Like a Modern-day Willie Wonka …

Like Willie Wonka
January29/ 2021


01 / 29 / 2021


Like a Modern-day Willie Wonka …

Donald J. Trump came down the golden escalator in 2015 and …

Showed us “How Sausage is made” in The DC Swamp … and …

Showed us how The News Media reports on that putrid process.

We enjoy our breakfast sausage and our ballpark hot dogs.  Do we want to know “what’s in it … what “parts” are stuffed inside that casing?  Do we want to see the people doing the grinding and stuffing ?WillieWonka


Like a modern-day Willie Wonka, Donald Trump took America on a 4-year tour of The Not-So-Great American Sausage Factory.

The Swamp … The News Media … The Odious Overflowing Dumpster that is Washington DC … The Process and People that are “in charge” while we work and play and go about our daily lives. …

There are voters in Northern California (Pelosi and Swalwell) … New York (Shumer and AOC) … South Central LA (“Maxine”) … Utah (“Mitt”) … Hawaii (“Crazy Mazie”) … and all across The Fruited Plain including North Carolina who will  always rationalize:

All politicians are crooked EXCEPT the ones I voted for.  “Ours” surely are men and women of great character and integrity … aren’t they???

The blissfully ignorant trust CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, NYTimes, WaPo, FoxNews … so long as they are told what they want to believe.

  • Donald Trump has NOT been making our National Sausage for the past 100+ years.
  • Donald Trump was NOT lying to us all these years about who/how it has been made.
  • Donald Trump came down that escalator … and showed America what America has feared all these years – The Truth.

Alas, Jack Nicholson was right.  America “Can’t Handle The Truth” …. 

On November 3, 2020 – America Shot The Messenger. 



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