Is Politics still “Just a Game”

Politics Just A Game
January31/ 2021


01 / 31 / 2021 .


Is Politics still “Just A Game”

Are you “one of those people” comparing partisan passions of “sports fans” with partisan rival political “fan bases”.  “Hated rivals” being “hated rivals” regardless of the arena. … as if Politics WAS “just a game”.

Has  Politics been  “just a game” that America play every 2-4 years.   Declare “your team” and select your gladiators.  Several months in advance of The Big Game hold pep rallies and tout our choices with yard signs – bumper stickers – lapel pins etc.

Maybe we have wagers with neighbors and co-workers about the outcome of The Big Game.  After The Game “winners tell jokes … and losers say deal” –  We celebrate if we win – or make excuses if we lose. For maybe a week…. Rehash The Election Game, then go back to Life.

The victorious players go do whatever politicians do “in smoke-filled backrooms”.  Regardless who wins or loses – Not Much Changes – 2-4 years later we play another game. – Until 2021.  Uh Oh!

It’s 2021.  We no longer see yard signs or bumper stickers. Declaring partisan allegiance will likely result in property damage or worse.

8-10 years ago an overly-caffeinated Alabama fan killed trees in downtown Auburn.  That seemed “a bit much” to most folks.  This past summer politically-motivated “angry mobs” burned and pillaged entire cities.  THAT seemed “a bit much much” to most folks.

If you are “hard-wired” to HATE Coach K … or Roy … or Nick  … or Dabo … or … What verb describes your emotional reaction to Trump … or Pelosi … or Biden … or AOC … or …?

I maintain if – in Sports – players switch jerseys at 1/2 time – 99% of rabid fans will never know the difference. … Might the same be said of Political “players” in 2021?

So, is Politics still “just a Game” … between equally duplicitous weasels in business suits?



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4 months ago

Oh what a tangled web we weave… Eventually everyone will come to realize, THEY have no intention of keeping any promise they make to get in power. Not to you, not to them. Only by dividing us, selling to us that we lose when the other side gains, can they keep this garbage heap going without collapsing. Just because he nominated a cross dresser to some post does not make life any better for anybody who happens to identify as that kind of person. Especially that one, he is pitifully horrible at his job. . So I’m no longer rooting… Read more »

4 months ago

You hit the nail absolutely on the head. Change party for almost every Washington swamp rat, and I wouldn’t know the difference. Pelosi, Bohner: same person, same objective, different tactics. Schumer, McConnell? Same story. But the populace is waking to this beyond Trump and the election. The GameStop run and other grumblings in the financial world are waking the 99% as well. It is way, way beyond party identity and absolutely about us being controlled by them. Trump tried to save us, he warned us. . “they”, meaning anything in the beast, makes our life worse in every aspect. Who… Read more »

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