…by playing catch with Dad… PLUS

Playing Catch w/ Dad
July30/ 2021

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July 29, 2021

… by playing catch with Dad. … PLUS

Today’s potpourri of topics includes …

  • MLB paying $150,000,000 extortion demand to BLM
  • An ESPN “sideline reporterette” being described as “uber-talented” ???
  • The Simone Biles Thing …
  • The Olympics in general.  I understand they ARE going on.  Who Knew …
  • Texas and Oklahoma and the Future of College Football as “we” have known it
  • Whatever else happens before I post this …

Pro Sports “Commissioners” are a motley bunch.  They serve “many masters” – owners, coaches, players, fans, “broadcast partners”, woke terrorists, et al –  and usually manage to really piss off at least 65% of’em with every spineless mandate / decision they make.

The Major League Baseball (MLB) version of this is a quite unremarkable clod named Rob Manfred.  Rob Manfred has all the charisma of a H&R Block tax consultant.

At the recent MLB All Star Game -They actually had one ??  Who Knew? – quite unremarkable Rob announced that MLB would be giving $150,000,000 towards “getting black kids interested in playing baseball”.  Specifically Real African American black kids. 

Apparently Caribbean “black kids” are already very very interested in playing baseball and now represent 40% of MLB players … and maybe 45% by the time we finish this column. 

Real African American black kids are a dismal “less than 10%” of MLB rosters.

Rob’s plan includes allocating maybe $100,000 or so to building a dozen or so ballfields in gang-infested black ghettos – getting photo ops of the construction … and hopefully getting the hell out of there before his limo is car-jacked. 

The remainder of the $150,000,000 will be deposited in an off-shore account in the name of the BLM gang leaders.  If you see this as nothing but pure extortion by BLM to MLB … you are correct.

Five years from now there will be “maybe” 6-8% of Real Af-Am blacks in MLB and probably 65% Caribbean blacks in MLB.  Spanish will be the Official language of MLB clubhouses.

What unremarkable Rob does not “get” is that most of us “white kids” learned to enjoy playing and following “baseball” by Playing Catch With Our Dads … see Field of Dreams!

Rob’s $150,000,000 will do NOTHING to address the ever-dwindling number of “Dads” in Real African American communities.   Of course NOTHING that BLM – or Bully Barber – or Al Sharpton – or any Black Activist does or ever will do will dare address THAT ISSUE.



The only sports website I visit is OutKick.  I strongly recommend it IF – only IF – you share my socio-cultural POV otherwise you probably should stick with ESPN … sigh. 

Any hooo … Outkick has been chronicling a rather Big Brouhahahaha over at ESPN regarding some tall black gal named Maria Taylor – a sideline reporterette – currently making $1,000,000/year who thinks she is worth $7,000,000/year because Stephen A. Smith makes $12,000,000/year to do comedy impressions of Stephen A. Smith. Maria Taylor

I won’t go into all the ooey gooey details of this Ridiculum other than to note that media accounts kept referring to the “uber-talented Maria Taylor” – AKA “tall black gal”.

ESPN offered “multi-talented tall black gal” $3,000,000 which she quickly rejected … and is no longer employed by ESPN.  But expected to be hired by NBC at an undisclosed amount.

It should be noted that ESPN is hemorrhaging viewers and revenues and, over the past several years, has either “let go” or significantly reduced salaries of a number of white on-air personalities and production staff.

My question is what are the “talents” – uber and otherwise – of a sideline reporterette – tall, black or otherwise?

If I ran a bazillion $$$ sports network and looking to minimize my expenses I would …. forgo “sideline reporterettes” altogether in favor of (1) grab a cheerleader (college, NFL, NBA, whatever) – (2) hand her $50 and – (3) a 3×5 card with three inane questions to ask the head coaches at halftime.  BINGO … saving at least $1,000,000 right there.

Would doing the above effect YOUR likelihood of tuning in to watch a ballgame on ESPN?

In the pantheon of Occupational Opportunities for Those Who Identify as Girls … “Sideline Reporterette” ranks somewhere between “Weather Girl” – “Auto Show Model” – “Instagram Girl”.

Can you suggest “uber talents” necessary to be a sideline reporterette?  Let’s all agree that “physically attractive by mainstream standards” is a given.



I’m sure many of you have strong opinions about the Simone Biles “I Quit” Issue at The Olympics?  I don’t … “have a strong opinion” about it.  I could probably argue either side … if I gave a damn.  I haven’t watched The Olympics AT ALL this year or for the past several Olympics.

NOTE:  Evolution of Generational Mantras …

  • The Greatest Generation (Our Parents) : “Damn The Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead!”
  • Baby Boomers : “When the going gets tough the Tough Get Going”
  • Millennials : “Its not my fault … Waaaaa … I quit.”

This trend of “I don’t want to play any more right now…” did not begin with Naomi The Tennis Girl … but with the “Opt Out” football players in Bowl Games.  This trend WILL continue.   I realize it is not what many of you grew up with … A LOT of what’s happening in America falls into that category … sigh.

Sure, I recall where I was for The Miracle On Ice and various other Olympic highlights over the past 50 or so years.  But somewhere between the notorious East German Judges and the Jamaican Bobsled Team I lost interest.  It is no longer Must See TV at our house.

Despite UNC coaching legend Anson Dorrance’s high praise and adoration for his “dear friend” Megyn Rapinoe … I think she is a foul-mouthed jackass.  She has severly tainted the image of the USWNT who are not universally in agreement with her LOOK AT ME antics.   I realize that many Woke Millennial do “like her”.  I don’t like many Woke Millennials.

My overall apathy for The Olympics includes not caring at all if Women’s Soccer or Men’s Basketball teams win or not.  I have no respect for Greg Popovich or the overall arrogance of the players.

How “America’s Olympic Team” performs “on the world stage” has zero effect on my daily life.  It used to for reasons that seem silly in retrospect … but it certainly does not now.



College Football – as we know it – is about to play FruitBasket Turn-over AGAIN.  Most of you are not going like what it will look like when the smoke clears.   Many of you are still pissed about South Carolina leaving the ACC in the early 70s.  You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!

Texas / Oklahoma going to the SEC will set off another round of dominos falling all across Power 5 World.  Yes, it could – likely WILL – affect Clemson and Florida State.

I wish I could guarantee you that local “hated rivals” will still play each other … BUT UNC no longer plays Wale Forest regularly and neither do NC State and Duke … so who knows … ??????  Nothing is sacred any more.

For giggles … Here what I WOULD DO if I was College Football Czar …

Notre Dame to The Big Ten … … Whats left of the Big 8/12 adds SMU, Houston, CFU, USF, Arizona, Arizona State …  Maryland rejoins ACC along with West Virginia and Cincinnati …  … Pac 12 adds Boise, BYU, FresnoSt, San Diego St. …… I’m not sure what I’d do with Clemson and/or FlaSt … they are likely inevitably going with the SEC.

I’m sure you have your ideas.  Share them in Reader Comments.



BIG NEWS … I now have TWO Favorite Bass Lakes within 8 minutes of my front door.  Pretty much guaranteeing catching “at least” a 2 lb bass EVERY DAY!  Will be headed to Louisiana in November for Red Fish (“puppy drum”) with some Carolina Junction Boys.

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