History’s Greatest Heist

History's Greatest Heist
March01/ 2021

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March 1, 2021

History’s Greatest Heist

How to Steal a World SuperPower and …

Successfully “stealing a World SuperPower” is “a BIG Deal”.

Doing It AND Getting Away with It are Two BIG Deals.

Criminals getting away with their crimes is certainly not unheard of.  Corrupted judges, compromised jurors and incompetent investigators / prosecution teams can all assist “the bad guys”.  If “the bad guys” are also Smarter than “the good guys” that always helps.

All of the above were factors in History’s Greatest Heist this past November.

Folks, I’m “just a guy with a website”.  WHAT they did and HOW they did It ???  If I figured it out … it ain’t all that complicated …

Democrats are Grand Masters of Election Fraud with many decades of Trial & Error & Numerous Successes at all levels – local – state – federal.

Republicans acknowledge the Dems’ expertise every Election Night around 10:30 … “OMG THEY CHEATED !!” 

Then Repubs forget it until around 10:30 on the next Election Night.  In between … “crickets”. … sigh.

Republicans are Grand Masters at “Losing With Dignity”OUCH!


This past November saw the Dems employ their complete arsenal of time-tested techniques – i.e. Tombstone Voters … recent tricks – i.e. Voter Harvesting …  of course Mail-in Voting … and their very latest Voting Data Hacking.

When “Mail-In Voting” was first mentioned back in The Spring the oddsmakers privately made the Dems an odds-on favorite regardless of who their candidate would be.  The Candidate would not / did not matter… obviously.

The race was going to be close due to the very very effective HATE TRUMP Campaign employed 24/7  for four years by the Dems in cahoots with their Corrupt Media cronies.

Arguably 20+% of for-real Biden-votes can be attributed to One-Issue – HATE TRUMP – voters who did not know – or care – what disastrous policies the Dem candidates might be planning… or who their candidate was… obviously.

Eliminating the 40-45 states that were “conceded” Red or Blue … that left the easily identified Battleground / Swing States.   The infamous Dominion Software would be ready to employ in those states – Wisconsin – Michigan – Pennsylvania – Georgia.

More specifically Dominion would be employed in heavily urban precincts within those states – Fulton County GA – Wayne County MI – Milwaukee County WI – Philadelphia County PA … “urban” is a synonym for “Black”.  Uh Oh.

Why? Because trying to “get in to” much less “investigate” ANYTHING in those precincts would be next to Impossible.  Same reason that Senate run-off in Georgia was a guaranteed Dem sweep from the Get-go.  Those infamous “Fulton County precincts”.

On Nov 3rd the vote counts were, of course, “mysteriously” stopped at 10:00 PM with Trump ahead in each of those states … 4-5 hours later the counts resumed … Trump lost.  And Dems laughed their butts off congratulating themselves.  Mission Accomplished.

Now the Dems are going full-speed to enact policies across the country simplifying Voting Fraud.  Wouldn’t you if you were them?

I though DJT’s speech at CPAC was terrific … naming names and kicking butts.   But none of it will matter UNLESS The Dems Voting Fraud Schemes are power washed … and…

I have no idea Who will be able to do that … or How they will do it?

The Dems control Three branches of government including a very corrupt Department of Justice … and a compromised SCOTUS.

Voter ID … One-Day Voting … No Mail-In (or On-Line) Voting … et al .  All Great Ideas.  Now tell me HOW you plan to get those in-place against an iron-fisted Dem-controlled Government knowing you are going to try.

I’m not saying “give up”.  Lord NO!  I am saying all the Social Media wizards of smarts are ignoring the Who and the How

Until a Who figures out the How … 2022 and 2024 don’t matter.


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