For Entertainment Purposes Only!

Entertainment Purposes
August28/ 2022
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August 28, 2022

For Entertainment Purposes Only


A seasonal rite of passage has occurred just as it has for 100 years – the start of the 2022 College Football Season.  OK, it kick-offs in high gear next weekend but IT has begun.

Longtime BLSays readers have followed my diminishing interest in spectator sports in general.  That diminishing interest continues … have not watched a single MLB game this season despite the Cardinals doing well.

I am in the minority in this choice which I fully acknowledge and I am not promoting that any of you follow my lead.  Good thing Huh?


NC State fans – of which we have many reading this – are cautiously optimistic that this could be a SPECIAL season for them.   With a veteran roster of proven talent there is ample reason for optimism … and ample reason that it be approached “cautiously”.   

NC State teams have been “struck by lightning” too often lately to be making room in their trophy case for an ACC Football Championship in August.  That and a long history of unrequited optimism as it pertains to Football.  I doubt too many Wolfpackers are looking past Saturday in Greenville.  They are wise to be cautious.

Surely there are the usual Franklin Street “sleeping giants” thinking a BIG WIN against a mini-van load of “eligible” FAMU Rattlers means This is The Year That Mack 2.0 Delivers.  A trip to Boone could kibosh that dream.  We shall see … 

Regardless, I’m on record that this time next year Gene Chizek will be UNC’s Head Football Coach.


My slogan for this year is today’s Title – For Entertainment Purposes Only.  I DO find college football “entertaining” without having any emotions committed to outcomes I have no influence over. 

I have nothing riding on the outcome of any game.   No $$$ … no bragging rights … no ego … no nothing.

I could say the same about America’s Future in these Very Troubling Times but THAT actually matters … nothing about “sports” matters to me at this stage of my life.

I grew up enjoying watching Professional Wrestling.  I knew even as a kid that it was “scripted” and the drama and outcomes easily predictable … but It Was Fun To Watch regardless.


That San Diego Padre Superstar Shortstop – Tatis – getting caught with PEDs reminded me that The PED Scandal has never bothered me.  The McGuire  / Sosa Battle and Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens etc etc …. I never got all indignant about “they were juiced”. 

OK… those cheating East German judges in The Olympics did bother me “back then”.   I haven’t watched The Olympics in years.

I view all that like I did Pro Wrestling … it was ENTERTAINING whether it was “legitimate” or “illegal” or what …

I watched it to be entertained.  I was.  Mission Accomplished.

I don’t know how to “bet” on sports even if I was inclined to do so.  So Who Wins / Loses doesn’t affect me one bit.


The Big Deal about “student-athletes” not being legitimate “students” ???  Thats been a reality loooong before the UNC AfAM Scandal.  College athletes getting “paid” as been around for an equally long time.

I appreciate that “It’s Not Fair” if someone “cheats”.  But “cheating” has been going on for as long as humans have walked the earth on two legs.

Plato – Shakespeare – Voltaire – Mark Twain – Will Rogers et al have all reminded us about “dishonest politicians” long before this current sorry bunch slithered out from under their rocks … and I mean On Both Sides of The Aisle.

Human Nature Never Changes … and Never Will.   Cheating and incompetent bureaucrats are as permanent in recorded history as cockroaches and hemorrhoids. 

I’m not advocating that You cheat or that you promote it … I am advocating don’t get upset when you see it in aspects of our society that don’t matter. … like sports.

Remember BobLee’s Rules …. 

(1) Every Major College Sports Team CHEATS in recruiting … Except the One I Cheer for…

(2) Every Politician at every level is Corrupt … Except the one I vote for…


That Conference Realignment Thingy is heating up again … When Oregon goes B1G then so will U Dub … and so will Stanford and Cal.   That won’t leave much room for UNC or UVA or …

Whats left of the PAC-Whatever joins the Big 12+++.

Swofford’s “Grant Of Rights” will NOT preserve The ACC.  Clemson, FlaState – and, I think, Miami – will go SEC … not leaving much room for UNC, UVA or …

I THINK … Notre Dame will cut ties with The ACC and cut a similar deal with The B1G to remain “indy” but agree to play Five B1G teams each year.   USC and Stanford are already in ND’s tradition “rota”. 

USC and Stanford could keep ND from offering the same “deal” to the SEC.

If SEC and B1G fill up with 20 teams … what happens to Tobacco Road ??? 

Whats left of The ACC becomes a glorified Group Of Five conference – at least for Football.   Can YOU / will you accept that?

There are BIG CHANGES coming whether you like it or not.   Will State v UNC and UNC v Duke and UVA v VaTech etc still matter?  It should … why won’t it?

Those neighborhood hated rivalries will be just as important as they have always been …

You can go on social media – hit your ALLCAPS key and type … IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY !!!!  and it won’t make a bit of difference.


My one change for this College Football Season is I’m no longer “addicted” to GameDay.   Probably because it is ESPN and ESPN has made it clear they don’t like “people like me”.   I’ll watch the games they broadcast because I have to or not watch them; but I don’t have to watch GameDay.

What very little TV I watch these days are Fishing YouTubes.  Haven’t watched “network TV” in so long I can’t remember.  That includes FoxNews which we haven’t watched in several years which may surprise some of you.

Had another Awesome Float Trip down the Roanoke River in Virginia for smallmouths last week with “Bo”.  Next trip will be to Lake Fontana in Western NC in October.

Grandchild #4 arrived last week …. “Mary June”.  TeamRichmond is doing very well.  “Priest Danny” has found a church building and All Souls Anglican Church will be “in business” in early November.

Fishing & Family are both doing Very Well ….. Life Is Good!


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