There’s a signpost up ahead …

Signpost Up Ahead
February05/ 2021

                    BL SAIDWHAT

 Feb 05, 2021        


There’s a signpost up ahead … our next stop ….

97+% of you may not recall the opening line of The Twilight Zone.  Didn’t realize Rod Serling was a 20th century Nostradamus … predicting 60 years ago where our society would be today.

Voter Fraud notwithstanding… +/-  50% of your fellow Americans support the steamroller tactics of the Biden-Harris Regime… that controls  two of the three branches of our government with the third branch “a crapshoot”.

You and I  – may think the actions against Rep. Greene (R-GA) are absurd compared to every other word spewed out by AOC and her “Squad” cronies … by “Maxine” and her Congressional Black Caucus crazies.



The insanity of the upcoming Kangaroo Trial of Donald Trump … orchestrated by a deranged 80 y/o junior high school “mean girl”.


In This Twilight Zone … Up is Down / Down is Up … Right is Wrong / Wrong is Right … Insanity is in the Eye of the Beholder.

AOC is “a Joan of Arc” to an entire generation.   Her bilious babble leading her lemming to a dark hopeless future.

“Maxine” and her ilk are allowed to screech and squawk under some Reparations License that defies any explanation.

That deranged 80 y/o junior high school “mean girl” has iron-fisted control over one of the most influential governing bodies on Planet Earth.

Ego maniacal tech-nerds can shred the First Amendment with a key stroke.


You and I –  can hit our CAPS LOCK keys and rage 24/7 on social media about the absurdity of it all.  If doing so prevents you from sticking your head in an oven … by all means RAGE ON!

Among the “You and I’s” there are a % of “good decent folks” who haven’t grasped that this is NOT simply a bad dream.  A nightmare we will awaken from to go forth to enjoy Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness. 

Maybe their blissful ignorance  is the better way to go?

America is indeed …  “… traveling through another dimension; a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; … . There’s a signpost up ahead – our next stop …. ?!”


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