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October06/ 2022
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October 6, 2022

Rimshots:  Tobacco Road Football Makes History … DDoeren “on a list”… Tom & Gisele !! -sigh … Much More


Did You Know:   “Aaron Judge is the first man named Aaron over 6’6″ whose last name begins with a consonant to hit 62 HRs in one season”.   I am forever amazed with the bizarre historical minute statistics in MLB. … … So I have come up with my very own bizarre historical statistic involving Tobacco Road (“Big Four”) Football.

With all due respect to “Choo Choo” and Ace Parker and Roman Gabriel and Brian PIccolo; “Great Moments in Tobacco Road Football” is not a book checked out that often in your local library.  That might change now … We are living at a moment in time that NO ONE figured would EVER happen …

As the 2022 College Football Season approached its halfway point – Week Six …

All Four Tobacco Road / Big Four Football Programs have impressive 4-1 records !!! 

Three of those four total losses were to undefeated teams – Clemson (NCSU), Clemson (WFU), Kansas (Duke) … and Notre Dame (UNCCH).

Admit It … You NEVER thought you would live to see THAT, did you?

All four will likely be BOWL ELIGIBLE (6 Ws) before Nov 1 which has NEVER happened before …

PLUS both App State and ECU are also likely to be Bowl Eligible too.  That North Carolina – not considered a Hot Bed of College Football – would have SIX Bowl Eligible programs is Beyond Anyone’s Imagination!  IT’S MIND BLOWING!

Wuff World is sad that its MOST IMPORTANT GAME EVER did not fulfill long-held dreams.  The Football Gods did not smile … but The Pack was very competitive in defeat.  A fine season and “a bowl game not named after something too silly” is still likely.  Avoid those “Shouldna Lost” games that always seems to sneak-up on the Wuffs and that long-awaited 10 Win season is a real possibility.

UNCCH despite its much-maligned defense is still a respectable 4-1.  As long as the Offense outscores the points allowed by its Defense … it’s a W and Franklin Streeters can re-affirm their mythical eliteness.  Keep that O-Line healthy Mack to keep Young Mr Maye on a record pace.  Sam Howell Who?

Duke may be the Surprise of The ACC.  Pre-season bets to win one -maybe two games have been trampled underfoot.  Six Ws are quite possible with 7 not being out-of-the-question.  The upcoming Showdown with UNCCH in The Wally could be another App State scoreboard-buster.

Deacon Dave’s WFU Juggernaut rolls on whuppin’ the Noles and proving again and again that QB Sam Hartman and his arsenal of awesome receivers will score on everyone they meet.


Just to our north in Old Virginny … the best team these days is James Madison.  OUCH! Thats gotta be humblin’ for both Hoos and Hokie faithful.


The Fighting Dabos are not the Super Power of recent memory but still good enough to leave BoA Stadium in late November with another title belt.


Speaking of BoA Stadium and Mr Tepper’s Panthers … neither that He/She Top Cat nor Baker Mayfield are popular in The Great State of Mecklenburg these days. Comparing Dave Tepper to George Shinn is never a good sign.


Speaking of “Lists” … Dave Doeren is supposedly “on one” – Wisconsin’s.  Its not a for-real official list and certainly not a “short one”. 

I follow The Badgers and Paul Chryst’s abrupt firing was not unexpected.  “Frumpy Ol’ Paul in his sideline hoodie” lost the Jump Around gang over the past year.  A total lack of Pizzazz.

Unless he just totally bombs the next six weeks, Jim “Living Legend” Leonhard will get the full-time gig in Madison.

Both Wisconsin and Nebraska enjoyed multi-decades of solid 8-9-10 Ws with program paradigms that simply no longer “cut it” in Big Time College Football.


If Wiscy (or Nebraska) wants PIZZAZZ … Dave Doeren ain’t gonna make it to “any short list” at Madison or Lincoln or anywhere.


Is Dave Doeren NC State’s  “Dick Crum”?  He wins 7-8+ games every year but just never “clicks” with the fan base?  Very strange …


DDoeren is a solid football coach who could probably win 6-7-8 games/year anywhere given time … as he has demonstrated over ten years in Raleigh.   What goggle-eyed fan base wants THAT ceiling for their “sleeping giant”?

Have Wolfpackers finally accepted that having “a good solid program” that can beat UNCCH three outta five … and might beat WakeForest once a decade is just how its gonna be?


Kansas’ Lance Leipold has officially replaced “Urban” as EVERY fan base’s first choice in 2022.  I hope Lance Leipold says “Thank you for all the offers but my family and I are very happy here in Lawrence” to ALL the offers headed his way.

Oh … and “Prime Time” is NOT going to Historic Bobby Dodd Field in Historic Grant Field Across Historic Peachtree Street from The Historic Varsity.  GaTech will hire another Whozit and the ghost of Randy Rhino will live on.


ALL of the $100,000,000 10-year contract coaches – NOT Named Lincoln Riley – are proving the lunacy of such ridiculous deals.  Will this mean such absurd deals won’t be happening any more?  Not at all … when Fat Cats hand ADs a blank check with JUST WIN DAMN IT in the “For” line … WhatChaGonnaDo?

One of Paul Finebaum’s mouth-breathing lunatic callers suggested today that “hiring a hit man to kill Jimbo Fisher would be a lot cheaper than his $85,000,000 buyout”.   We be living in troubling time my friends.


So Tom and Gisele are apparently calling it quits.  Tom won’t give up “hangin’ out with the fellas in the locker room” and Gisele supposedly wants a full-time husband / father.  I’ve never been a world famous celebrity athlete or a Supermodel so I can’t relate to their situation. … I guess $$$$$$$ can’t buy Happiness, huh. … Gisele is hangin’ out in Miami where ARod lurks.  Uh Oh!

Any story you see about Brady that mentions “ex-wife Bridget Moynahan” was poorly researched. Tom and Bridget WERE NEVER MARRIED but do share a son.


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