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July03/ 2022
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July 3, 2022

BobLee on:  The Future of College FB … and The ACC


I was going to wait a few days to roll this one out … but if I wait another coupla hours EVERY possible scenario will have already been proposed by everyone on the planet with a podcast … a website … a smartphone … or a #2 pencil.

If I read the phrase “It’s All About The Money …” one more time I’m going to hunt down that nitwit and gut him with a box cutter.   I thought the eeevil A-rabs and their  LIV Tour had copyrighted the phrase “it’s all about the money”?

I made two major moves in my corporate career and in both cases “mo money” was a key factor.  How about you?  You ever made a key business decision where “$$$$” was NOT a key factor?  Of course not …


Those of you upset that “It’s All About The Money” have obviously never installed “more charging stations” in a locker room or purchased Egyptian bath towels or rich Corinthian leather recliners for every player.  That silly bling ain’t cheap … not to mention “a Lambo” for every 5-star. … YOWSA!

Those of you still unable to accept South Carolina leaving The ACC back in 1971 are probably not dealing well with the current hullabaloo.  Are you?

I checked with our ol’ punching bag “Chancellor Chihuahua” Folt now Her Royal Highness at Southern Cal.  Carol can too spell Piscataway and she knows Rutgers is “a really long way” from Los Angeles.  So is Dartmouth where, of course, she came from.

For The Big EverHowMany to be the First College Conference To Span Four Time Zones has a certain cache don’t you think?   

Charles “Lefty” Driesell’s boast to make Maryland “The UCLA of The East” takes on a new meaning now that Maryland & UCLA are “family”.

Enough “rim shots” … I gotta million of’em.


Lets talk about…

THE ACC becoming America’s First “Boutique” Sports Conference.

Just because something has not happened in over 120 years doesn’t mean it probably won’t … BUT …. those fabled “sleeping giants of college football” spread across the Piedmont of North Carolina have Terminal Narcolepsy.   They have flat-lined.

All the wishin’ and a hopin’ by their lunatic board monkey contingents ain’t ever gonna “wake’em up” to realize their manifest destinies as Traditional Super Powers.  Not in Football.   Basketball – yeah – but not Football.

If “extra charging stations” … “smoothie machines in IPFs” … and David “The Quarterback Whisperer” Cutcliffe could not do it … it’s time to go to Plan B.


We’re gonna let the SEC and BIgEverHowMany play “Yum Yum Eat’em Up” with whoever they want to consume.

Imagine The SEC & Big10/20 are Reverend “Bully” Barber and Stacie “The Imaginary Governor of Georgia” Abrams at a Golden Corral.  Turn’em loose to eat all they want … and better not get in their way.

While they are consumin’ …. BobLee is going to rebuild The ACC into a “boutique” conference.


“The U” is entering the conference transfer portal FOR SURE … along with Florida State.  I hate to say it but “Dabo U” is likely “outta here” too.  I don’t see any way to fit Klem’s Son into our “boutique”.  At least in The Dabo Era they just take their Football waaay too seriously in The Upstate.  Good luck guys … it’s been real …

Whoa BobLee … what about Notre Dame?  Oh for Heavens Sakes by the time you finish this incredibly insightful commentary the ink will be dry on their Big10+++ membership.  ND to The Big10+++ makes waaaay too much sense not to happen … not that anything else makes sense.

Have I mentioned that The Big 10+++ is giving us back Maryland?  They are. 

But they are taking Pitt and Syracuse.  OK, fine, who cares …

Maryland leaving The ACC for the Big Ten was the biggest mistake since the AMC Gremlin.

What about Boston College?  Oddly, we’re going to keep them in our ACC Boutique.  They are traditionally mediocre enough in FB to fit in.  The Flutie Miracle was almost 40 freakin’ years ago.

The Big10+++ doesn’t know what to do with Rutgers.  Nobody wants’em.  The BIG10+++ will keep Rutgers but not invite them to any meetings and whether they get on any BIG10+++ football schedules may / may not happen. 

Louisville ???  They stay in the ACC Boutique.  Strong in BB and a polite 5-6-maybe 7 Ws in FB … with the proviso they never hire a coach whose last name ends on “o”.  The last two of those – Pitino and Petrino – were train wrecks.

OK … what do we have so far …

The Tobacco Road Four – UNCCH … NCSU … Duke … Wake …… … UVa … VT … Maryland … Louisville … BC … oh and … GeorgiaTech.   That’s 10.

Play all nine other members every year and three OOCs for a total of 12 games.  Just the way God intended college sports conferences to be.

The odds of GaTech ever being more than “OK” in Football are slim & none.  Five bucks to anyone who can name their current FB coach without googling.  Its NOT Chan Gailley or Bobby Dodd.

In a perfect world we would bring in Vanderbilt but, in case you haven’t noticed, this AIN’T “a perfect world”.

I would really like to include Navy just because … but I lack the political muscle to do it.

West Virginia will want to get in but until “being able to read & write” is a graduation requirement in Morgantown it can’t happen.

East Carolina?  Personally, I’d include them in a minute just to watch Henry Hinton be speechless for the first time in his life.  But like that glass slipper on Cinderella’s mean stepsisters … it just won’t fit.  Sorry Henry.


Wait a minute BobLee … you gotta factor in “being relevant” in Basketball.

Really?  Tell that to Gonzaga or Villanova.  They seem to be pretty relevant in Basketball without a POWER conference affiliation.  GOTCHA…

Nothing in the above will reduce the “relevance” of any of BobLee’s Boutique ACC in Basketball.  Trust me.


This little regional boutique group composed of competitively similar institutions within reasonable driving distance already has its own TV network.  Not one of the Big Ones but somehow you WILL be able to see “your team”.  It’ll be worked out with some obscure streaming service.  Not a big deal.

BTW… ESPN is issuing new requirements to televise a school’s games.  They are just a tad “wokey”.  Any/all flags in the stadium MUST be “pride flags” … either the head coach or AD must be a Trany, preferably both  … all cheerleaders “identifying as girls” must show proof of at least one abortion.


None of these ACC schools are ever really “in the hunt” for FB 5-stars so the NIL deals will not be that absurd. No “Lambos” and other ridiculum.

Their respective facilities are already blingy enough to attract 3-stars.  Each of these programs already have “jock curriculums” in place so no recruits have to worry about “academics” … not that any have in the past 20 years.

Importantly … not that “fans” matter that much any more – Hated Rivalries are maintained.  Cul-de-sac wars can be waged.  Egos and Self-Images can still be at stake when Hated Rivals meet EVERY YEAR.


What I am proposing is revolutionary, but once I get it in place and iron out a few kinks … you’ll like it.

What to name this entity?  THE ACC still works … or … Sleeping Giants ‘R Us … or … TMFBSWIOoO (Traditionally Mediocre Football Schools With Inflated Opinions of Ourselves.


IF Bubba, Boo, and rest of The Grandover Gang don’t do it My Way …. You will be wishin’ they had.  Just you wait and see.

MORE of BobLeeSays … HERE


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