Roy Did It “His (& Dean’s) Way”

Roy Williams
April02/ 2021

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April 2, 2021

Roy Williams … He Did It “His  (& Dean’s) Way”

I’ve never met Roy Williams … never shook his hand or looked him in the eye.  My opinions of Roy The Man and/or Roy The Coach are formed totally from his public persona and his professional resume.

That said I have always seen Roy as an “open book” … not the complicated, reclusive micro-managing “deity” of his hallowed mentor.  Two men forever linked within the World of UNC Basketball and within the minds of those for whom That World is of greatly exaggerated importance.

If you had asked me two weeks ago “Do I think …  Roy has had enough of the current / future state of Big Time College Basketball … Will he ride off into the sunset?”  I might have said “I would not be surprised…” but I hadn’t given it much thought.   I don’t pay much attention to “all that” any more.

I did watch the final few minutes 0f the Wisconsin game.   I also watched snippets of both Duke games.  I still can’t name a single player on this years’ UNC or Duke team.  That apathy doesn’t bother me a bit.

I watched yesterday’s press conference w/ Roy.   And Bubba’s Zoom presser last night with the media re: Who’s Next?   BTW… keeping those two issues separate was Vintage Bubba Genius … and a testament to his leadership acumen.


I believe What Roy said about Why Now is The Truth.

I reject sinister conspiracies to the contrary.  Sure as God made little green apples there ARE “conspiracies” about it from both Carolina board monkey lunatics … and Hated Rival lunatics … bless all their little pea brains.

I have always said that Dean left when he did … when both Stackhouse and Wallace left after their sophomore years.  Dean’s first “Two & Dones”.  Dean saw the handwriting on the wall that His Era was Over.

Roy’s “I’m staying (at Kansas)” was a major “piss in the punchbowl” for many.   His eventual Prodigal Son Return and resultant Three Rings resolved all that for 99% of “the faithful”.

Roy had his “tall white kid” – Walker “Something” – bail last week.  He was to be a key component in restoring UNC to a Top Ten program.   Maybe THAT was the straw that broke the camel’s back” for Roy?

Roy’s successes over the past 6-8 years have all been with upperclassmen-heavy rosters. … My speculating – I think that kid bailing on him WAS a factor.

Roy’s Way was – of course – an extension of Dean’s Way.  Adapted to “try” and accommodate rapidly changing socio-cultural realities.  The Era of The Roy / Dean Way Is Over.   RIP

For “My Generation” – From 50 to Infinity – the current and projected future of Big Time College Sports is contrary to why college sports became such a passion for so many.  Too much of a passion perhaps.

and it ain’t coming back.  Wishin’ won’t make it so.

Yes, I took issue here with some of Roy’s socio-political comments over the past 10-12 years.   In Roy’s defense … whatever his actual thoughts – if he has any – his ongoing professional success DEMANDED that he say what he said.  Same with Coach K. Same with Mack … and with every Big Time College Football / Basketball Coach.

OK … Two Questions.   (1) Did Roy know all about the AfAm Studies Scam?  IMO… Of course he knew about it.  … (2) Was UNC involved in the pay-the-agents scandal?  IMO … No, neither was Duke.

Roy Williams was “No Saint” in a high-risk unforgiving profession that has No Saints.

Big Time College Sports is a Very Very Corrupt Business.   A level of Corruption and Abject Hypocrisy matched only by “Politics”.  Comparing the two I turn to a BobLeeSays I have used many times …

Every Big Time College FB/BkB Program “Cheats”… Except The One I Pull For …

Every Politician Is a Crook … Except The Ones I Voted for … sigh.

I do not see Roy becoming an ESPN Commentator / Analyst.  IMO … His “Ol’ Roy” persona – which I believe IS HIM – doesn’t transfer well to that format.

Maybe “they” create a Special Vice Chancellor of Yadda Yadda for him at UNC … or some such wokey silliness.  Or maybe he just moves to wherever his “beach retreat” is and completely exits the public arena.

For all his eccentricities and peculiarities …

I believe Roy Williams is a Decent Man … relatively speaking considering the business he was in.   He Deserves All The Plaudits For His Successes in a Very Competitive / Corrupt Profession.


Who’s Next?

I long ago eliminated “where the loonies dwell” from my daily life.  But I betcha “they” have IT as … HUBERT DAVIS or WES MILLER.  With WES MILLER maybe a 70-30 Favorite.

I wrote Bubba this AM congratulating him on how he orchestrated yesterday’s two events.  I also told him I am kinda hoping he “throws a curve ball” like he did bringing “Mack Back” … because I do Love Chaos among the easily Chaotic.

I’m sure there are bazillion jokes going around that IT will HAVE TO BE a Transgendered Tri-Sexual Gay Albino Midget With Terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome in order to satisfy the Franklin Street Lunatics ‘R Us Faction.

While “that nutjob faction” has come to symbolize All That Is UNC-CH it has Never had any influence in any significant fashion with UNC Athletics.   I don’t expect it to this time.

Really Big Rams WILL have a voice at The Table … not necessarily a deciding voice (as they did with “The Butcher Fiasco”) but pissing them off is not advisable.   UNC’s Really Big Rams have never been of the Franklin Street Lunatic persuasion.  I suspect either HUBERT DAVIS or WES MILLER would be acceptable to them.

Being able to “recruit” easily influenced black teenagers with exceptional basketball skills is a necessity for a successful College BB program circa 2021 and Beyond.

UNC’s next HBBC will have a proven ability to “do that”.    He won’t be wearing a MAGA cap on recruiting visits.

Stephen A Smith has already come out “guns ablazing” in favor of Levelle Moton at NC Central.   I’m pretty sure Stephen A Smith will not be “in the loop” on this one.

Thank Goodness enough Time has passed that neither LARRY BROWN nor GEORGE KARL are on anyone’s list any longer… at least no one’s with at least a double digit IQ.  Same with Pat Riley or Phil Jackson.   Steve Kerr and Greg Popovich HATE TRUMP enough to satisfy the nutjob faction … but I don’t see them getting a phone call.

Might Bubba look beyond “The Family”.  Yes, IMO … he might.

Bubba says it will be His and Chancellor Gus…???’s call and I believe him.  I also believe it will be a done deal within 7-10 days or less.

Is All This As BIG a Deal as it might have been 10-12 years ago?   I don’t think so.

Certainly it IS a Big Deal but – IMO – not as much as it used to be.   Not that I am one to judge such matters.

I have more important issues on my mind.   This is “spawning season” for the local bass community.

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