Can I Be “America’s Solomon”?

January28/ 2021

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Can I Be “America’s Solomon” ?

A by-product of  the rapid Loss of Common Sense in America is – alas – an equally rapid Rise in Censorship.  The ones leading the More Censorship movement are the poster children for the Loss of Common Sense.

If I was of the mindset – as some are – to tear up The Bill of Rights, The US Constitution et al I would start with The First Amendment.   Once you “silence all opposition” you HAVE … “silenced all opposition”.

Then you move on to The Second Amendment a/k/a “The One About Guns” … so forth down the list.  Raise your hand if you have a clue what The Third Amendment is.  I see four hands out there.

#3 is about “quartering troops in private homes”.  Who Knew?  There is no amendment prohibiting “quartering troops in parking garages” as we learned earlier this week.   The Biden-Harris Gang must HATE ALL THINGS MILITARY almost as much as ALL THINGS TRUMP.

Speaking of HATING TRUMP …  Has Senator Murkowski (R-Alaska) had a bowel movement in the past five years?  What a Constipated Crone!

The Big BUT with Censorship is WHO Decides Yep / Nope / Off With Their Heads?  I wanna be “The Who”.King Solomon

I see the job as a combination of King Solomon and Judge Judy.  Every Tuesday from 9 AM – 3 PM I will “hold court” at various Waffle Houses and/or Denny’s across America.

Goggle-eyed nitwits will have 6 minutes to present their case to do something stoopid … or to stop someone else from doing something “said nitwit” finds offensive.

My guiding caveat will be – Just because You CAN do something doesn’t mean You OUGHT to.   You will not agree with all my decisions.  For Instance:

I will NOT require FoxNews to Fire Juan Williams or Chris Wallace.  But FNC must accept significant Ad $$$ loss if they don’t.  – and – I WILL approve anything involving more pictures of Salma Hayek.   – Next Case.


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