… and losers say “deal”.

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November29/ 2021
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November 29, 2021

“… and losers say deal?”

If there has been any consistency in this website over the past 22 (yes 22!) years, it would be (1) the blatant overuse of ellipses (…) … and (2) BobLee’s One Legend War Against “Board Monkeys”.

BOTH of the above are still ongoing, although I have backed off over the past year or so re: stomping out those babbling nitwits who daily prove that Charlie Darwin mighta had “evolution” backwards.

My backing off “board monkeys” is largely due to my purging my daily life of “sports” in general. I’ve effectively power washed my life of favorite board monkey breeding grounds – The NFL, The NBA, and College Basketball. And most recently even MLB.

Unlike AmWayers, CrossFitters, Vegans and “anyone who watched Game Of Thrones”, I am NOT on a crusade to encourage others to follow my lead.

(NOTE: BUT if you are NOT watching Yellowstone you are so “not cool”. Rip Rocks! … and Beth gives a new meaning to “lost your car keys”. Did she REALLY SAY THAT ???)

“Fishing” has filled the discretionary time void in my life left from my “walk away from” being a sports spectator. If you don’t have such a go-to option, you probably should continue to be a slave to that “who wins a game really matters” addiction. … which segues us to today’s topic.


My list of “don’t care any mores” does not contain College Football. I do still watch each week because I find it entertaining … once one blocks out the rampant hypocrisies that make it so entertaining.

Removing the hypocrisy from College Football would be like ordering a Cinn-a-Bon without the creamy frosting. Why bother ?

Yes, I do watch ESPN GameDay. It is ESPN’s Most Popular Show … AND it is ESPN’s only “talking heads” show that is 110% NOT Woke!

Wonder if “Most Popular” and “110% Not Woke” is a coincidence … DUH! Ya Reckon. Just nice guys having fun talking about Football.

“Rivalry Week” is for College Football board monkeys what Halloween is for ghouls and goblins. Grab your foam fingers, body paint, and trite insults and go bark at the moon … or at the sideline camera when it points at you.

Was it wrong for me to laugh at “pretty little Auburn coeds” crying like they lost their favorite lip gloss? Wonder how many “pretty little Auburn coeds” knew The Overtime Rule?


BobLee’s Come Aways from Rivalry Week 2021 …….

(1) After watching both teams for three months I fully expected NC State to obliterate Mack’s Boys. The Wolfpack seemed to my untrained eye to have way more overall talent than Sam Howell & The Whozits. That the outcome was as “ain’t never seen THAT before” as it was was surprising.

Mack may have missed his mythical State Championship, but his Tar Heels were a unanimous choice for Most Over-Hyped Team in ACC History. OUCH!

Will Mack’s 6-6 record earn him Christmas In Shreveport? Will enough Franklin Streeters go to fill up one mini-van?

For 1,000s of “loyal” State fans that GAVE UP and left The Carter dejectedly with two minutes to go muttering nasty stuff about Dave Doeren’s mama…. you lose your right to do that little “wuffy finger thingy” for five years … or until Dave Doeren develops a personality. Whichever comes first.


(2) Duke and David Cutcliffe have “agreed to separate”. Not a great surprise. Coach Dave made the critical mistake of some how “having a very competitive team” for 3-4 years. Alas, those 3-4 years spoiled those 342 loyal Blue Devil football fans …

FWIW: A UNC Football Legend once told me “If I had a son, I’d want him to play for David Cutcliffe”.

If I was Duke, I’d call Jeff Monken up at Army. He is successful despite having to recruit legitimate “student athletes” … and his triple option will always confuse opponents.

PLUS, the last time Duke hired a coach from Army, that worked out pretty well as I recall.


(3) Speaking of “Coach Dave” … the Dave over yonder in Camel City has turned water into wine and turned the Deacons into for-real Demons.

Will his “red-shirt all those 18 y/o 2-stars” until they grow into really good 20 y/o football players” continue to work? I hope so …


(4) Re: The rest of The ACC … Dabo will Be Back. Maybe he hires Cutcliffe as his QB coach?? … … FSU and The U will have to go back to recruiting rapists, robbers and rascals to return to their “glory days”. … … VaTech shoulda hired Hugh Freese but they didn’t. Maybe they get the guy at Coastal Carolina? … … UVA with Bronko will forever be 5-7 / 6-6 / 7-5 because they have the word “gay” in their alma mater and Thomas Jefferson owned slaves … … Syracuse and BC … who cares?

Pitt should switch conferences with Maryland. … … GaTech? No clue who their coach is this year? Did they beat anyone but UNC?


(5) The rest of Power5 … … Who will be first to have a $100,000,000 buy-out? Sure the Coaching Carousel is really silly … but as long as loud-mouthed boosters who own 57 Jiffy Lube franchises and are on trophy bimbo #3 are willing to throw $$$$ at this year’s “Coach Flavor of The Month” let the foolishness continue.

How many Sleeping Giants can fit on the head of a pin?


Some of you will always think of me as “a Carolina guy” because I did go to college there 50 years ago. I can’t undo that. But, I had more emotion invested in Wisconsin’s losing Paul Bunyan’s Ax to Minnesota than I did in The Carter-Finley 2-Minute Miracle.

Yes, the roughing the passer penalty was bogus … but THAT did not lose the game for UNC. State had an overall much better team IMO. Every UNC v NCSU game HAS TO have one bogus call. It’s a Rule.


More BobLeeSays … HERE


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