“One Small Step for Man …”

One Small Step ...
January24/ 2021


01 / 24 / 2021


“One Small Step for Man …”

I doubt Neil Armstrong ever expected his epic quote to be paraphrased like this.  These be Troubling Times.

“We” watch helplessly as our Nation is vandalized and dismantled by modern day political thugs. There is little “we” can do … go on social media and mutter profanities aimed at said ideological barbarians. Profanities they never see.  There IS “one small step…” YOU CAN take today…

This past week Katie Couric publicly insulted 80,000,000 Americans.   Suggesting on national TV an urgent need  that we be “deprogrammed” from our cult-like support of Donald Trump.  She is not the only elitist to hurl that insult.  She IS the only one scheduled to “guest host” on JEOPARDY. Katie Couric Eyes

JEOPARDY producers are concerned her hate-filled insults makes her unsuitable to be associated with their popular game show.

They acknowledge that the 80,000,000 Americans she insulted fit the profile of loyal JEOPARDY viewers.  Their assumptions ARE CORRECT.

Go to JEOPARDY.com … scroll to the very bottom of the Home page to CONTACT US … leave a “suitable comment”.  A simple procedure. I did it.

I recommend AVOID phrases like “… that ignorant twat”.   Affirm you are a loyal JEOPARDY viewer and will perceive Couric’s appearance as JEOPARDY sharing her hate-filled opinion.  Insulting the show’s producers with obscenities only lends credence to Couric’s opinion.

Make No Mistake … We ARE in a War for America’s Survival.  Boycotts of The NFL, NBA and ESPN affirm the buying power of 80,000,000 Americans.  Keeping Katie Couric off of JEOPARDY is “one small symbolic step…”.  Winning this war will be a journey of many such “small steps”.

Take This Step … Right Now! … and SHARE this with your  FFriends.


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