Rush & ESPN NFL Sunday

February24/ 2021

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Feb 27, 2021

Rush & ESPN NFL Sunday

Rush and I had a bet when that ESPN NFL Train wreck began … and quickly ended.  He ended up winning our bet.

In 2003, ESPN “hired” Rush to be a member of their NFL Countdown Sunday panel.   That panel consisted of Chris “Boomer” Berman – Tom Jackson – Steve Young … and One Harmless Little Fuzzball – El Rushbo. ESPN NFL

Rush did NOT do it for the money.  He was already making more than those other three jamokes put together.  Rush did it because he was a HUGE NFL fan, especially his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers … from his early DJ days in Pittsburgh.

WHY would you hire Rush Limbaugh to do anything?  Because …

(1) He has a huge devoted following …

(2) He WILL say something provocative.  Saying Provocative Stuff is Why Rush has a huge devoted following.

The suits at ESPN in 2003 weren’t the sharpest needles in the haystack.  They still aren’t 20 years later.

Those “ESPN suits” would later lie and say “we insisted he stick strictly to football and he promised us he would.  He didn’t…”   Want “strictly football”?  Visit any Old NFL jocks bar and you can get a dozen guys to “talk about football” … to an empty audience.

On Week 3 – remember that –

Rush made several bland comments about a prominent black QB – Donovan McNabb – receiving “special media treatment” because he was black.  McNabb was black and he was treated “special” because he was

… and the usual gang of Rush Haters who were measuring every word and gesture POUNCED.

Before you could say “Jemele Hill Wears Cornrows”, Rush was out at ESPN.   No biggie … one extra day to play golf.

For the record… Rush was also making a LOT more $$$$ than ANY of the “suits” at ESPN… and THEY ALL KNEW IT!

That bet he and I had.   I bet he would not last more than two weeks.  The son-of-a-gun lasted THREE weeks.  He never let me forget that.


Several years later a rumor started that Rush was going to BUY the St. Louis Rams.   Actually Rush was “considering” becoming a very small minority partner in The Rams.   He would NOT have “control” or “say so” about anything.  Just a way for “a fan” with the financial wherewithall to invest some discretionary $$$ in a hobby of his.

A local Raleigh-area sports talk show guy went bonkers screaming all the usual Rush-hating rhetoric about how it would mean THE END of The NFL if Rush Limbaugh got involved.  I knew the goggle-eyed spittle-spewing Rush-hater.  I called him…

… and offered to come on his show and clarify the facts of the situation.  He told me … “I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE FACTS … I DESPISE THAT GUY!” … O Kay!

Years later that same guy got fired from his sports talk show because he had turned his “sports show” into a Liberal Lunatic scream-athon.  Karma can be a Bitch!

My experience with Rush-Haters is that they were already miserable human beings long before Rush came into their dark little world … he just edged’em a little more towards The Abyss.


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