Is Politics still “Just a Game”

Politics Just A Game
January31/ 2021


01 / 31 / 2021 .


Is Politics still “Just A Game”

Are you “one of those people” comparing partisan passions of “sports fans” with partisan rival political “fan bases”.  “Hated rivals” being “hated rivals” regardless of the arena. … as if Politics WAS “just a game”.

Has  Politics been  “just a game” that America play every 2-4 years.   Declare “your team” and select your gladiators.  Several months in advance of The Big Game hold pep rallies and tout our choices with yard signs – bumper stickers – lapel pins etc.

Maybe we have wagers with neighbors and co-workers about the outcome of The Big Game.  After The Game “winners tell jokes … and losers say deal” –  We celebrate if we win – or make excuses if we lose. For maybe a week…. Rehash The Election Game, then go back to Life.

The victorious players go do whatever politicians do “in smoke-filled backrooms”.  Regardless who wins or loses – Not Much Changes – 2-4 years later we play another game. – Until 2021.  Uh Oh!

It’s 2021.  We no longer see yard signs or bumper stickers. Declaring partisan allegiance will likely result in property damage or worse.

8-10 years ago an overly-caffeinated Alabama fan killed trees in downtown Auburn.  That seemed “a bit much” to most folks.  This past summer politically-motivated “angry mobs” burned and pillaged entire cities.  THAT seemed “a bit much much” to most folks.

If you are “hard-wired” to HATE Coach K … or Roy … or Nick  … or Dabo … or … What verb describes your emotional reaction to Trump … or Pelosi … or Biden … or AOC … or …?

I maintain if – in Sports – players switch jerseys at 1/2 time – 99% of rabid fans will never know the difference. … Might the same be said of Political “players” in 2021?

So, is Politics still “just a Game” … between equally duplicitous weasels in business suits?



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