Was that “First Amendment Thing” Over-Rated?

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February06/ 2022
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February 6, 2020

Was that “First Amendment Thing” Over-Rated ???


Maybe “overrated” is not the best word.  “Taken for granted” or “doomed from Day One” might be better?  Your choice …

RELAX.. this is not a BobLee Political Rant.   Anything I write that does not involve regional college sports crap is not “another political rant”.  This incredibly insightful column does not involve politics or sports crap … OK, maybe just a little.


If you read my recent My Hometown: Heaven or Hell column the day it was posted – Jan 28 – then went on about your life … Boy, have you missed a Lallapalooza !!!  A full-blown Cat-5 HOOT! 

As of today – Feb 6 – over 130 Reader Comments which surpasses the fabled Did Carolina Marry A Stripper by a whole bunch.  The final total could top 150 as it meanders thru cyberspace.  I expect random OMG comments for the next year or so. 

Reader comments reflect maybe 2% of total readership so you do the math.  That exceeds the total population of Lenoir, Jones and Greene counties combined.

Did I intend that commentary to incite passionate responses?  OK, maybe a little. Or to change the course of mighty rivers (The Neuse?)   That would be cool if it did that, huh. 

One analogy I came up with as I replied to the comments was …


“Many baby boomers expect our hometowns to be a permanent  Disney Theme Park of “Happy Days” with costumed characters representing us and our buddies doing what we did when and where we did it … a long time ago.”

We become disheartened when that is not the case.


But BobLee, BobLee:  Some of those folks disagreed with your incredibly insightful observations.  Some very aggressively.  Doesn’t that bother you?

Heavens NO!  I steadfastly support their God-given right to be misinformed and blinded by their individual prejudices.  As even I occasionally can be.


Regardless of your personal reaction to that column … most of you being firmly in the “By golly, BobLee is a clever fella.  He nails ‘human nature’ better than anyone in recorded history” category … I urge you to block out 15 minutes of your life and read those 130+ Reader Comments.  You’ll be a better human being after doing so.

Look for the one where a young lady of color calls for “… ending the bloodlines of three prominent white families” and The Hushed-up Scandal involving “… a dead body in a parking lot while he was screwing a red-haired gal in a 3rd floor broom closet”.  GOTCHA now, don’t I?


Despite being charged to comment on The Human Condition in all its aberrations; there is a large part of that category I don’t know squat about.

For Instance:  I know Maria Carey has been a very popular and successful singer for many years.  I can not name a single song she has ever sung if you put a gun to my head.  As for Famous Rappers … I’m not even sure what “a rapper” does unless it involves Christmas presents and lots of scotch tape. 

So do you think I have a clue Who or What a Neil Young is … or what he thinks about Who or What a Joe Rogan says on Whatever Spotify is ??   But I have an obligation to you to have an opinion on all that …

Ten minutes on DuckDuckGo (?) and I learned one of the above is a scroungy old has-been hippie singer that used to be the 4th name in a group of 3 other scroungy old hippie singers none of whom ever sang a song with Maria Carey.

The other Whozit emceed a show where people ate bugs … perched on high ledges … and sat in a bathtub with snakes.  Then he moved on to doing something with a “sport” that is essentially “two drunk marines in speedos fighting over a skanky gal in a beach dive bar”. 

Now he is paid an ungodly amount equal to the GNP of Belgium to talk with people about “anything” on some sort of Internet thingy.  UNLESS, apparently, that “anything” doesn’t suit the aforementioned scroungy old has-been hippie singer.

Several years ago I submitted my quite impressive Curriculum Vitae for consideration should America ever be of a mind to appoint a National Censor.  Talk about a role I was born to fulfill! 

Alas, my CV now lies in an In-Box buried beneath a very tall stack of “Females of Color” who apparently now get first dibs on vacancies for any job from Supreme Court Justice to Head Football Coach for the Miami Dolphins.  Well, almost any job …

That scroungy old has-been hippie singer apparently got the National Censor gig … so long as the Gang o’ Quite Insane Hags on The View  also share his opinion on whatever he has an opinion on.  In this case, getting rid of that guy from the bug-eating / drunk marines gigs on the Whatzit thingy on the Internet.

And America moves ever closer to the edge of The Abyss.


If you don’t think my column My Hometown: Heaven or Hell and its 130+ Reader Comments are not a heck of a lot more fun than THAT … then you obviously have not read those 130+ Reader Comments YET.  Here’s the LINK … again.


More BLSays including My Hometown: Heaven … HERE



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