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January23/ 2021


01 / 23 / 2021

Watch A Lot Less NEWS


I get asked a lot … What “NEWS” do I watch and recommend?

First:  I am here to SUPPORT “Like Minds”… Not to CHANGE anyones’ minds. I do not debate with Lib/Dems who admit “hating people like me”.

If you do … It’s Your Life .. Your Blood Pressure … Your Digestive System.  Do you also drink milk two weeks after it’s expiration date and buy your shoes two sizes too small.  I don’t.

To the Watch Less News Question.

I have an advantage you don’t have.  I have Blondie “in the next room”.  As a professional News Analyst, Blondie is among the very best in America. She provides her AAA client list with all the “news” they need for the day.

Blondie also has an advantage of moi “in the next room” !! We’ve been doing “what we do” for quite a while.

She watches Fox Business in the AM – Lou Dobbs – Stuart Varney -Maria Bartiromo.  She considers Maria Bartiromo The Best News Reporter “in the business”.  That is THE ONLY TV News she bothers with.  Does she listen to Rush?  Sure.  Don’t you?

Throughout the day she scans a lengthy list of news digest websites for Headlines.   She does not bother with “Cable News Opinions”.   Among Columnists…. her #1 – by far – is Victor Davis Hanson.

IMO … 95% of you Watch Waaaay Too Much “News”.  Unless there is a Hurricane headed your way … WHY is 24/7 News necessary in your life?  Really?

My Life is Our Family … My Website … Audiobooks … Fishing.  I try to keep an equilibrium with Our Family at a steady 51%.  I function in society without ANY Cable News … or a local newspaper … or a local TV affiliate. Sound impossible.?  I’ve been doing it for years.  You could too.


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