Comparing “Cults” … Orangeman’s vs Chicago Jesus’

Comparing Cults
February17/ 2021


Feb 17, 2021


Comparing “Cults”:  Orangeman’s vs Chicago Jesus’

Who first coined the trite phrase Cult of Trump.   Notorious Nebraskan  Ben Sasse  (Sen-R) is a likely possibility.

On any list of Hard-Core Trump-Haters Ben Sasse is in the Top Five.  If you eliminate Mormons, Pedophiles and “guys named Kasich”, Ben Sasse might be Patient Zero for Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

In one of Ben From Nebraska’s many I HATE TRUMP rants over the past four years, he used the phrase Cult Of Trump.  Maybe he stole it.  It was picked up along with dozens of other insults for DJT but more specifically about the 75-80,000,000 of Us.

Remember that situation in Charlottesville where 137 White Supremacists crazies carrying tiki torches were supposedly “the full extent of Trump’s support”?  Now there’s 80,000,000 of us.  YIKES!

IF we are The Cult of Trump … what are the umpteen million dead-eyed minions who would dive headfirst into a wood chipper for Barack “Chicago Jesus” Obama and Big Mo “The Fashion Icon”?

Howsabout the devoted disciples of The Wicked Witch of Chappaqua a/k/a “The Smartest Woman Ever”.

“Cult” is a trigger word that calls to mind Jim Jones & Kool-Aid … or Scientology … or any Multi-Level Pyramid Schemes. Or “Christianity” by those yet to enjoy Eternity In The Fiery Depths of Hell … including Chicago Jesus, Big Mo and That Witch of Chappaqua.  There is also a one-way ticket with Pelosi engraved on it.

Any organization of any size that assumes the personality of its Larger-Than-Life Leader will be labeled “a Cult” by somebody.  Is Alabama Football The Cult of Nick.  For 35 years UNC Basketball was The Cult of Dean?

Donald J. Trump IS a Larger Than Life personality.  Arguably the first POTUS not named Washington, Reagan or James K. Polk NOT to be a weaselly two-faced “politician”.   If that merits having his own “Cult” then sign me up and teach me the secret handshake.  Howsabout you?

Would YOU “jump off a cliff” if DJT told you to?  I wouldn’t.  Are “jump off a cliff” and/or “attend a rally” comparable symptoms of a cultist?

Do you care what Ben Sasse says about anything?  OK, lets move on.


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