Untying Three Gordian Knots

Gordian Knots
January07/ 2022
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January 7, 2022

Three Gordian Knots


OMGs regarding Humanity “going Thelma & Louise” are popping up hourly.  Not all are worthy of a full-blown BLSays column.

Some are simply too darn depressing to delve into.  If I don’t have a solution yet, why burden you with that task.

Alexander The Great when challenged with untying The Gordian Knot simply drew his sword and chopped the damn thing in two.  “Next problem?”  All of Life should be so simple.  Maybe it is?

A frequent stop on my daily Interneting  is  OUTKICK.com … a sports / politics / life website hosted by Clay Travis and a staff of upper-end millennial smart alecks … of the right-leaning persuasion.  It is the only such site I visit.  Of Course I contribute incredibly insightful reader comments to many of their articles.  Comments so insightfully obtuse they befuddle many OUTKICK visitors?  My “Cassandrian Curse”.

WHOA!  Alexander The Great AND Cassandra!  Can I squeeze in King Leonidas? How many recall when Erskine Bowles was Prez of The UNC System and I compared him to Leonidas?

Here are three of these OMG questions …


With it now totally legal to literally BUY college athletes either as recruits or transfers. Will that make a difference to fans who only care if their favorite  jersey color beats the jersey color of their Hated Rival?


   My answer is Nope … it will NOT matter after the initial shockwave passes through.  If “your school” alumni has a cabal of a dozen or so hedge funders / tech moguls / and famous rappers with really really deep pockets they can “play big boy poker” with your hated rival and even with the Superpowers just fine.

FYI:  Eastern Michigan (NOT Univ Michigan but EASTERN Michigan) is offering a Oklahoma “portal” QB – $1,000,000 – to come to Ypsilanti to play.   Ypsilanti does not have an IPF or a pimped-out locker room with charging stations.  All that silly facility bling is passe now.

Joe Fan with his foam finger and cardboard “D-fence” thingy doesn’t need to worry.  Ticket prices  and concessions will not go up.   On-site attendance is already an issue and jacking prices will only mean more empty seats in all but a handful of stadia.

Joe Fan can still sit at home and scream obscene suggestions at his team’s incompetent coordinators just like he has been doing.

Joe Fan has never cared if his team were legit “student-athletes”.  So why should he care how much they are being paid now?

The ONE effect this “buy players” thing could have is schools like Duke or Stanford can become “power players”.   Duke’s  Endowment and Mega Deep pocketed alums have the $$$ to buy 6-8 “3rd World Hellholes” or forty 5-star “semi-literate 18 y/os” whichever they choose.

Play football in front of a small and disinterested fan base in a “boutique” stadium no Texas high school would claim … BUT make $500,000/year doing so even without a Duke diploma.


Could a return to “old timey values” SAVE AMERICA from “Woking itself to death” while the oh-so-corrupt Lib/Dem hierarchy sells out America to the ChiComms for the 2022 equivalent of 30 pieces of silver?


    However amorally ruthless you think the Lib/Dem hierarchy is … they are twice more so than you think.  They turned loose the most insane of their gaggle of lunatic factions to (successfully) divert our attention with their bizarre 24/7 wokey idiocy … while their hierarchy are lining their personal pockets with the equivalent of “chump change” in “yen”.

Thelma & Louise have their pedal to the metal.

OUTKICK readers think “having family dinners” … “watching Bonanza reruns” … and “impeaching Basement Banjo Boy Biden” will restore sanity across the fruited plain.  IMO it is a bit more complicated than that …

My OUTKICK comments about THAT:

All these Old Timey Values suggestions are Terrific. I grew up in a “HappyDays” small town in the 50-60s where those scenarios were the norm for me and my pals. … “Happy Days” small towns are rapidly disappearing across America for various socio-economic reasons.

My generation decries the negative effects of cell phones, video games, social media, et al … but those are all here to stay until replaced by even more regressive “techno progress”. “Old Man Usta” IS dead … sigh.

Yes … you CAN go Survivalist … move to remotest Montana and live without “high tech” and indoor plumbing. How many of us are THAT committed to “old timey values”.

One more question: These same OUTKICK columns that promote wonderful “old timey values” also promote “soft-porn”, Uh Oh!

Hey, I LOVE the IG girls in their thongs.  I made it thru puberty with Cheryl Tiegs, Christie Brinkley, Kathy Ireland etc in those SI Swimsuit Issues despite the objections of enraged Iowa librarians. … so how do we introduce our kids and grandkids to Hildee and Hannah and Sophie and GloryDaze and … and. … just askin’…

That last paragraph requires a bit of explainin’.  OUTKICK’s prime target is the 18-35 male demographic … so “they do what they gotta do” to attract’em.   Hildee, Hannah, Sophie, GloryDaze et al are the 2022 version of Cheryl, Christie, Kathy et al.  Hubba Hubba …Those Iowa librarians would not approve of them either.  Trust me …

Should I wait ten minutes now while 94% of you google OUTKICK to check’em out?  Wait. I’m almost done here.


Is the ongoing abject idiocy with the Multi Gender Whackos just another Bobby Ewing Shower, or is it a predictable permanent result of the dangers of social media?


Yes, it IS Idiocy on Steroids.  And yes a very predictable result of social media along with another result of Eve eating that apple from The Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil.

NOTE:  For the 7th year in a row, I have been voted The 2nd Smartest Guy on Social Media.  Everyone else is tied for #1. 

I’m on record for not being a fan of girl sports which is not exactly true. 

I enthusiastically followed the USWNT from pre-Mia days 20 years ago. Back then they were the quintessential All American athletes. THEN it was taken over by the purple-haired potty-mouth angry lesbian dear friend of Anson Dorrance.   

I believe with a less radical persona as its spokesperson they could have achieved its quite reasonable goal of equitable pay.  When that goal changed to promote the potty-mouth jackass I quit supporting it.

Basketball in general has lost its appeal to me whether played by men, women, or midget eunuchs riding donkeys.  “Fishing” has filled that void in my life.

The socially aberrant of various persuasions aggressively recruit young girls and boys in order to grow their ranks.  I find that troublesome. 

But so do aggressive Scientologists and Vegans.  Vaxxers” are IMO America’s latest overly-aggressive recruiting cult.  INCOMING!!! …

Men declaring themselves women and being allowed to compete in womens’ sports is ludicrous beyond comprehension.  As is, of course, giving grown men open access to little girls’ rest rooms.

NOTE: That girls’ rest room thing is specifically mentioned in Revelation right after “rivers of blood”.

That Womens’ Sports Federations are  permitting it suggests that womens’ athletics needs new leadership at every level  by for-real women.

If for-real women don’t mind this silliness, why should I worry about it?

There have been societal misfits throughout recorded history.  Early civilizations used extreme measures to eradicate them. Less harsh solutions evolved as civilizations become more civilized.   

Reasonable solutions for merging the aberrant into society without either side having to compromise its identity or feel threatened do exist.    Unless a society finds itself being ruled by “societally aberrant”.

Idi Amin Dada – a known cannibal – ruling  Uganda had horrific results.  3rd World Hellholes lend themselves to rule by the socially aberrant … why  Hellholes tend to remain Hellholes. 

Is America in danger of falling under the control of the societally aberrant supported by the overtly politically corrupt…….. THAT could not happen … Could it?   

WE ARE AMERICA!  We have that wonderful Constitution and Rule of Law and trustworthy media watchdogs and and and… all that other good stuff. 

Don’t we?


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