Incredibly Deep Thoughts about …

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January22/ 2022
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January 22, 2022

Incredibly Deep Thoughts about …


What do you think of when you see that image above ?  The picture ran over a story on OUTKICK about SEC Basketball.

If you say “John Calipari” and then ramble on about how much you dislike him because… then you are probably “normal”.

I, on the other hand, immediately thought …

Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) falling out of The Nakatomi Tower … Yippee Ki Yaa!.  

If you are now thinking “Hans WHO doing WHAT?” You are still “normal”.

I spent the first half of my life frustrated because I didn’t process Life like everyone else seemed to. … then it “clicked” that was OK.  It wasn’t better or worse … but quite OK.  The second half of my life has had other frustrations but not that one.

When it “clicked” I realized Corporate America was not for me.  Fine for lots of people, but definitely not where I oughta be.  I never went back to ask, but I’m pretty sure many of my co-workers and up-line managers would have agreed.

The best “boss” I ever had was Jim Durham – General Manager of The Crown Center Hotel in Kansas City in 1978.  I was a middle manager with several levels between us, but he and I were sympatico.  When I went in to tell him I was leaving to chase another occupational butterfly, he smiled and said “Good for you. You don’t belong in a system like this…”.  He meant it as a compliment.

I recently dropped in the line “Lookin’ good, Billy Ray”.  Someone here or on Facebook simply replied “Feelin’ good, Louis”.

That was an exchange between Dan Akroyd and Eddie Murphy in Trading Places. He and I both knowing that does not speak to our superior anything … just a connection.

When I encounter someone that gets “Hans Gruber” and “Lookin’ good,Billy Ray” It makes me happy.  Just a man of simple tastes.


As normal American practice Winter Storm Grocery Hoarding … I have decided I could subsist quite a long time on applesauce, peanut butter and Honey Nut Cheerios.


Yvette Mimeaux died this past week.  She was 80.  In lamenting her passing,  longtime “of counsel” for SaidWhatMedia LLC – P. Coleman Buck noted “she sure was pretty”.  Yes she was.Yvette Mimeaux

Many of you might recall her as the star of the not-classic movie Three In The Attic that was filmed in Chapel Hill in the late 60s.   There is a Franklin Street myth that she had a romantic liaison with UNC Basketball BMOC Larry Miller during her stay.  Guess we’ll never know now.

Brother Buck and I both recalled her role in the mid 60s rite-of-passage movie Where The Boys Are that introduced America to “Spring Break” in Fort Lauderdale.  Yvette’s character has a tragic experience in that movie.

Yvette Mimeaux left “acting” in her early 30s … expressing unhappiness with how “movie stars” lives are so public.  She understood the price of “celebrity” and chose not to pay that price.  I hope she found peace as she defined it …. “she sure was pretty”.


Dawn Wells (Gilligan’s Mary Ann) also passed away a few months ago.  She will always be “Mary Ann” – the girl-next door alternative in the classic guy-debate – Ginger or Mary Ann?   Dawn Wells was 82. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is DawnMaryAnn-copy-1012x1024.png

Like so many actors / actresses, they are defined by one role.  Gary Burghoff and Jamie Farr in “Mash”.  LeVar Burton in “Roots”.  Maureen McCormick / “Brady Bunch” and on … and on.

Destined to spend their lives after that role being told “Oh, I loved you as _____. Its one of my favorite memories growing up.”  To which they reply “Thank you” and cringe, hoping it doesn’t lead to 20 questions about the show and cast.

Is being remembered for something you did 40-50 years ago, that people enjoyed and never forgot, a Good Thing?  I suspect it could get a bit tedious, but yes … “a Good Thing”.


Jay Barker did something last week that made “The News”.  He and his to-be ex-wife had a disagreement that got physical.  Hardly newsworthy you say. 

Howsabout …

Former Alabama QB Arrested for Aggravated Assault in Nashville

Would that headline grab your attention?  Barker played QB at Alabama in the mid 90s and enjoyed success on several very successful teams.  But unless you are an Alabama or Auburn fan or hard-core SEC aficionado, the name “Jay Barker”might not ring a bell.   

But almost 30 years after he hung up that red helmet he is “Former Alabama QB ….”.   When he dies, that will likely appear in the first paragraph of his obituary.

Certainly that permanent description and “cross to bear” applies to Christian Laettner … the afore-mentioned Larry Miller … Chris Corchiani … Bob Verga … Len Chappell … Danny Talbot … etc etc etc.

8-10 years ago a headline read … Former NC State Baketballer Arrested For …. . It was Clyde “The Glide” Austin involved in some flim flam scam.  30 years after his last game in Reynolds Coliseum.

While in some cases there was a brief pro career. their enduring legacy was what happened “back in college” … 50-60-70 years ago as they approach Life’s 18th green.

My dear friend “Prince Albert” Long – who left us 18 months ago in his very late 80s – was always “Carolina’s Last 4-Sport Letterman”.   In Albert’s case, he had that printed up on cards that he would leave in church pews and in Starbucks.  JUST KIDDING! … I never saw him leave one at Starbucks.


As men who were GIs back in the 40s passed away over the past 30 years, many chose – or their family chose – to use a picture of a strapping young man in his 20s in a military uniform – with his Life ahead of him.  Rather than a recent picture.

My obituary picture has been safely tucked away in our safe for … well, quite a while.  If yours has too, that’s OK.


Sports Heroes, Beauty Queens (and Internet Legends!) are like Marines … once You Are One … You Are One Forever.



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