He Fulfilled Every Miss America’s Fondest Wish!

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January30/ 2021

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01 / 30 / 2021


By Blondie: BLONDIE


… Fulfilled Every Miss America’s Wish

World Peace !!!

Well, guess what. Donald Trump gave us that. Miss America

Up until noon on Inauguration Day 2021, we were living in a world that was at peace.

Yeah, there are still skirmishes and border wars and atrocities but in the 10,000 mile high view, the world was at peace and getting more peaceful.

In the midst of that Trump remade our military for a deterrent, not to wage wars.

He took energy off the negotiating table by making the USA the top dog.

HOW did this happen?

The world in their rush to say all things Trump are bad, are totally incurious as to how Trump and Kushner and Pompeo pulled off this miracle.

For your entire life we were told that peace in the Middle East was impossible UNLESS we did something for the nuts in Palestine.

Trump ignored the nuts in Palestine and got Arab countries to acknowledge and work with Israel.

HOW did this happen?

Really, few know. We do not know the process, the steps, the negotiations because no one cared enough to find out.

Trump and his foreign polices tamed NoKo … diminished Putin … nuked ISI … handcuffed China … started no new wars … removed troops from all over the world … and gave us peace.

I submit this was done with two words: America First

Trump approaches all things with the thought that it would be good for America or it would not happen.    And frankly, what is good for America is generally good for the world.

He also is the only modern person in the history of the Oval Office who was not beholden or influenced by the military complex … the 20,000 lobbyist and special interest … the Diplomatic cabal … the UN … the WHO … the Republican Party … the Dim Party … Big Tech … Wall Street … unions … or any other big power and money outside interest.

As such he was able to negotiate cleanly with all comers with two words to guide him:  America First.

It is remarkable.
For one very brief shining moment, the world was achieving The Unachievable Notion of World Peace.

I think we need to stop and remember that.

As of a few weeks ago, our foreign policy will now be run as a climate change high school term paper.



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