  #1 here.  In the early years I was pretty sure I could Save Mankind from Itself.  In retrospect that was overly ambitious.  Ya Think? 

Henceforth I will be like the orchestra leader on The Titanic.   Upon realizing he could not plug the leak, he led his band in an enthusiastic playing of “Nearer My God To Thee” as the icy waters of the North Atlantic crept over the deck … 

OK.  Maybe a tad bit of hyperbole … but you get the idea.  Here goes …………..

College Football Update:

The Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams of Summer have given way to the grim realities that some / most “sleeping giants” simply ain’t gonna wake up… at least not this year   50% of “major colleges” will NOT be bowl eligible with a minimum of six Ws.

It looks like all four of NC’s Big Four WILL go bowling for the first time EVER thanks to Mike Elko’s masterful immediate rejuvenation at The Wally.

Duke whuppin’ of Miami in Miami last Saturday has upped the misery index for the Cristobal Family a whole lot.

“The Syracuse guy” will likely get ACC COY but Mike Elko deserves plenty of votes.

“Deacon Dave” is no longer “surprising”.  WFU is now a legitimate Very Good Team.  He will be lured AGAIN by Big Bucks come December.  I sure hope he stays at Wake for a very long time.

The Pack lost its franchise QB (sigh!) and any hopes of a Super Season but still 8-9 Ws is a good year … unless one expected 10-11.  The season finale in Kenan will determine how much mumblin’ grumblin’ discontent there will be over “Dour Dave” Doeren in the off-season.

Mack Is Back riding the golden arm of Mr Maye.  IF Maye should go down like Devin Leary did … Uh Oh!   In this Age of The Portal, every team’s  Back-Up QB is likely to be a 3-star or walk-on.  Phenoms don’t stick around to hold clipboards these days.

Nationally, I think tOSU is the best bet to take it all in January… IF they can get by Michigan next month.  If not, Buckeye fans ain’t gonna be happy at all.

If Alabama loses a second game … nitwit fans and nitwit sportswriters will be calling for “stick a fork in Nick. He’s done”

There is no heavier burden to bear than a Spoiled Fan Base.  


Those Mega $$$ Coaching Contracts: 

Just because Jimbo and Mario and Venables and WhatsHisName at Michigan State are all crashing and burning … with mega $$$ “buy-outs”, do you think that will cause a halt or at least a hesitation to MORE of that silliness?  Nope … it won’t.

Those ridiculous $100,000,000 deals are all just Monopoly Money.  A handful of Super Fat Cats ante it up … the rank & file foam-fingered fans are not affected one iota.  Alls they DEMAND is Win! Win! Win! so go get Coach “Flavor Of The Month” or … or … or “we’re gonna piss & moan on message boards in ALLCAPS”.  Which they are now doing any way in College Station … Coral Gables … Norman … and East Lansing.

Do as I do … watch the games for the immediate entertainment value of the game itself.  Your self-worth or eternal happiness is NOT hanging in the balance if a 19 y/o semi-literate WR drops a pass on a Hail Mary … or a Left Tackle is caught Holding.  That WR and that Left Tackle still get their NIL $$$.


Speaking of Shattered Dreams: 

Imagine being a Dodger / Yankee / Mets / Cardinals fan … YIKES.   Living and dying over 162 games and 90+ Ws and lofty expectations that “THIS will be Our Year” and then SPLATT!

No one in The Bronx much cares about Aaron Judge’s 62 HRs now.

The long season of MLB makes those Playoff Crashes worse in MLB than any other sport.


Speaking of NC State QBs: 

With Devin Leary’s lofty NFL dreams possibly derailed … another famous Wolfpack QB is really in hot water these days.  “DangerRuss” Wilson is having a Mile-High Nightmare.  YIKES!  

Every NFL QB walks a fine line with public opinion especially the ones who have attained “SuperStar Mega $$$” status which Russell has done.

The most expensive Mega-Mansion in Denver can be a lonely place when the fickle fans turn on you.  Sure, Russell is “set for life” money-wise but … Tough Business.



I have mentioned that the only “sports website” I visit is Clay Travis’ OUTKICK.  I am withdrawing my recommendation for OUTKICK.  Here’s why …

I have never been Clay Travis’ target demographic.  I get that.  He is after the 18-35 male “board monkey” crowd.  Clay believes a soft-porn T&A site will attract that bunch … and he is probably correct.

OUTKICK has always featured an “IG / OnlyFans Skanks” segment.  Think the SI Swimsuit Issue with the “skank factor” ratcheted up a few notches. Of late they are increasing that feature %.

Apparently any gal with any degree of “prurient appeal” can literally make Mega-$$$$ on Insta-gram and a social media thing called OnlyFans where guys (and gals too I guess) pay a subscription of $10-$15/month to have premium access to “special content”.  “Foot fetishes” are especially popular.  Who knew?

Some girls are grossing millions … and many are in high 5/6 figure$.  So much for being a nurse, a secretary, or a veterinarian.

An apt description might be paying $15/month to have access to a peephole to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders dressing room.  Which, coincidentally, an old friend of Jerry Jones actually had for years.

I’m not a prude; but, with a wife – a daughter – and now three granddaughters “ogling skanky gals” is just not my cuppa tea.  Same personal reason I’ve never visited a strip club.  Not judgmental towards those who do, just not for me.

FWIW … the IG-Girls are not hard-core porn which, sadly, is still the “most popular” category by far on the Internet.  … sigh.

Yes… This IS mentioned specifically in Revelation … in the End of Days section right after “rivers of blood” and “abortion at birth” and “drag queens in kindergartens”.

Plus … most of Clay Travis’ contributors (writers) are glorified “fanboys” AKA “board monkeys” who troll fan message boards for their stories.


Stay Tuned … I will be adding more tweaks to BLSays / Rimshots in the weeks to come.

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