Be Good to … YOU!

Good To You
January26/ 2021

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01 / 27 / 2021


Be Good to … YOU!

OK… (1) It’s the middle of Winter … (2) There’s a freakin’ Pandemic … and, oh yeah – (3) “America” is under attack from a domestic threat greater than any in our 250 year history.  But… Hey…

Is that combination of woes & miseries any reason for you to sit around all day moping and being depressed?  Yes BobLee. It damn sure is!

Well, maybe it is. So what are YOU doing about it?

#1 – Winter is Winter … It comes every year. No big deal.  That leaves “Pandemic” and “The End of America as we have known it…”.

#2 – “Pandemic” – Wear a mask… or not.  Get the vaccine… or not.  Don’t be stoopid.

As for #3 … Yes, that one IS scary, but… .  Is sitting in front of your computer all day obsessing over it, helping you cope?  Really?  It takes two minutes to read my stuff.  I purposely keep’em short. What are you doing the other 18 hours?  … That’s assuming you don’t dream about this crap.

Do me – and yourself – a favor … GET A LIFE!  

Allowing for the restrictions of “winter” and “pandemic” there are oodles of options more beneficial to your daily mental / emotional well-being.

Build a ship in a bottle … grow bonsai trees … jigsaw puzzles (doing the borders last!) … crossword puzzles (in ink) … read “the classics” you’ve always intended to read … paint-by-numbers … OK, you get the idea.

Me?  I listen to audiobooks … and fish.  Currently listening to Jules Verne’s novels.  AVOID global conspiracy stuff like Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn etc for obvious reasons.

I “go fishing” if the weather is cooperative.  Thinking my next cast is going to get me that 5-pound bass beats any Breaking News headline.

I’m at a point in life where when friends die no one says “but he/she was so young … sigh.”  I’ve lost two “real good ones” in the past two weeks.  Maybe they are “in a better place” but I sure will miss’em.

Stay in touch with good friends … BUT DO NOT just bitch about politics.   If they do … make it a short meeting … and get back to that “ship in a bottle”.

If You are not Good to You … Life probably won’t be.


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