“All’s Fair in Love, War… and Pass Defense”

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January19/ 2022
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January 19, 2022

“All’s Fair in Love, War… and Pass Defense”


That phrase was a favorite of my high school football coach, the feisty, oft-maligned – George L. Thompson.

Coach Thompson may have borrowed it from Peahead Walker who, I believe, was Agent Zero for 98% of “quirky old sayings about Football”.  And, of course, George was incorrect as 10,000s “Pass Interference” calls will attest. …. Today’s column will focus more on the “All’s Fair ….”  part of that. 

Specifically, is it “fair” to threaten a high profile individual – say, like a Nick Saban – that if he does not publicly support XYZ radical ideology then his livelihood will be severely undermined?

YES … this commentary is going to involve what some of you -mistakenly – still think is “politics”. I strongly disagree with that “thinking” and this IS My Website. So, if you want to click out and go back to whatever else you were doing … No harm, no foul.


The majority of you visiting here share my general opinion of, and concerns for America 2022.  Some of you have chosen to “go ostrich” and that’s OK … whatever gets you thru each day.  And a few of you “hold you nose” and come here reluctantly because of incredibly insightful stuff I might say about “sports”.  I get a nickel when you click on for whatever reason.

If you watch ESPN … you have no idea what a minority owner of the Golden State Warriors said this week about genocide being perpetrated by the ChiComms.   He doesn’t care what the ChiComms do and thinks you shouldn’t either.  ESPN has not, and will not mention it, because it is negative towards The NBA and the ChiComms.

BUT ESPN is turning backflips today that Nick Saban Supports The Legalize Massive Voter Fraud Bill and thinks Joe Manchin should to.  Unlike the above paragraph, this supports ESPN / DISNEY’s supporting of the legalization of massive voter fraud and the radical anarchist agenda of BLM.  

Saban, Jerry West and several others with West Virginia connections signed a letter to Sen. Manchin asking him to support legalizing massive voter fraud.  Doing so is certainly their right … regardless of whatever threats and intimidation went into their decisions.  Which brings us to today’s point.


Is All’s Fair In War perfectly acceptable? 

Whether you accept it or not, There is a WAR going on to determine the Future of America.  It has been “a War” for well over a decade … ratcheting up to TILT in the past 2-3 years.

If you think it is still “just politics like it was 50 years ago” then you probably use a rotary phone and still do all your shopping “at the mall”.  Bless your heart.

In “War” is it Fair to sneak up on your enemy and slit his throat?  Is it Fair to listen in on your enemy’s communications?  Should “Ike” have …

… called Adolph and told him we were going to land at Normandy and not Calais?  Seems only “fair”?  

Is it “fair” in this War for America to threaten to poison Nick Saban’s recruitment of black athletes if he doesn’t sign the letter to Manchin?

Was it “fair” that every HFBC / HMBBC in The ACC – and across Power5 World- has also realized that if he does not publicly support BLM’s radical-anarchist objectives, including massive voter fraud … then he will be left with a football team roster of deep snappers and punters … or 5’6″ point guards with 10″ vertical jumps?  Is THAT fair?

College and Pro FB and BB 2022 are totally dependent on black athletes.  As we noted here 6-8 years ago in “Gladiators & Spectators”.  Being “Totally Dependent” on anything is risky bizness.

Ask my hometown of Kinston – once an idyllic “Happy Days” community – Totally Dependent on the Tobacco business.  Uh Oh.  “Happy Days” Kinston is now arguably “The Poorest Community in North Carolina with a very scary crime rate”.

Ask any one in the advertising agency bizness about having “a Mother Ship client” and getting a registered letter that your Mother Ship is going with another agency.  Total Dependence is risky bizness.

College and Pro Football and Basketball are Totally Dependent on Black Athletes !

Nick Saban had no more choice than NFL’s Roger Goodell does.  When BLM tells Roger to “Jump” he asks “How high, sir?” on the way up.

If Nick had said “I stay out of politics … I’m just a football coach”.  … The ESPN headline would be NICK SABAN IS A RACIST!  And UGA, LSU, aTm and every competing rival of Alabama would hand a copy of that headline to every 3-4-5 star recruit in America.

Blowing smoke up an 18 y/o kid’s butt ain’t that hard.  College athletics recruiters have been doing that for years …

A lot of people already HATE Nick Saban … and Tom Brady … and anyone who is highly successful and has reaped the fruits of the hard work that led to that success.

Some folks that probably “vote” the same way I do are calling Saban all sorts of obscene names for signing that letter to Manchin.  Implying they would never “sell out” their integrity No Matter What.  … people who never have and likely never will face such a decision.

I know next to nothing about Nick Saban the man … just his public persona as a football coach. Maybe he is not “my kinda guy” at all. 

A lot of people who vote the way I do are not necessarily “my kinda guy / gal”.  All we share is a choice of who we cast our vote for.  What we consider “Right”. 

Of course, it’s 2022 and Everybody thinks they are “Right”.   Spend ten minutes on any social media and you will see what I mean.

Conversely, a handful of people who do NOT vote like I do are “my kinda guy/gal”.  But I would have a helluva time filling up a mini-van with that category.

Is “All’s Fair in War” correct? Do whatever it takes to win.  There are no “silver medals” in war.   Just “survivors”.

When the stakes are as high as they are in This War For America … Damn Right.


UPDATE THURS AM:  It appears that the BLM/Dem 11th hour BLITZKRIEG … FAILED!  Even with Nick’s signature on a form letter.  “America” dodged a bullet that could have been fatal.  But “The War” wages on … sigh.

P.S. I have no clue what George L. Thompson would do if he were Nick Saban.

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