It’s Feb 5 and I Don’t Know …

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February05/ 2021

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Feb 5,2021


It’s Feb 5 and I Don’t Know …


I am not bragging or complaining.  I am simply stating A FACT regarding my personal societal evolution circa 2021.

It is February 5, 2021 and I do not know one single “current ACC Basketball player” on ANY team.   

In fact I cannot name ANY current College Basketball Player … on Any Team PERIOD.  I simply don’t care any more.

I have seen this coming on for several years but I never expected it would ever reach the “not ONE single one on Any Team” level.

I do know that neither UNC nor Duke is doing very well at all this season.  I read that their game this weekend is the first time that neither team was “ranked” since (Insert a random 19th century date).  YIKES!

That must be traumatic for their respective fanbases for whom these biennial encounters are OMG occasions.  Will the national sports world still stop spinning on its axis to pay its respects?

Assuming there are still 14 teams in The ACC … I CAN name Six ACC Head Basketball Coaches – Roy … Coach K … Boeheim … WhatsHisName at UVA … “that guy at Notre Dame” … and “the guy that was at Duke at Pitt”.   I should know “the State guy” but nope …

And there was a time I would frantically tune my little transistor radio to hear Ray Reeves from “William Neal Reynolds Coliseum” do The Dixie Classic.

As my Mom would say – “Old Man Usta is dead and buried”. … sigh.


I WAS planning to at least have the TV on for the Super Bowl this weekend … BUT … I read that it was going to be a 4-hour BLM / Faux Social Justice Commercial.  So I guess I’ll pass on that.

I’m assuming Every SB commercial MUST have either All Black actors and/ or all inter-racial couples ?  Right?

I do realize that for 50+ years there were No Black actors in commercials.  That was short-sighted on Madison Avenue’s behalf.

To make up for that we are now seeing the rapid disappearance of the White family in commercials … and of heterosexuals in general.  Equally short-sighted on Madison Avenue’s behalf … in my opinion.

I no longer watch “commercial TV” … opting for “streaming” via a dozen different options,  so my opinion need not be factored in to such boardroom decisions.

Speaking of “streaming”…



This past week I binged the existing two seasons of Monarca… on, I believe, Netflix.

The show’s executive producer is Salma Hayek but she does not appear in the show.

Imagine Dallas or Dynasty or Falcon Crest … set “today” in Mexico … with, of course, a totally dysfunctional family – The Carranzas – fighting over control of a Tequila Empire.  Factor in the ubiquitous “Cartels” – of course – and a national government that might be as corrupt as “ours”.

For any government to be portrayed “as corrupt as” America is a very high bar to set. … Rimshot

Has “America” surpassed Mexico in total corruption?  Every public official “on the take” and taking perverse pride in being so.  Yep … sound familiar?

NOTE:  In a recent Facebook commentary I referenced … “the upcoming Kangaroo Trial of Donald Trump being orchestrated by a deranged 80 y/o junior high school “mean girl” .   

That one got “shared” a lot.  As most of my Facebook mini-commentaries are. Unless you have terminal TDS, you really should check’em out…. HERE.

With due respect to the scandalous provocativeness of Dallas – Dynasty – Falcon Crest in their 70-80s heyday … Monarca takes on-screen provocativeness to a 21st century level.

OF COURSE … one of the feuding Carranza family members is Gay.  yawn… Well actually “40% Bi” on whatever scale such preferences are measured.  The on-screen menage a trois is telegraphed far enough in advance for you to hit Fast Forward … or not.

Brother “Joaquin” is the worst of the bunch.  Zero redeeming features.  Andreas’ – the gay guy – wife (its complicated) Jimena – also lacks any likable quality.  All the kids are following in their parents’ yucky footsteps.  The 17 y/o daughter dating the 42 y/o reprobate is a real doozie.

By the end of Season 2 you are hoping for Total Annihilation of The Entire Family Carranza.

With such a scintillating review … How can you resist?


You may recall, I “usta” be a St Louis Cardinals’ baseball fan.  I weaned myself off that too.  The Cardinals made a BLOCKBUSTER trade this week … getting Superstar 3B Nolan Arenado from The Rockies in exchange for “three guys named Moe”.

It is being touted as THE #1 Most-Lopsided Trade in MLB History.   Replacing Lou Brock for Ernie Broglio back in 1960-something..

St Louis’ self-acclaimed BFIBs – Best Fans In Baseball – are perplexed because …

The BFIBs HATE their GM John Moziliak and Owner Bill DeWitt for all the reasons most fans hate GMs and Owners.  … because “they” – the fans – think “they” should have complete control over all personnel and in-game strategy decisions.


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