Rush … “Mitch Rapp” … “Jack Bauer”

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February21/ 2021

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Feb 21, 2021


Rush … “Mitch Rapp” … “Jack Bauer”

Yesterday I shared the story of Rush & “The Snapple Guys” … all my Facebook commentaries are available at – .

The Snapple Guys were not the only folks that crossed paths with Rush with their lives forever changed.Vince Flynn

In 1999 Rush picked up a book TermLimits by a young wannabee author from St Paul, MN.  …Vince Flynn.

Vince was selling his books out of the trunk of his car.  As with Snapple, Rush praised the book on-air to 20,000,000 listeners.  TermLimits sales spiked and The Rest Was History.

Vince was aware it was Rush that catapulted him from wannabee to Best Seller.  They became close friends.

Over 14 years Vince Flynn and his hero “Mitch Rapp” became as famous as Clancy’s Jack Ryan.   Vince Flynn and “Mitch Rapp” woulda probably hit it big anyway … ya never know.  Vince published 14 Mitch Rapp Best Sellers until his death in 2013 from Prostate Cancer.

Rush used to host RushWeekends at his Palm Beach “Compound”.  Inviting “interesting friends” to hang out.  One year Vince presented Rush with a very special watch thanking Rush for what he had meant to his success. Rush spoke at Vince’s funeral in 2013.  WAIT … There’s More !


As Rush and Vince were becoming buddies there was a TV series becoming a binge-phenomenon … “24”.

With a Mitch Rapp-like “Jack Bauer” played by Kiefer Sutherland.   “24” debuted in 2001.

Rush binged it over a weekend … sent Blondie and me his DVD and we binged it the next weekend.  Rush went nuts about it on-air.

The creators of “24” – Joel Surnow and Howard Gordon – hear RL hyping their show and contact him to thank him.  They attend a RushWeekend … Rush does a walk-on in a “24” episode. … Vince is a consultant for Season three … on a trip to LA, Rush “sorta dates” actress Mary Lynn Rajskub – Jack Bauer’s computer-tech “Chloe O’Brien”.

Speaking of Rush dating actresses, have I told you about the Matalin & Carville wedding ?  … … ?


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