If $$$$ was No Object, I’d ….

January26/ 2021

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Jan 26, 2021


If $$$$ was No Object, I’d …



Here’s a fun What If … game to play while waiting for God to throw the ON switch activating The Yellowstone Caldera.

My inside sources are telling me THAT will be some time between “next Thursday” and  St Patrick’s Day.

He (God) is so disgusted with Mankind.  He is considering vaporizing the entire Milky Way Galaxy. Totally starting over from scratch.  Oh well … que cera cera.

Today’s What If … game is …

If $$$ Was No Object, I’d …

…. also known as … If I Won The Mega-Millions Lottery, I’d … but that has a limit, absurd as it might be.  My version has no limits.

Before any of you’ans go all self-righteous on us … lets dispense with …

“I’d keep my lifestyle just as it is.  And I’d donate whatever it takes to provide a mosquito net for every child in sub-saharan Africa”OR …

“I’d fund research for “an Integrity vaccine” to inoculate every elected official on Earth.”.

We’re going more for your choice of sports car … private jet … sub-zero refrigerator … or villa on Lake Como.  OK?

Without a whole lot of deep thinking … I’d opt for:

  • A concierge medical team to provide annual full-body physicals on our entire family … and any/all healthcare needs
  • Trust funds in a Swiss Bank for our grandchildren … sufficient for for-real educations and “a start” on the careers of their choice.  But NOT enough for a “trust fund” life.
  • A very comfortable Log Home … On a Lake within easy driving distance of/for “the kids”.  No more than 3.500 sq ft … with a boat dock, of course, and a 16′ fishing pontoon boat.
  • A fully tricked-out Dodge Ram 1500 Warlock for me … and whatever car(s) Blondie wants.
  • Membership in a jet-share service for (almost) spur-of-the-moment “lets go to ….” jaunts.
  • Trips as often as desired for Blondie & me to assorted “faraway places with strange sounding names” such as Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, Montana … and Rio Negro Brazil (to fish for Peacock Bass).
  • Some other similar silly stuff I’ll think of later …


It occurred to me putting together this somewhat pedestrian list … that

… My List 15-20-30+ years ago would have been MUCH more extravagant with “bling stuff”.

Those lists would have included a lot of crap that “everyone is suppose to want” but many of us would quickly realize “isn’t us”.

For instance … “membership in private clubs” Aaaaiieeee!  Or various vacation homes in exotic locales.  YUCK!

This scenario excludes concern for insuring the on-going availability of said “unlimited funds”.  So “a sound investment strategy” need not be a factor.  If necessary, we’d ask our buddy “JoCo Bob” to handle that.

I noted a few columns back that I have FOUR friends battling various levels of Cancer today.  A year ago none of the four knew what was in store for them.  One of the four is wealthy and can afford the very best oncologists.  The other three, I’m not sure what their treatment circumstances are.

In thinking about their circumstances, I recall that Apple’s Steve Jobs and Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen have both died of cancer in recent years.  Ergo … if $$$$ could protect one from tragic health misfortune, they would both be alive today.  They aren’t.

In this game today … That Rule applies.  A Long Life cannot be bought …

Wisconsin 5


Blondie and I have had “The Wisconsin 5” – a/k/a “Kid”, Rev. Danny and our three grandchildren – ReRe, YaYa and Little Danny – here in our home over the past three weeks.  That time …

… Was Priceless !!!


Feel free to share Your “I’d …” list with us … or just for your private pleasure.

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