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February21/ 2021

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Feb 23, 2021

El Rushbo – “The Chick Magnet”

When Rush and Ed McLaughlin launched EIB @ WABC in 1988 it is safe to say they never – in either’s wildest dreams – envisioned 600+ affiliates … 20,000,000+ average audience … 32 years of historic prominence.

Not to say Rush did not have personal dreams of – one day – being recognized as a Big Time Radio Personality.  In the radio biz … keeping your job thru 2-3 ratings books = “a Success”.  BUT he never never  envisioned being a freakin’ CHICK MAGNET!

I’m not talking about his well-documented four marriages.  Roxie – Michelle – Marta (yuck) – and Kathryn each of those just sorta happened.

Rush and I met a few months before The Roxie Thing ended to the delight of more than a few folks in Cape Girardeau MO.  She wasn’t exactly anyone’s first choice.  Roxie was a bit “rough around the edges”…

I really liked #2 Michelle.  She was on the game-day staff at Royals Stadium.  Cute little gal and really smart.  They were married in Royals Stadium – where/when Rush introduced Blondie and I.  Rush & Michelle lasted – I think – 4-5 years.  Blondie and I are going on 38 come May.

Rush & Michelle had “a good life” in Sacramento.  The thought of NYC was never appealing to her.  If she even moved east it was only for a few months.  They parted amicably.

I never met “Marta”.  Rush wished he never had either.   Of the three marriages that tanked … THAT ONE was The Train Wreck.  YOWSA!

Y’all know about #4 Kathryn.  I met her once 12 years ago.  A “slight” age difference but thats not unusual in Palm Beach.

To say Rush “in the 80s” was no threat to George Brett as far as a Ladies Man  – or as a Hall of Fame 3rd baseman – would be an understatement.  He was so unsure of himself … he asked ME for advice.

I would, in later years, relinquish that responsibility as Rush’s Romantical Advisor to Blondie.  Neither of us accept any responsibility for The Marta Mess. That was All Rush!

I mention in Volume #1 of The Rush Chronicles about his encounters in the early 90s with Joey Heatherton AND Ann-Margret. 

Joey H


One Google reference describes Joey as “a pouty sex kitten”.  She did a Serta Mattress commercial that was … memorable.

As for Ann-MargretTHE sexiest hyphenated name EVER.  Both claimed to be HUGE Rush fans and went to some lengths to meet him in NYC.


Nothing “happened” … both just wanted to “meet Rush”.   Have “two sex kittens” ever wanted to “meet You”?


In 1993 … Mary Matalin married James “Snakehead” Carville in New Orleans.  Rush had become good friends with Mary.  Very good totally “plutonic friends”.   She sent RL an invitation … unbeknownst to “Snakehead”.

Crystal Bernard

For several months prior … Rush had somehow gotten involved in a “telephone relationship” with Hollywood actress Crystal Bernard.  You may recall her from the TV comedy “Wings”.

She would call him late at night from LA and “just talk for several hours”.  RL said she was “really interested in politics”.   What-Ever.  Then he would ask me “what should I do?”.

“Dude, you got Joey, Ann-Margret and Crystal Bernard wanting to talk with you … and you’re asking ME what to do?   Why not ask her to be your date to Mary’s wedding?? … So he did and she said yes.

So Rush walked into the Matalin-Carville nuptials at some fancy Nawlin’ hotel … with Crystal The Ingenue on his arm.  Carville is yacking away with Stephanopoulas and a bunch of his Clinton War Room Gang.

I believe it was “Stephy” who said “OMG James … Look who just walked in…!!!  Remember Mary had not told hubby James she had invited El Rushbo.  Nor told Rush she had not told James.

This was 1993. It would later become common that when Rush entered a room … It was a Happening.  Carville composed himself.  No dishes were broken nor silverware thrown.  The Carville marriage survives to this day.

Whatever future there might have been with Ms Bernard was never pursued.  Right after New Orleans, Rush began a bizarre “phone thing” with a desperate divorcee / “Huge Rush fan” in Jacksonville FL.   Ten years later THAT would cost him MEGA- $$$ to get out of.

Being a friend of an “Icon” for 40 years was never dull.

For More Rush Chronicles @ BobLeeSays … Click HERE!

OMG … I completely forgot the several dinners with Bo Derek at her ranch in SoCal.  BIG Conservative / Huge Rush fan!


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