Re: College Football: Alas, this is not going to end well

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July08/ 2022
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July 8, 2022


Re: College Football: Sadly, this is not going to end well … sigh.


Paraphrasing Charlton Heston’s character in that classic final scene of Planet of The Apes … realizing he was on Planet Earth: 

“They’re gonna do it … they are gonna blow it all up!”


Despite the universal praise and 99.4% agreement to my recent Boutique ACC proposal, this whole College Football Armageddon is, sadly, NOT going to end well.

King Kanute could not command the Tides … nor can BobLee command College Football to employ just one iota of common sense.


BUT before we gnaw that piece of gristle again … you’ve probably been wondering “What does BobLee think about this mess with Brittany Griner?”

If you have no clue who “Brittany Griner” is.  God bless you … I luv ya.

Frankly, I never knew that tall black lesbian basketball players have “diplomatic immunity”.  Did you know that? 

… like those UN diplomats that can double park in NYC and play loosey goosey with our laws without consequences.  Is it all her tatts  or her expressed hatred for our National Anthem ???

As for “Trump would have had her out of there months ago” … Probably, but why would he?  There are 100s / 1,000s of “Americans” in foreign jails for violating laws in foreign countries.  Likewise there are “furriners” in American jails who violated our laws.

As for the Mob of Wokey Nitwits proclaiming her “an American hero” and – OMG OMG – threatening to Cancel the WNBA season (Noooo!!!) as protest to her incarceration.  By golly THAT oughta scare the bejeebers out of Vald Putin fer sure.

Am I the ONLY one wondering why “The Obamas” have not jumped into this Cause Celeb?  Surely “Big Mo” could post another hash tag #FreeBrittany” thereby earning the universal adoration of “the media” for her courage and compassion. ….

We are soooo screwed as a society … sigh.


OK … back to The Countdown to College Football Armageddon … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 …  KABOOM!

Allow me to offer another example of “Why do they have to …” that might help you realize the inevitability of crap like this College Football mess.

“Why don’t they play those wonderful old hymns in church any more?” … I betcha you have had THAT debate more than a few times, huh?

At last count 99% of us BabyBoomers that still “go to church other than Christmas  and Easter” have complained about “spirit bands and all that hippie music in church”.


The key phrase there is “us Baby Boomers”.  The world we grew up in – and dominated for 60 years – is moving on without our approval.   HOW DARE IT DO THAT!

We are no longer Madison Avenue’s “Golden Generation”.  Too many of us have been rowed across the River Styx … and are no longer buying toothpaste, going to church, watching TV, voting, or all the other mass consumerism stuff we did in such abundance for most of our lives.

We are NOT “going gentle into that good night” AT ALL.  As we are being put on our ice floes like old eskimos … kicking and screaming as we float away in Life’s Bering Sea … YIKES!

Sure, “they” oughta still play at least a few of “those wonderful old hymns” every Sunday … and blowing up “traditional rivalries” in College Football is incredibly stoopid. 

But that’s not going to stop “them” from doing what they are going to do.

We do still get to say We Told You So as we stand in our yard and yell at clouds and tell those damn kids to “Get Out of My Yard”.

That you (and I) liked the old ACC is fine … and we liked Bonanza … and “our local drive-in” … and “stick shift” cars … and John Wayne movies … and 4th of July parades … and Walter Cronkite (yes, I know “Uncle Wally” was a closet NYC liberal elitest) … etc etc.


Whatever shakes out once the smoke clears in College Football Armageddon … WE ain’t gonna like it … unless “they” do adopt My Plan of course.


In all the 100s of scenarios I’m seeing about how the CFB pie will be sliced up – NOTE:  I do not follow local “board monkey” forums – none of the pundits seem to give a damn about Traditional Rivalries … sigh.

To me those “rivalries” are all that really matter each Fall.  In Basketball, UNC and Duke have for the past umpteen years been on “the short list” for post-season glory … but THIS is all about Football PERIOD.

Last Summer’s pre-season mega-hype about Mack & Sam Howell et al lasted one quarter in Blacksburg.  OUCH!  Now we have not quite the same level of hype for what seems to be a very fine NCSU FB team.  “Visions of sugar plums …” in the dreams of PackPride loyalists. … and The Clawson Miracle lives on in Camel City … Whatever.

The national CFB pundits hardly mention NCSU in their scenarios ???  UNC is – “a national brand with high academics (wink wink cough)” – supposedly being courted by both SEC and B1G … and may have its choice of a new sports family. Meanwhile …


NCSU has somehow been relegated – along with ECU – to The Island of Misfit Football Schools

HOLY COW Philip Rivers, Russell, Tory, Roman, Ritcher, Cowher, etc etc.  60,000 showing up 6-7 times each Fall at The Fairgrounds don’t count ???

That 60,000 in The Carter  is “until halftime”.  LOL!

If UNC and NCSU don’t end up together their wonderfully overly-caffeinated rivalry will join Missouri v Kansas among the Greatest Sports Crimes of The Past 20 Years.


If UNC goes to SEC or B1G and gets to designate an “annual football rivalry” I GUARANTEE you it will be Duke. 

That, of course, will delight the Franklin Street Nitwits ‘R Us who despise NCSU as much as PackPeople despise UNCheats.

For the handful of reasonably sane among us – not having UNC v NCSU every Fall will simply be very sad.

As for that ACC Grant Of Rights Thingy … PULEEZE … if high-priced lawyers could get UNCCH out of The Greatest Academic Eligibility Scandal in NCAA History … Little Johnny Swofford’s GOR Thingy will be a piece of cake.  POOF – it’ll be gone.


BobLee will keep providing you what “others” are simply not insightful enough to figure out. … and we’ll keep singing those Wonderful Old Hymns in church too. “… how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.”


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