Rush and George Brett

February20/ 2021

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Feb 25, 2021

Rush and George Brett

From the mid 1970s until the early 1990s … THE Most Popular/Beloved Human Being in Greater Kansas City was Kansas City Royals’ 3B George Brett.

With due respect to current Chiefs QB Patrick Mahones, I’d say #5 George is STILL The Most Beloved / Popular Guy in Kansas City. George Brett

That phrase… Every man wanted to Be Him … Every Woman wanted to Be With Him.  That was George Brett.

So how did Mr Kansas City become best buddies with some schlub in the sales office with a funny name.

To understand this one you have to understand the pecking order reality of a professional sports organization.

There is The Locker Room or in Baseball – The Clubhouse.  That’s where The Players hang out.

There is The Front Office … “Upstairs”.  That’s where “the suits” hang out.  The pencil pushers … the bean counters … the PR guys … the sales guys … etc.

The Players can go “upstairs” whenever they want to,  But why would they ever want to?

The “suits” are NOT welcome in The Clubhouse.  OK, maybe the Owner … The GM … one of the 2-3 Big Office guys.

Whenever “a suit” dares to come in The Clubhouse he “wants something”… an autographed ball or such to impress a girlfriend or something dumb like that.

In 1981-82 Rush Limbaugh and George Brett had nothing in common whatsoever except they parked in the same lot each day … with George’s parking place A LOT closer to the main gate than Rush’s.

Until the day George bought himself a whizbang super-duper stereo system … and no clue or care what a Woofer or a Tweeter was.  He just wanted his stereo system up and running… NOW!

There’s this guy up in sales that used to be a radio disc jockey.   He knows all about hooking up sound systems. … Mr Brett meet Mr Limbaugh.

Rush goes out to George’s house and has him wired up lickety split.  “What do I owe you” George asks.  – “Oh, nothing, glad to do it”  – “Ya wanna autographed ball or one of my old gloves or …”“No, really I’m just glad I could help you.”.

Rush Limbaugh “just glad he could help out…”  Where have we heard THAT Vince Flynn?

And from that day on … George Brett – Mr Kansas City / Baseball SuperStar  & Rush Limbaugh – National Icon-to-be / Radio Superstar began a friendship that lasts to this day.

George goes back and tells the rest of his team … and it IS “George Brett’s team”.  Rush Limbaugh is My Good Friend.  Royals Stadium

And Frank White and John Wathan and Jamie Quirk and … and … all say Rush Limbaugh is Our Friend too.

That simply Does NOT Happen in Professional  Sports.

For many years Rush would bring EIB-1 thru KC and pick up George and The Fellas for a week of golf in Hawaii.

I don’t know if RL was in Cooperstown for George’s HoF induction.  Likely he was.

George Brett knows EVERYTHING about Baseball … EVERYTHING.  George Brett don’t know Squat about “politics” or pretty much anything Rush might talk about on the radio … unless it was Baseball.

But he knew that his good friend Rush KNEW EVERYTHING about whatever he was talking about.


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