Nick v Jimbo … Top Gun … “The Portal … +

June04/ 2022
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June 4, 2022

Nick v Jimbo … Top Gun … The Portal … +


Before we get started … how many of you remembered that yesterday – “the 3rd of June” – was the anniversary of Billie Joe McAllister jumping off the Tallahatchie Bridge?  It was “…. a sleepy dusty Delta day” …


Have the NBA Playoffs started or finished yet? Who won?

I did sort of follow the NHL Playoffs.   Tough loss for The Hurricanes in Game 7 at home.  OUCH!.  I know who the coach is, but can’t name a single player … but I think they are a fine asset for this area.  They have built a loyal enthusiastic fan base.  Their future looks bright.  Best wishes …


OK … I totally agree THAT ….

NC State sports teams “have been screwed more in the past 12 months than a 50 cent hooker” but BY WHOM.  Lets get to the bottom of this mess!

Surely Boo The AD and Chancellor Randy have enough clout and contacts to get some straight answers. Don’t they? To just say “the Damn NCAA” or “those a**h***s over at UNCCheats” doesn’t solve anything.


… And Another Thing …

You’ve all hard about “Nick Said – Jimbo Said” …. granted a feud between two high profile college coaches isn’t as much fun as watching two cheerleaders fight over a tube of lip gloss … but this one was a Hoot!

Back in the 50s, Ev Case and Frank McGuire – longtime close friends – contrived a faux feud to get their respective fan bases riled up.  It worked as they remain “riled up” 80 years later.  I doubt Nick & Jimbo are “in cahoots”.

Those two guys both know how the game is played at the high stakes table … and both know their own fan bases will believe anything they tell’em … and thats pretty much all that matters.

How many of you recall that column I did back in January 2016 about Jimbo and Candi’s divorce? … Yee Haa!  That column still gets hits.  Wonder if Candi and the tennis pro with “the long thing” are still a twosome? … or Candi and the former U of Florida tight end? … or Candi and the ….. 

Booster involvement with recruiting is not a symptom of NIL and no “new rules” are going to stop it.  The SEC is, after all, the home of the classic phrases …


“It ain’t cheatin’ unless they catch you”  .and.  “If you ain’t cheatin’ you don’t want to win bad enough”.


It was un-Nick-like for him to say what he did.  It was vintage Jimbo for him to feign outrage and do his “How DARE you! …” act.

Did you see where Ohio State’s Ryan Day told his Buckeye Boosters that he needs $13,000,000/year in NIL $$$ to “stay competitive” in the 4-5 star get’em game.

Locally, neither NC State, Wake Forest or even UNCCH go after the 4-5 stars in Football unless it is a very special case local kid.  3-stars and below can still be lured by “charging stations” and pimped-out locker rooms … and the occasional fancy ride.

Every Home Town High School Hero is dreaming of mega-NIL-bucks but that ain’t happening.

Whether “Coach Hubert” can harvest 5-stars in BB without a pocketful of rolled-up Benjamins is TBD. Lets give it a year or so …

Speaking of UNC Football … What a difference a year makes in the off-season Hype bizness … Huh?  There IS “hype” coming out of West Raleigh that has Pack People very nervous.  “Great Expectations” don’t play well at The Fairgrounds.


… And Another Thing …

Speaking of MEGA-BUCKS … I don’t know how much of his income Tom Cruise tithes to his handlers at Scientology, but they could be in for a windfall from his share of Top Gun 2.

It could be almost as much as Joe Biden left on the tarmac in Kabul as a going away gift to the Taliban.

Blondie and I go to – maybe – one movie/year. We spent 2022’s quota at the local IMAX last weekend for Top Gun Maverick.

We “snuck in snacks” to avoid the $10 cups of popcorn and $5 m&ms.  Who’d figure we’d be living in a society of $5 gas and $10 popcorn ???

Top Gun Maverick is pretty much everything you’re hearing about it. I DO recommend you go.  I also recommend you recall Top Gun One before going as much of the storyline pertains to what happened 25 years ago.

See it in an IMAX theater if possible.

Before you left loose with the “I despise that midget Cruise and his Scientology ciut thing”.  That’s fine, don’t go.   I also like “Captain Jack Sparrow” despite Johnny Depp’s various eccentricities.   No, I did not follow The Trial.  If you did, please don’t tell me you did.

FWIW … we do boycott all things Disney and Starbucks and Netflix.

We praised Top Gun 2 in our 3Xweekly newsletter this week (now getting 110,000 Opens!) and got hammered by a Cruise-hater who threatened “to Unsubscribe if you EVER do that again”.  I saved him the trouble and zapped him.


… And Another Thing …

“The Portal”I like The Transfer Portal.  You do too IF it helps your team – like the red-beard guy at UNCCH – but you don’t if you are a NCState baseball fan and “Home Run Tommy” leaves. 

All of Life comes down to Whose Ox Is Being Gored on any given day.


… And One More Thing …

My Recent Fishing Adventure in Wisconsin … despite gosh-awful weather, Noah The Guide and I had a Very Good Day on Lake Mendota.

I caught my “PB” largemouth bass – 5.5 lbs … my “PB” Walleye – 6 lbs … and my “PB” Pike – 8.5 lbs.

This coming Monday I will be going after “smallmouths” on the Upper James River in Virginia with Brian The Guide.  Smallmouth Bass don’t get much bigger than around 5 lbs but are great fun to catch.  A 20-30 catch day is expected.




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