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February23/ 2021

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Feb 26, 2021

Rush Asks The Royals for a Raise

By 1984, Rush had been with The Kansas City Royals Baseball Club for five years.  He began as the Group Sales guy.

His job was calling on local companies across Greater KC to encourage them using “come to a Royals game” as an employee incentive and as client appreciation.   There were discounts for group purchases based on numbers and on the opponent.  Rush was their “call me if you need help” guy.  Today it is a standard position in every pro sports organization. Royals

Rush was “a go-getter”.  He looked for ways to expand his value to the organization.  He got involved in sponsorships, game promotions, and any place he could help.  He noted on EIB his duties as “get the National Anthem singer” and “first pitch thrower”.  He also ran the kyron on the scoreboard.

Rush was “The Mickie” of The Royals”.   We need somebody to _______.  Get Rush to do it.  And Rush did it … and very well. BUT…

The Business of Baseball is the Players and the Game itself.   If those are not attractive … the other stuff doesn’t really matter.

After four years, he approached his boss – Herk Robinson / VP of Operations – for “a raise”.   In 1984, Rush was making $15,000/year.

In 2021 $$$ that might be $30,000 … $40,000 tops.   It was a scene from “Oliver Twist” … asking for some more gruel, please sir.

NOTE:  Factoid … that $15,000 in 2021 would not buy you a 30 second commercial on EIB.  Especially one that Rush did the voice-over.  A Rush “voice-over” on EIB was the most expensive commercial in Radio.  All based on # listeners and who they are… and the credibility of the guy doing it.

Herk reached in his desk drawer and pulled out a stack of unsolicited resumes and started going thru them.  All manner of experienced business people “would give anything” to be a part of Royals Baseball … and hang out with George Brett etc etc etc.  If they got paid all the better … it didn’t matter.

Basically Herk told Rush … You are doing an outstanding job … but what you do is only worth what we are paying you.   We could get it done ‘good enough’ for even less than we pay you.”

Rush – who really loved his job – realized there was zero future for him with The Royals.  When he told me he was on the verge of tears.

This was 40 years ago.  It is a little bit better in pro sports these days but it is still 99% about The Players and The Game.

I was with Rush when he told Big Rush and Millie.   Big Rush had a depression mindset about “keeping a job”.  Rush went to the restroom and Big Rush pleaded with me to talk him out of quitting.  He was certain his son would never amount to anything….

Big Rush liked me so I knew I had some leverage.  “Yes He Will … I Promise You.”

Now you’re thinking BobLee was responsible for Rush Limbaugh giving “radio” one more shot.  I’d love to take the credit … but:

I thought he oughta take an offer to be Promotions Manager for a regional Potato Chip Company.

Being Rush Limbaugh’s Friend was never dull …


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