Rush … Not “a Palm Beach Guy”

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February18/ 2021

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Feb 18, 2021

Rush … NOT “a Palm Beach Guy”

I did that piece on Rush and me “on the fly”.  I did not have it “ready to go when …” at all.   Those columns ain’t easy folks.

I’m doing too many like it lately.  I’ve lost five “real friends” in the past 12 months.  Yeah, I’m “at that age now”  … but I didn’t have all that many “real friends” to begin with.  Losing five leaves a hole that “going fishing” can’t fill.

I wouldn’t change a thing from yesterday’s column … but I did leave out two points I want to cover real quick.

#1 – How our enemy reacted to the news of Rush’s death.   – Totally predictable.  It’s Who they are … it’s What they do.  Their miserable hate-filled existence is Their Problem …not Mine.  … and not Yours.

Their socio-political ideology is their “religion”. It’s all they’ve got.  It’s where they get their value system and what passes as their morals.

I powerwash my social media to keep that garbage out.  You can too.

The lesson for us is … when they lose one of their many false messiahs don’t post any comment at all.  Just let it pass.


#2 – What was Rush like off-the-air?  – Exactly like he was on-air. Unlike many radio / tv entertainers, Rush did not flip a switch and assume a different persona when he was “on stage /on-air”.  Same guy… OK, the bombast was an obvious schtick that dimwits never figured out. G550

Certainly his lifestyle changed when his huge success afforded him pretty much anything $$$ could buy.  He Loved EIB-1 – his G-550 jet.  And he loved his oceanfront Mansion in Palm Beach, but he never became “a Palm Beach guy”.  Rush loved the latest tech toys.   He would send us the latest IPhones and IPads the day they came out.

After living in Palm Beach 5 years, Rush realized he would never be “accepted” into that oh-so-toney High Society. “I work for a living”.

If you liked Rush Limbaugh on-air … you woulda liked eating popcorn and watching a ballgame with him too.

AND … Rush Loved YOU as much / more than You Loved Him!


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