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January13/ 2022
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January 13, 2022


This, That, These, Those, Here & There …

That Gordian Knot column likely irked some of you who prefer to “out-of-sight /out-of-mind” RE: America’s Decline To Unrecognizable Rubble.  I understand that desire.  Believe me,I do.  Ostrichs may have the right idea. 

Today lets discuss Deviled Eggs … National Championships … Female Baseball Managers … “sniveling critics” … Major Irritations … and some other stuff.


What About ‘Dem Dawgs …

For the past 40 years, every time a sports team wins a National Championship I recall March of 1982.  I’ve told this story before but it bears repeating.

In 1982 I was single and living in Dallas.  I watched Michael’s Jumper Vs Georgetown all alone in my apartment and reveled in The Moment like all Tar Heels fans.  Dean had his long-sought NC and The World surely was a better place.  The next morning I hurried to my office at The Fairmont Hotel expecting to relive The Moment with my Dallas friends and associates.   Alas, not a single one had watched or seemed to much care; but tolerated me thinking it was a BFD.  Alas, “It” had not had the global impact I expected.  

I had the honor of speaking at the 50th Anniversary of my high school’s back-back Basketball State Championships.  I noted that, in the ensuing 50 years, over 200 other high schools had won Basketball State Championships in NC, not to mention all cross America.  As memorable as ours will always be For Us … it likewise had minimal global impact. 

Not all in attendance that night agreed with me.  I get that a lot. … sigh.

It serves no purpose to remind UGA loyalists of what I learned back in 1982 … and reminded of countless times since.  Let’em Hoot & Holler and “have a parade” and be gloriously obnoxious because “that’s what sports’ fans do”. 

A year later – 1983 – NC State fans “did what sports’ fans do” as many of you recall.


Deviled Eggs  …

I am “active” on Facebook with 5000+ “Friends” as defined by Lord Zuckerberg.   I repost these BLSays columns and “Share” assorted clever stuff that others post.   Everyone on Facebook has a different collection of “Friends” so stuff I see is not necessarily seen by everyone who sees me.  Unless I “share” it.  I also post incredibly insightful original anecdotes on a variety of topics.

Recently I “shared” a picture of a platter of Deviled Eggs with the following clever comment –

Any Southern bride that did not receive at least three deviled egg platters as wedding gifts … is not legally married! THAT’s a Fact!”

WELL … the immediate and sustained responses were INCREDIBLE.  All my usual  “Likers” and “Sharers” liked it and shared it and responded with comments … and a BUNCH of Facebook strangers joined in.  Probably even a few who HATE ME because of my ideological bent.  Who knew “those people” liked Deviled Eggs too?

Could Deviled Eggs be the glue that reunites America?


She said WHAT…

You know how closely I follow and care about “Girls’ Basketball”.  I don’t follow it or care about it.  But I am fascinated by really stoopid stuff that “people in sports” so often say.

Apparently last week NC State’s highly-ranked Girls’ Team thoroughly whupped UNCCH’s Girls’ Team at NC State’s renovated “boutique” Reynolds’ Coliseum.  A facility I have noted on several occasions is “very nice”.

All I know about UNCCH’s GBB coach is that (1) she is blond … (2) came from Princeton, and … (3) like her male counterpart – Hubert Davis – she also has “a white wife”.  EVERY UNCCH MBB head coach has always “had a white wife” but this is a first time for their GBB coach.  

Anyhoo … in her pre-game media meet – before being soundly butt-whupped –  “the blond from Princeton” made a snarky remark about how small NCSU’s arena is ???  Her home court – a downsized Carmichael Auditorioum – is slightly larger … and NCSU’s GBB’s home attendance is several 1,000 more than the handful of fans that her team draws at home … whatever.

Maybe she made her snarky remark so THAT would be the Headline and not how badly her team was going to be whupped.  Who knows? Hey … it’s GBB!


The End of Nick Saban ?? … 

Before the confetti had hit the field at Lucas Oil Stadium, the oh-so-predictable drumbeat began.   The Saban Era is Kaput … Stick a Fork In Nick – He’s Done … Yadda Yadda …

Sustained success at the highest levels in sports ALWAYS breeds intense resentment and dislike by a large majority of fans of that sport. Nick Saban and Bill Belichick being the consummate examples.

