The Alliance ? Good, Bad, “eh”

The Alliance
August30/ 2021

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August 30, 2021

The Alliance:  Good, Bad, “eh”


When reading any press release regarding Big Time College FB (or Basketball) that contains the phrase “academic integrity” in the first paragraph… STOP reading and put on a HazMat suit ASAP…

… ’cause the BS is going to come at you out of a fire hose. Such is the case with last week’s announcement re: The Alliance.

For those of you more focused on silly stuff like Afghanistan, Gulf Coast Hurricanes, or trying to find one iota of hope for “America” as you have known it …

The Alliance is a new coalition of three Power5 conferences – The ACC / The Big Ten / PAC-10 or 12 or whatever.

The purpose of The Alliance is to create a Firewall preventing The SEC from further cherry-picking from among the 40+ college football programs in those three conferences. … Such as Clemson and/or FSU joining the SEC in the near future.

There is also a “concern” among the academic snobs at many of The Alliance institutions that they might have to be associated with institutions of a lesser socio-academic reputations … don’t you know!  Such absurd snobbery emanating from UNCCH – the poster institution for academic scandal – is a certified Hoot!

Rufus’ Barber College & Taxidermy in Lizard Lick has a cleaner academic rap sheet than UNCCH.

The part of The Alliance that might interest area ACC fans is the agreement to cross-schedule among the three groups. Ergo- in 2-3 years – NC State might be playing Iowa and UCLA. … instead of Wofford and Old Dominion.

Each team will play a team from each of the other two Alliance members each year.

NOTE: These new obligations might complicate ECU getting onto area ACC schools’ FB schedules in upcoming years

That there are an unequal number of schools among the three will lead to some odd pairings, but that’s for the compu-nerds to figure out.

There are other accounting issues involving each conference TV rights’ deals. None of that should matter to mainstream fans.

The billions of $$$ involved in those “TV rights” among The Alliance are a drop in the bucket compared to the billions of $$$ of military hardware left behind to the Taliban last week.

NOTE: You folks do know that The Greatest Blunder in American Military History could have been avoided … if “they” had simply asked Chik-fil-A to coordinate the withdrawal.

FWIW… I have no problem at all with The Alliance.

To the degree that I still care about College Football, I do hope that “traditional rivalries” will survive.

I still think it is a crime that State & Duke and UNC & WFU do not play each other each year. Nothing positive has come about as a result of that.

I used to think it was important for schools to schedule teams that made some sense geographically and offered fans convenient “road trips”. I now realize the fallacy of such silly reasoning.

Of the 120 or so Major College FB programs only about a dozen have any realistic shot at a National Championship. Barring “lightning in a bottle” it ain’t gonna happen.

Your BIG Game will always be “your hated rival” regardless of the W-Ls for either team any year.

Maybe nobody else cares about Who Wins that game except You and Your Hated Rival … but the two of you Do Care.

Many of you are strict old-school still waiting for South Carolina to rejoin the ACC. You likely oppose any/all changes since around 1965. You will Huff & Puff and snarl “it’s all about The Damn Money…” which, of course, is correct. So …?

Why do you still enjoy College Football? Hopefully high on your short list are …The social aspects of tailgating … and The overall “color & pageantry” of The GameDay Experience

If you are out of your 20s and still think “If my team wins then I am obviously a better human being that those jackass fans of the team we beat” I pity anyone who has to be around you. I’m glad I don’t.

I am on record predicting that NIL will have little/no effect on Why You Enjoy College Football. I still hold that opinion.

College Football has been a corrupt enterprise since the Glory Days of Red Grange and Pudge Hefflefinger … and it remains corrupt today. QBs of Top Ten Schools will all be driving very nice automobiles as will Superstars at other high profile positions. Deep Snappers not so much but even they will get some nice bling.

Why should that bother you? It shouldn’t. If it does STOP WATCHING THE GAMES.

As for “academic integrity” that was pronounced DOA when the last virgin cheerleader hung up her pom poms. Don’t let that “lack of academic integrity ….” bother you either … or STOP WATCHING THE GAMES.

Remember … what you enjoy is (1) The social aspect of tailgating … and (2) The overall “color & pageantry” of the GameDay Experience … PERIOD! Neither conference reshuffling nor NIL will affect either of those elements.

As for scheduling noon kick-offs in sweltering September heat … thats going to happen unless “your school” reaches “marquee level” which UNCCH has for the time being. When Mack is gone in 3-4 years … that is liable to change.

There is also talk about moving The ACC HQ out of Greensboro. … You have 30 seconds to convince me that “matters” and why?

Anyone who might accept that challenge is a Baby Boomer … and Baby Boomer opinions aren’t worth a plugged nickel any more. Sorry about that …

College Football. is the ONLY spectator sport I pay any attention to these days. For all its rampant hypocrisy, I do enjoy The Spectacle … when viewed in the comforts of my Home Theater.

I don’t think less of those of you (most of you) who still enjoy NFL, NBA, MLB, College BB, et al. Please don’t think less of me for enjoying “fishing” pretty much every day.

Oops … there IS one element that could directly affect your enjoyment of College Football. At institutions such as UNCCH, UVA and Duke the Woke Terrorists are now as much “in charge” as the Taliban is in Afghanistan.

If they decide the school mascot, the fight song, the school colors et al are not to their liking … those elements WILL be changed. …. The Woke Terrorists do not compromise. They will be obeyed PERIOD. If your school is a STEM school (NCSU, Clemson, etc) the imminent danger is much less.

Many of you remember “Coach” / CNR who has honored us with his thoughts in recent years. As “Coach” enters his 9th decade … he and Judy no longer call Beaumont Texas their home. Anyone want to guess where they are living now? … ??? … ???

… Anyone who did not guess Guangzhou CHINA. You Lose! Yes, his son owns a Super Duper Awesome Computer Company that he has HQed in China. That all I know. It sounds odd but Coach & Judy are very very happy in a really cool beachfront cottage … based on the almost daily e-mails I am getting from him.


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