All That Coca Cola Crap …

Coca Cola Crap
March02/ 2021



                  March 3, 2021

All That Coca Cola Crap …

Unless you live under a rock – or get your “news”(?) from CNN, MSNBC, etc etc – you’ve heard something over the past 3-4 days about WHAT COCA COLA DID …. !!!  OMG!

In a thumbnail … there was a news story in the past week stating Coca Cola Corporate HQ was going to require all their employees to take some wokey BS “lose your whiteness” indoctrination. 

A version of what was described has been mentioned with other companies but none as prominent as a global behemoth like Coca Cola.   Yes, that social justice indoctrination is all wokey BS but “these be unusual times” so it’s possible.

There was an immediate and highly vocal public backlash from many of the 80,000,000 Patriotic Americans very much opposed to wokey BS of all sorts.  People were pouring their Coke products down the toilet and swearing to “never buy another Coke product”. … Lists of all the Coke beverage brands were posted on social media to help you know what NOT to buy ever again.

THEN … a post – with no link – began circulating earlier today that the Coca Cola CEO said “… a few right-wing nuts are not going to affect our bottom line.”

OF COURSE … THAT immediately gots lots more Coca Cola dumped down toilets. And 1,000s of more posts of “what he supposedly said” all over (right-wing) social media.   I even “Shared” it with my 4,700 Facebook Friends and Groups.

I questioned from the Get-Go “the CEO said …” quote.  I have a “feel” for such stuff.  It smelled fishy to me, but what the heck. The guy ain’t THAT Stupid but he’s probably a Liberal Democrat so let’s give him hell for the hell of it.

So then … USA TODAY runs a front page piece totally debunking what the CEO supposedly said … and the way the wokey BS training was originally described.   In the biz… that’s called DAMAGE CONTROL.

USA TODAY has been hard-core HateTrump from Day One especially their Sports Dept.  That they immediately jump to Coca Cola’s defense against a blatant untruth begs the question …

Would USA TODAY be as quick to defend – or defend at all – if a similar “blatant untruth” was perpetrated against Mike “My Pillow” Lindell.  … or any CEO that was publicly Pro Trump?  I think we can all answer that … Nope!

The Internet / SocialMedia is a no-holds-barred battlefield.  Provocative Lies are the primary weapons employed by both sides.  That an overly-caffeinated “Deplorable” posted the original “quote” would not surprise me. … OR a Lib lunatic posting it knowing a “right-wing nut” would eventually be blamed.

The USA TODAY article also went to some length to re-describe the “whiteness training” being instigated in Coca Cola’s Corporate HQ.  Softening quite a bit the original description.  More DAMAGE CONTROL…

I do NOT believe that the CC CEO said what was originally posted.

I’m not willing to accept the revised description of their employee indoctrination.

HR departments across corporate America tend to be heavily populated with millennials … and, as we all know, that generational group tends to be especially naive and gullible to liberal socio-cultural theocracy.

I “have a theory” that if one is predisposed to dislike a specific high profile public figure – like a certain area basketball coach with a difficult name to spell – then one is quick to believe ANYTHING negative said or implied about that person – regardless of how outlandish the comment may be.  … I doubt that applies to the Coke CEO unless one simply dislikes all corporate “big wigs”.  Which some probably do.

Whether you choose to “boycott” Coca Cola is up to you.  If your decision is based on the non-linked source of what their CEO allegedly said … I might suggest you reconsider. … or not.


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