“Stupid Questions” Day

Stupid ???
January25/ 2021

01 / 25 / 2021 BL SAIDWHAT


“Stupid Questions” Day


With due respect to Carly Simon, I am not “so vain” to think my answers to Two Stupid Questions matter … I’m “just a guy on the Internet”.  I can’t Save Western Civilization … sigh.

Did Abbott & Costello Save Western Civilization with “Who’s On First”?  … Did Ray Stevens with A-hab The A-rab?  … Howabout “that Afro guy”  Bob Ross with a zillion versions of the same landscape with “happy clouds”?  Could he…”?


Question #1:  Is Joe Biden “My President”?

I do not think in terms of a “My President”.  I do have a “My Favorite Movie” – Road House.   But you want a Yes / No answer …

NO … Joe Biden is NOT “My President”.  I accept that he was inaugurated in a surreal ceremony.  Akin to a George Romero / Quinton Tarantino production of The Living Dead Meets From Dusk Til Dawn.

There was more razor wire strung around Washington DC than was used in all of Hitler’s Concentration camps combined.  A chilling comparison.

Under our Constitution that makes Joe Biden the current POTUS.  That is all that matters to his handlers and to their maniacal rank & file and equally maniacal news media.

Question #2:  Do I want The Biden / Harris Gang “To Be Successful”?

“Successful” based on the objective of those manipulating The Biden – Harris Gang?  Absolutely Positively HELL NO! 

NO … I do NOT want to see our society totally dismantled and reformed as a totalitarian regime.   

YES … I DO want America to somehow SURVIVE what is taking place and to realize how fragile our freedoms have become.

Have a Nice Day … and Stay Strong My Friends.


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