Never Trust McTurtle or …

January27/ 2021

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Never Trust McTurtle or …


If you are familiar with How The DC Swamp Works, you know Never Never Trust pretty much anyone … especially anyone named McConnell or Shumer or, of course, Pelosi.

Freshman Senators and Congressmen – like Madison Cawthorn for instance – “the young man in the wheelchair” – arrive with ample integrity and all sorts of good intentions.   History says they should “rent not buy” in DC.  “How the game is played” will quickly corrupt them – OR – drive them back home disillusioned and disgusted by it all.

Yesterday Senate Co-Not-Majority Leader Mitch “Turtleman” McConnell a/k/a “McTurtle” – met with Co-Not-Majority Leader “Chuck U” Shumer to work out a deal in which both weasels make lots of $$$ the next 2-4 years.  “Whats In It For Me” is the slogan behind every “DC deal”.

McTurtle emerged saying “Chuck Shumer ASSURES me “they” will NOT try to abolish The Filibuster Rule therefore …”.   “Abolishing The Filibuster Rule” will “nuke” the vote of any Repub Senator attempting to stop any Democ legislation for the foreseeable future.

McTurtle’s phrase “Chuck Shumer Assures me …” immediately became a DC punch line joining “the definition of is” … and “I did not have sex with that woman … Ms Lewinsky”.  It means absolutely nothing.  Both “Chuck U” and McTurtle giggled figuring some yahoos somewhere will believe it.

“McTurtle” is poised to make A LOT of $$$ in the next 2-4 years “selling” the ten Repub votes needed to pass any horrendous legislation that Chuck U tells him to.  Here’s how that works.

Repub Senators who are not “Incumbents For Life” need GOP $$$ to run their campaigns.  McTurtle controls those $$$ to dole out as he sees fit.  – “Vote the way I’m telling you or you don’t get those GOP campaign $$$”.   McTurtle takes his “cut” in all such transactions.

FWIW … Chuck U and Nasty Nancy controls their peeps the same way.  It’s The DC Swamp Way. … You probably already knew all this.



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