The slightest slip from the highest pinnacle of their sport brings knee-jerk predictions of their obvious(?) demise from the foam-fingered great unwashed fandom.  Consistent defying of those dire predictions is the ultimate proof of their greatness.

Over the last 25 years of his 32 years of incredible sustained success I often reminded Rush –

“You do know that when you finally do step away from the Golden Microphone your sniveling critics will snort “we told you he would never last …”.  Rush would laugh … and agree.

The same will apply to Saban and Belichick.  I bet Nick and Bill laugh too.

“Sniveling critics” of others’ success are like “Purple Cows”.  Better to see one than to be one.


Undeniable Historical Truths …

You may recall two of my time-proven Truisms.  (1) “Every College Sports Program Cheats” – Except Yours … and (2) “All Politicians are Corrupt” – Except the ones You voted for.  #3, of course, is – No College Football team is stronger than its 3rd string Offensive Line.

As “America” dissolves inexorably into a self-dug HellHole … I hear a lot about “The Corrupt Political Class”.   The term is usually all-inclusive for both “sides of the aisle”.  I agree with that observation … including “the ones I voted for”.

Show me any civilization in recorded history where/when that was NOT the case.  It is a flaw in Human Nature that when a member of any tribe is given (or “takes”) control over his/her tribe, he/she will eventually become drunk on that “wine” and abuse his/her power to the detriment of his/her constituents.

For every benevolent dictator (Solomon … George Washington … et al) that you are thinking “BobLee, what about _____?” I can name dozens of societies that crumbled under the inevitability of incompetent / corrupt leadership.  Why should we assume “America” is immune to that inexorable fate?


“Cyber Annoyances …”

Most of us, certainly I am, are dependent upon our computers / smartphones for so much of our daily information and communication with other humans.  So cyber “annoyances” can have a direct effect on our state-of-mind on any given day.

My Two Most Annoying are … (1) Customer Support on the phone involving personnel with accents so thick to be unintelligible.   Traditionally these are massive phone centers in India, The Philippines, and other Asians countries where labor is cheap and the local language is such that even if the vocabulary is correct, the accents are too thick to communicate to the “normal” English-speaking customer.

When I encounter this dilemma I do not blame “Hadji in Mumbai” but rather the American company that would rather save a few $$$ than provide competent customer support.

Annoyance #2 is trying to UNSUBSCRIBE from a marketing email by “hitting the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email” and nothing happens.  I continue to receive the unwanted email well beyond the “will take several days”.

My negative opinion of the company seeking my business is amped up when I am not unsubscribed within a week.

In one of my other lives, I manage an email list of over 300,000.  When I receive an UNSUBSCRIBE request I handle it That Day … and that address IS removed from any future mailings.  If I can do it …


Female Baseball Managers and …

The NY Yankees have announced a “for-real” female Manager for one of their lower-level minor league teams.   Concurrently, the Minnesota Vikings are expected to name a “for-real” female GM for their NFL team. … meh.

I am going on record that I have no opinion whatsoever on either situation.  Even if they were “pretend” females I would not have an opinion.  I am not a customer of either business concern but even if I was, I would not care one way or the other.  I neither applaud nor disagree with their decisions.

NOTE:  The Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves once had a Traveling Secretary – Donald Davidson – who was a for-real midget.  Looked like “Dr Miquelito Lovelace” From Wild Wild West.

Now … if MLB decides the designated hitter will be in both leagues BUT the DH must be a female – “for real” or “pretend”.  THAT would be interesting…

That said… I no longer buy Girl Scout cookies and no longer support various other entities that insist on making a Big Deal about how much they don’t like “people like me”.  Including, of course, my college alma mater.  The NYY’s and Vikings’ gender-specific decisions do not fit in that category. 

There are alternative providers of pretty much any product or service.


BobLee, BobLee WHAT ABOUT Gene Chizik?

Oh, OK.  Barring unforseen circumstances it is a 97% certainty that Chizik will be UNC HFBC within 3 years, probably 2.  Surely you all knew that?  How many Power5 FB programs can boast TWO FB coaches at the same time who were HFBCs of National Champion teams?

And Yes … Hated Rivals will screech and squawk about Chizik/Auburn’s recruitment of Cam Newton … because … That’s what Hated Rivals do.


OK, I’m done. Now for a nice plate of Deviled Eggs … with a sprig of parsley on top.



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