All Hail “The Puppet POTUS”

January21/ 2021


01 / 21 / 2021.


All Hail Joe “The Puppet POTUS”


President Walter

Folks, as the sun rises on Day Two of “Countdown To Apocalypse” don’t forget …

“President Joe Biden” is really “President Walter”  – The Puppet POTUS.   

It’s the Puppetmasters we need to be ever-mindful of ….

Don’t get caught up in “how long before he abdicates to Kamala The Razor-totin’ Woman”.   “Kamala” will never be “in charge” any more than Joe/”Walter” is.

Ol’ Joe was their “Manchurian Candidate” because he – (1) had prominent name recognition  despite encroaching dementia – (2) did not carry the obvious Holy Crap He/She is Nutz stigma that the rest of the Insane Clown troupe could never shake.  And – (3) his wife Is A Doctor !!?

Their strategy – Keep Joe hidden in the basement … and … Have our media cronies Scream HateTrump 24/7  … with a little – OK, a lotta – help from Dominion Software worked.

Whether 74,000,000 Americans accept Joe Biden as Our President is a moot point.   A human form called “President Joe Biden” exists until it doesn’t exist any more.

So WHO is “calling the shots”?  Consensus from insiders is that Obama Capo –  Susan Rice – is Joe’s on-site “keeper” as Director of Whatever.  Rice may not be as deadly as Obama’s consigliere Valeria “VJ” Jarrett but don’t try to pet either one.

Rice’s job is Keep Joe from – (1) running nekkid thru The Rose Garden … – (2) missing his mouth with his plastic spork … and – (3) from sniffing the hair of the ChiComm Dictator’s wife when they visit their latest possession.

WHO is really controlling America?  We’ll get to that later …  Stay Strong My Friends




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