The Great NEWSMAX Kerfluffle …

NewsMax Kerfluffle
February04/ 2021


                        Feb 04, 2021


This Week’s Great NEWSMAX KERFLUFFLE !!!!

Hi Folks.  Chronicling America’s Transformation into a 3rd World HellHole gets to be a bit much.  I took a short break from “these”.

Which Incredible Crap to talk about today??  … Lets go with Yesterdays OMG! . OMG! . Great NEWSMAX Kerfluffle.

NEWSMAX, as I assume you know, is the current last bastion of hope for 80,000,000 of us Deplorable Trump Cultists.  Bitterly Clinging to our Guns … Bibles … and at least ONE Major News Source that presents “The News” to our admittedly partisan satisfaction.

NEWSMAX was ahead in that race … until Tuesday night.

Tuesday night Mike “My Pillow” Lindell was being interviewed by NEWSMAX’s nightly anchor team of “some Ron Burgundy clone” – Bill / Bob (?) Sellers – and former FoxNews anchor Heather Childers.

NOTE:  Heather Childers was an anchor for FoxNews for 8-10 years before being fired last Spring.  A factor in her firing by FNC was the decidedly Pro-Trump nature of her social media posts.

The focus of the Lindell interview – agreed in advance – was the current Cancel Culture Attacks on My Pillow and its retail partners.  Lindell juxtaposed into Rampant Election Fraud.

“Ron Burgundy” Sellers became frustrated and got up and left the set.   Uh Oh!   THAT sent millions of my fellow Trump Cultists into “grab pitchforks & torches” mode.

Wednesday AM folks were setting their hair on fire and scouring about for tar, feathers and worse for All Things NEWSMAX.  It got quite scary.

The on-line anger was so intense on Facebook that the usual 10,000 posts/hour calling for AOC to be burned at the stake as a witch was reduced to several 100s.

Sellers could not have committed a more grievous error if he had declared Arizona to Biden at 8 PM.   NEVER PISS OFF YOUR BASE … PERIOD!

I tried to quell the mob by suggesting Give this 24 hours to play out … there’s a Rest Of This Story.  But whats the fun in doing that…

Sure Enough … Wed night  / Thurs AM Sellers apologized … stressing his unfortunate lack of professionalism. … and that his Aunt Mildred owns three “My Pillows”.    Mike Lindell was never upset and re-expressed his appreciation for all NEWSMAX does on his behalf.



For her part, Heather Childers suggested that having her perched on a stool – as she always did at FNC – rather than hidden behind an anchor desk would create a spike in ratings … which is true.

Every raging bonfire leaves a few burning embers but … Thursday noon … Facebook posts to “burn AOC at the stake as a witch” were back to almost normal levels.

A dozen or so overly-caffeinated Cultists were designated to post reminders every day for a month that NEWSMAX SUCKS.

Meanwhile…  America moved a few degrees closer to 3rd World Hell Hole status.




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