A “Liberal Friend” Who ….. ??!!??

Lib Friend
March18/ 2021




March 18, 2021

“A Liberal Friend” Who … ??!!??

I do not have any “liberal friends”.  … I DO have several “friends” who have contracted terminal TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome – and all that conveys.

We do not “get together” with one another as often as we did 4-6-10 years ago… and likely will never resume that prior level of friendship.  Such is The Cycle of Life.

Many of you DO use the term “liberal friend” in your overtly anti-liberal social media posts.  We simply have different definitions of “friend”.

Not everyone I know is “a friend” … nor “an enemy”.   Not everyone I “went to school” with multi-decades ago… not everyone in my neighborhood … not everyone in my church … not everyone who attends my gym … not everyone who circumstance has us “related” … not everyone in my workplace if I still had a communal workplace.

These are simply “people I know” and most I “know” marginally at best.  I bestow “friend” with considerably more care and consideration.

Your definition of “friend” is totally up to you … as is your preference in barbecue … college sports affiliation … and favorite Bond girl.

I wonder …

… in 1943 did anyone in Anne Franks’ family ever say “my friend in the Gestapo said …”?

Perhaps you view the ever-widening and highly contentious schism across America as simply “over politics”.  If so, you have conveniently downgraded this national polarization to the silly level of sports team preferences.  As in “my Duke friend” … “my Auburn friend” … “my Red Sox friend”.

If so … you have – in my opinion – crawled into a bubble and assumed the fetal position.  Bless your heart.  May that bubble you inhabit never burst and the grim contrary reality pole-ax you.

What socio-cultural issues do you and “a liberal friend” agree on?

… Abortion is / is not “killing babies” biological males should have full legal access to little girls’ restrooms America should have 100% open border for anyone wanting to come to America with full rights of citizenship  Opinions contrary to “Mine” should be banned from all social and traditional media Anyone / everyone should be allowed to vote with zero restrictions and/or any proof of identity

The 2nd Amendment should be stricken from the Bill of Rights Cartoon characters and Dr Seuss should be banned, but pornographic songs and performances should be honored … …

Stop me when we find a socio-cultural issue that you and “a liberal friend” agree on.

For The Record … Me and my Terminal TDS friends agree on virtually all of the above issues.  They simply HATE DONALD TRUMP … And His Supporters … Except For Me.

When I point out that most “People Like Me” ARE “people like me” they get a confused look of disbelief.

Their only comment regarding Biden / Harris / Pelosi / Schumer et al is “They Are Better Than Trump”.  But never explain “how”. … When I ask if they HATE MELANIA TRUMP too .. and if so, Why?  They get uncomfortable.

When I ask if they read their local newspaper and watch their local network affiliates they say “Sure … doesn’t everybody?”

By now we have learned to simply avoid all such issues.   We discuss “the weather” (but NOT Climate Change”) … and we rehash for the umpteenth time innocuous events that took place 10 – 20 – 30 years ago… in simpler less troubling times.

As I said up top ...We do not “get together” with one another as often as we did 4-6-10 years ago… and likely will never resume that prior level of friendship.  Such is The Cycle of Life.


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