“Them” … “They” and “Us”

Them THey Us
February08/ 2021


Feb 08, 2021


“Them” … “They” and “Us”

WHY don’t They do something about ThemI want Them led away in handcuffs. …”

From her Facebook Profile, I deduced “she” was a lady in her 50-60s.  A Very Frustrated Lady in her 50-60s.

She probably has children and grandchildren.  She can recite The Pledge of Allegiance .  She stands reverently when anyone asks “Jose, Can You see by the dawn’s early light …”

She has voted in every – most – elections.  She believes “people are basically honest” and – she has naively “trusted” her duly-elected representatives to run her city – her state – and this country … while she goes about fulfilling her responsibilities to family, friends and community.

She just wants to know Why / When / What They are gonna do about Them.    And Yes, She supports Donald Trump …she wishes he acted “more Presidential” … With a few tweaks She is… You – and Me.

I generally avoid one-on-ones with “Facebook People” I don’t know.  I “do my thing”. They do theirs.  My inner “Good Samaritan” said “BobLee, maybe you can help her.”

We played Facebook ping pong with several back / forths.  I felt like an oncologist telling a scared patient her biopsy came back positive.  Yes, there ARE things we can do … but be prepared for – Her Country never being the same … i.e.  “like it was before …” because

The They we have always believed are in place to protect Us from the evil Them are now part of Them.

The past four years taught us … Politicians – on both sides of “the aisle” – are either far “evilier” than even the most cynical among us always believed … or feckless cowards who have deserted us to protect their own selfish interests.  The few exceptions proving the rule.

It’s 2021 … There is no They  we can trust to protect Us from Them.   A circumstance the most cynical among us would have not imagined in our worst nightmares.

She agreed I was correct.  “Being correct” did not bring me any pleasure.


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