Let Us Never Forget 2016 …

February06/ 2021



Feb 6, 2016                                                        

Let Us Never Forget 2016…

Return with me now to Spring/Summer of 2016.   The Wicked Witch of Chappaqua was the odds-on favorite to claim What America OWED Her … her own Country to rule as its Evil Queen …

Meanwhile … a dozen and five Whozits were vying for who would be sacrificed on Hilly’s altar that November.  All “empty suits” except for one … The Orangeman with Funny Hair … that Reality Show Guy with the large Ego … all except for Donald J. Trump.

Combine Every Positive Attribute of the “Not DJT” candidates into one candidate … That candidate would have lost to Hillary Clinton by 10-15% points … conceding by 9:00 on Election Night.  Like “empty suits” McCain and “Mitt” had “lost honorably” to Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.

Donald Trump’s had a unique appeal to the “agnostic voters”.  A forgotten faction who had given up hope America’s descent into mediocrity could be reversed.   Those “forgotten patriots” stood up on Election Day 2016.

America had an 11th Hour Opportunity to once again “Be Great” … a “Shining City On A Hill”.  Perhaps a last chance to do so ?

In November 2016 The Wicked Witch of Chappaqua slithered away with her sycophants … a motley collection of sideshow oddities.

Without Donald Trump in 2016… America would be beginning Year Five of The Hillary Regime.

A better or worse fate than The Calamity now unfolding ?

Donald Trump – and 80,000,000 Americans – took on two sociopathic entities -a BiPartisan DC Swamp and a Morally Corrupt News Media.

Two evil entities allied to fight him 24/7 for every day of his administration and – in the end – defeat him and 80,000,000 American Patriots.

The How they did so WILL someday be revealed.   Truth – no matter how revised to accommodate sinister agendas – has a way of surfacing in time.


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